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Where and how to look for clients for firm of computer service? Part 3. I told

In the previous part of article about inefficient ways of search of clients and two strong decisions. I continue the story.

There is a wish to tell a story about advertizing on extensions and street boards. Three years ago, when I only began, near the house on a huge board advertizing of competitors " appeared; Computer service. " phone;. I even cried that I cannot afford it. But then thought that our clients - different, and calmed down. Also just began to observe.

There passed month, and advertizing did not repeat. So - did not give desirable effect. There was an advertizing of the same firm in other place of my area, but already on an extension through a public road. In a month did not repeat. Means, not favourably. In shopping center of our area they removed the pavilion. But the place not through passage, and they quickly left. And all these ways stand 10 times more than those which were used by me. So, I studied not only on the experience, but also on the stranger. What and to you I wish.

Quite recently I met the head of this computer firm, and he confirmed that advertizing by huge letters does not yield result. Their major customer - the organizations. For them the main source of customer acquisition the Internet. The same idea to me was introduced by the head of larger company connected with electric networks.

The website of my firm does not bring clients to me. Placement on the Internet on free bulletin boards gives nothing. Never ordered spam. I know that promotion of the project is promoted by conducting free mailings of e - mail. To me this thought was confirmed by the colleague, the head of computer firm serving only the organizations. Conducting mailings it promotes a flow of visitors on the website. I personally opened three mailings (to davny - long ago) connected with computer subject. But as the personal interest in them was not, they stay idle long ago.

In business there is an axiom: or you incur losses, or get profit. Other states do not happen. Or you go to plus, or you fall in minus. If you enclosed something and beat off in zero consider that you spent free of charge part of own resources therefore the draw in business is equivalent to your loss. Therefore we clean all ways, all gestures which yield losses from the business, and we leave only what with guarantee works and proved to be effective for a long time. Those who so do - create successful business, the others are ruined sooner or later.

I had one more dolgorezultativny step. I wrote the experts offering the services privately, offers on cooperation. It was already time when I became a dealer on distribution of the Internet of STRIM in Moscow. One expert very long cooperated with me. Also connected many clients. It was very convenient to it that to the client was brought by the equipment and the contract directly home. The expert was exempted from the headache connected with acquisition of the equipment and registration of the contract for the client.

For my part everything was quickly and reliably.

In general, idea Purchase has to demand an energy minimum from the client it was always pleasant to me. I made it one of concepts in business. Not to load the client difficult technical terms, to organize the expert`s call urgently and free of charge, delivery of the contract and the equipment to the house in convenient time. I understand that the attention of the client is often unstable, too a lot of things can distract it from my services. Especially in this field of activity. Not just there is a lot of competitors, and it is a lot of. Therefore we leave to the client only a consent, and for it we will make all the rest.

Now you know everything. Look for the client productively.

I of good luck to us in search of its majesty of the CLIENT.