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How to prepare much and tasty for a large number of guests?

How to prepare much and tasty for a large number of guests? Topical issue for good hostesses. You should not be nervous from - for a large number invited! At due foresight by means of our ideas and councils you will be able to derive pleasure from communication with them.

If you wait for many guests, carefully plan the menu. It is the best of all to choose dishes which can be prepared in advance: baked pudding, meat or vegetable stew, stewed sausages - and to you it is not necessary to panic at the last moment. Just you remember that it is necessary to track that all foods were prepared properly and served hot. Planning

When you chose by

dishes, make the schedule that know what to prepare first of all. Some parts of preparation can be begun at least in a day: for example, to cut vegetables or to prepare desserts - try to have as it is possible a bigger reserve. Also be not under a delusion concerning the fact that to you all in power: do not hesitate to ask about the help - at least with washing of ware!

Is doubled

In many cases quantity of a necessary product easy to double or treble, but you should not increase, for example, amount of fat for frying. Use so much to cover a frying pan bottom. If you prepare paste, take 75 - 100 g on the person. The portion of meat makes about 150 - 225

Watch a preparation time

One dishes prepare quickly, and for others it is required to time more. Be convinced that the pan is rather big to contain the necessary quantity of products. Perhaps, you should take several pans or frying pans. Remember that in the oven forced by dishes preparation goes more slowly so make on it the amendment.

In advance check whether there will be enough for you plates and devices. It is possible to lend at friends or to use disposable to get rid of washing of ware.

If you plan a buffet, then track that foods could be eaten only with a fork or hands. You keep in store couple of packings of fresh ship`s biscuits or small loafs: they can be given instead of bread if it reached a limit. Sauces for a fondue

we Offer

sauces for a fondue. It is calculated on 6 portions.

Spicy cranberry : The pinch of ground Chile hot pepper is fresher than 150 g cranberries, 450 g of the peeled and cut green apples, 225 g of small sugar, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

Put a cranberry and apples in different saucepans. Add to everyone 125 g of sugar and 1 tablespoon of water. Add lemon juice to apples. Slowly you extinguish to softness, then put pepper and mix everything.

Fruit freshness : 1 large orange peeled and divided into segments, 1 large mango peeled and cut, 2 small cut young bulbs with greens 3 tablespoons of vinegar.

Small cut orange segments and mix with other ingredients.

Creamy : 225 g of cream cheese, 7 - 8 h l. sour creams, on 3 tablespoons which are small cut fresh shnitt - onions and parsley.

Carefully mix all ingredients.

Giving : serve sauces to the meat cubes fried in vegetable oil in ware for a fondue in separate drinking bowls.

How to increase quantity of portions

That there was enough baked pudding or ragout also for unexpected guests, add couple of cans of tinned haricot, white or red, tinned green lentil to a dish or just cut more vegetables.

The garlick toasts prepared from couple of baguettes can be given to baked puddings or dishes with macaroni. Cut a baguette, without finishing a section, smear with the butter mixed with the crushed garlic and small cut parsley. Turn in a foil and bake.

Quickly bake potatoes in an oven: it is ideally suited for dishes with sauce, for example, to spicy ragout from beef.

Cheerful holidays, pleasant communication with guests!


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