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How to be warmed in the cold winter? Recipes of hot chocolate

the cup of hot chocolate will best of all warm and will add cheerfulness in the Cold winter. Drink still in the ancient time was thought up, and since those times its popularity did not decrease at all. There is a set of recipes of hot chocolate, it can be prepared with cream, with alcohol and even with chili pepper. Choose the recipe to taste and enjoy fragrant drink!

It is noticed that with approach of frosts the speed of a human stream on streets rather increases. From the house before work and in the same way the person runs back, having hardly wrapped up tails of the coat, dreaming to get to house heat quicker. That can be more pleasant, than at the end of the long day to enter the house, loudly knocking boots, shaking off the stuck snow and to involve a nose a familiar smell of homeliness. And let it will be chocolate!

You want to indulge relatives in the ice cold winter? Prepare for them a fragrant cup of hot chocolate. They will precisely appreciate such sign of attention. And about yourself do not forget. Chocolate contains a set of useful substances, it raises a vitality, improves memory and attention. Only one cup of hot chocolate - and mood will begin to improve, not for nothing chocolate is considered good remedy for melancholy.

Hot chocolate is known since the most ancient times. The Maya and Aztecs trained him so: overroasted cocoa - beans, then crushed and diluted with water. Added Chile hot pepper so drink, I think to this mix, it turned out thermonuclear. It already then, many centuries later, Europeans replaced pepper with sugar and began to drink the turned-out drink hot. However the recipe of hot chocolate with chili pepper exists, it can quite be prepared in house conditions what I will tell later about.

Now need to fray cocoa - beans as to ancient people, at us is not present. But you remember: cocoa - powder or cocoa from granules - not allies to hot chocolate. For preparation of rather tasty drink you need a good tile of dark chocolate, without additives and dyes, not less than with the 60% maintenance of cocoa. You do not stint in the choice: quality of this component of the recipe directly influences taste of the drink.

Before starting preparation of a delicacy, cool a chocolate bar in the refrigerator: it has to be firm. Break chocolate on small pieces and pour into the warmed-up, but not boiling milk (it has to be in a proportion 1:4 to chocolate). Then stir slowly before receiving homogeneous mass and wait when drink begins to begin to boil slowly. Add to taste sugar and cornmeal for density - a little, about a teaspoon. There is a small secret as now speak - layfkhak. That flour did not get off in lumps, add to it a little bit hot milk or water, literally a droplet, and stir. At you uniform gruel will turn out: also add it to chocolate.

Instead of milk it is possible to add cream, if necessary, if drink seems to you too dense, it can always be diluted with water. And if you want to receive more distinguished taste, replace bitter chocolate with dairy. The most important what you should not forget about: hot chocolate is cooked on small fire and watch that water did not get to it - otherwise he can just curl up. Try not to overheat chocolate. Then switch off a plate and let`s chocolate be drawn, minutes 10, no more. During this time it will become more saturated and if cools down - warm up a little. It is possible to shake up a nimbus for formation of a skin or to decorate with whipped cream.

In general, it is possible to add to hot chocolate almost anything. You want to receive more nourishing drink - add an egg yolk, only accurately pour in it and do not allow drink to begin to boil. Alcohol and spices will impact to chocolate unique relish. It is possible to add also fruit, dried fruits, ice cream - on your taste and the imagination.

I offer some more recipes of hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate with cinnamon

to you is required to

For 2 portions:

- 70 g of bitter chocolate;

- 200 ml of milk;

- 100 ml of cream (fat content of 20%);

- 2 sticks of cinnamon.

Pour in milk and cream in a saucepan and heat almost to boiling. Add the sticks of cinnamon crumbed on large pieces and wait 5 minutes. After mix is drawn, add the chocolate broken by pieces and stir a nimbus.

Hot chocolate with banana

to you is required to

For 2 portions:

- 50 g of chocolate;

- 450 ml of milk;

- 1 banana;

- a cinnamon pinch.

Banana needs to be cleared and cut pieces, to break chocolate. To pour in milk in a saucepan, to add banana and chocolate. On slow fire to heat mix, without bringing to boiling, waiting until chocolate melts. Then to remove chocolate from a plate, to shake up the blender or a nimbus and to strew with cinnamon.

of Coffee of latte with chocolate

to you is required to

For 2 portions:

- 60 g of bitter chocolate;

- 120 ml of coffee of espresso;

- 350 ml of milk;

- 1,5 tablespoons of vanilla sugar.

Coffee and chocolate are quite harmoniously combined among themselves. If you want to receive more invigorating drink, heat milk almost to boiling and divide into two parts - 250 and 100 ml. Add coffee and one tablespoon of vanilla sugar to the most part of milk. In the remained milk - 2 tablespoons of vanilla sugar; bring almost to boiling. Then add the chocolate broken on pieces and stir. Now connect both parts of dairy mix and shake up - either the blender, or a nimbus.

the Brazilian hot chocolate

to you is required to

For 2 portions:

- 125 g of bitter chocolate;

- 500 ml of milk;

- 100 g of sugar;

- 60 ml of strong coffee;

- 250 ml of water.

Water should be boiled and removed from fire. In water dissolve pieces of chocolate and add the milk heated almost to boiling to mix. Put in drink of coffee and sugar and put to pine on slow fire (it is possible to make a water bath). Constantly stirring slowly with drink, you watch that sugar completely in it was dissolved.

Hot " chocolate; on - to the adult

If to add a little alcohol to hot chocolate, to drink it will not damage. Only do not forget: alcohol has to be qualitative (however, this rule can be used with success not only for preparation of chocolate).

To prepare for two of brandy - chocolate , take 400 ml of milk, heat to boiling, but you do not boil. Add 200 g of the broken dark chocolate and dissolve. Remove drink from fire, add 4 tablespoons of brandy and as much sugar and stir.

If you want to receive more sweet alcoholic drink, try to prepare hot chocolate with liqueur (it is desirable to take chocolate). For this purpose bring almost to boiling 300 ml of milk of a high fat content, add 1 tablespoon of cocoa - powder and pieces of bitter chocolate (70 g). Stir mix before full dissolution of chocolate and then add 2 tablespoons of sugar, shake up before emergence of foam. Pour 1 tablespoon of liqueur on cups, from above add chocolate. To the specified amount of ingredients you will have 2 cups of fragrant drink.

we Will add a perchinka

In the tragikomediyny movie " Chocolate; the main character Juliette Binoche prepares amazingly - magic drink for inhabitants of a small town. For preparation of hot chocolate she uses chili pepper , doing drink saturated and tasty. If you want to try on yourself sharp effect of hot chocolate, for preparation of two portions take 100 g of bitter chocolate, 60 ml of cream (22%), a dried peel of a half of orange, sugar and chili pepper.

At first kindle chocolate in hot cream, add a dried peel of orange and carefully mix. Add sugar. It is better to break chili pepper on two parts and will not have to throw into chocolate - then from it seeds, and it will be possible to use a pod not once. For the first experience it is better to take pepper earlier that its burning taste did not discourage to you to taste such chocolate once again.

In the cold winter hot chocolate as nothing else will warm you and your relatives, will banish melancholy and will add a tone. It was necessary only to choose the recipe to the taste or to think up the.