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Color food on a New Year`s table. What color will present success?

Researches of scientists proved that in 20 minutes after meal its color begins to influence mood of the person. Different colors influence different zones of a brain, so define a state and a train of thought. What color makes active health? What - will help to resolve financial issues or will create the romantic atmosphere at the holiday table? Use recommendations of color food that 2015 became successful!

Healthy food now in a trend. We got used to give great value to structure of food, caloric content, vitamins and minerals, but very few people know that color of a dish plays not a smaller role. We suggest to listen to recommendations of color food and to enter in new year with a new color diet which will lead to success.

What new year will become for you? Monetary or romantic? You want health? You need forces and self-confidence to begin the business or cardinally to change the life?

Researches of ritmolog showed that in 20 minutes after meal color of the eaten products begins to influence an emotional condition of the person actively. Different color makes active various zones of a brain, so by means of color it is possible to be configured consciously to the solution of various tasks in business and career, private life, or to direct energy of an organism on recovery of health.

Red - health and energy

Red products on a New Year`s table symbolize health and vital forces. To realize any plan that it was possible to plan for long term and not to be afraid that there will not be enough forces and health, treat guests and yourself with beet, tomatoes, red pepper and other dishes of red color. Have the largest force fresh vegetables, but not taken place heat treatment or conservation. Orange - for love and creativity

we will deliver Orange dishes to

on a table for harmony in love. The dried apricots, tangerines, carrots will create the warm romantic atmosphere at a table, and will become pledge of the happy relations next year. Orange color also induces to creativity, art. That the muse never abandoned you, allure her an orange table.

Yellow - color of a monetary table

Yellow is a color of financial prosperity and success in business, career. Ritmologa turnip - consultants in general call food of oligarchs. In - the first, it is yellow. In - the second, grows underground, so incorporates the strongest and powerful energy for a fulfillment. Therefore if you want not to know all year financial problems, to be steady, put turnip salad on a New Year`s table or decorate other dishes with segments of this vegetable.

Green - the atmosphere of pleasure and good

Greens, cucumbers, peas and other green products remove a condition of alarm and stress. If at a New Year`s table color prevails green, guests will be more open and kind to each other. Cheerfulness is guaranteed! Besides, it is color of independence in the broadest sense. He helps to feel self-confidence. The green table is recommended to those who is in search of.

Registration, laying of a New Year`s table also matters and influences mood of guests. Traditional New Year`s colors - red and green. How the combination of these flowers will influence mood of guests? Try to guess. Organize to

a color party!

In anticipation of New year of a ritmologa recommend to please themselves and friends with a color party. It will help to feel energy of one of flowers: red - for health, orange - for creativity and love, yellow - for money.

For a party prepare dishes only of one color. Try that all nuances of registration of a table were sustained in these tones too. During a party share with each other experience in the sphere chosen by you and attentively watch yourself. Perhaps after this party you will meet the love? Or to you business - idea will come ingenious?