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Where and how to look for clients for firm of computer service? Part 2. I told

In the first part of article about a productive way of search of clients - sticking-up of announcements. I continue the story.

From successful decisions on customer acquisition there was the following step. Addressed local provider with the offer to cooperate. At that time they did not render service in service of home computers. The provider agreed. And managers gave my advertizing at registration of the contract. The technical service gave a phone number to those clients for whom the technical assistance was required at home.

Very much free announcements helped with newspapers at the beginning of a way. Yes, yes, happen also such. There was a ridiculous case. I gave the free announcement by phone in the newspaper, and they called to check: whether the private person advertized. I at the time of conversation did not know about it, and diligently told that you called office of firm from where experts leave on orders. And here children with shout along a corridor run. On that end of a wire the woman joyfully responds: Yes, you from the house speak! It is clear. You individual. Well, we will place your announcement in the newspaper free of charge . And very long I advertized in the services there.

Customer acquisition for me was business unpredictable, I acted with a trial and error method. For example, advertizing in the " magazine; 7 Days . I gave advertizing several times. It was sometimes favorable, is more often - no.

In general, it turned out that advertizing modules in newspapers and magazines - to me it is expensive. I was written by one colleague who is engaged in the same business that, giving advertizing in magazines, it works only for payment of this advertizing. In local small newspapers I had an inefficient advertizing.

From successful channels of customer acquisition - gossip hotline . That is, the potential client calls according to the recommendation of acquaintances, so, he is ready to our services, to our prices.

And in monetary, and the repeated address of the client morally is pleasant.

In general, base of the clients who addressed to firm, I conduct from the very first day. On the basis of this base I did mailings by surface mail. Either news of firm, or congratulation. With accumulation of base post expenses turn out rather serious. The serious response which it would be desirable to share was not. On the basis of base I sent the SMS - messages with coordinates of firm.

Handbills of my firm distributed also at the subway. Return was scanty. Service prices on distribution at the subway - different. It is possible to find also quite reasonable.

I used and advertizing on boxes. Return on money very small. I assume that for visible result there has to be very big area of coverage. And it is necessary to do it rather often.

There was still a period when in the shopping center, nearest to the house, I hung up a billboard. The board 80 by 100 of centimeters, plastic, is made in color of internal design of shopping center. On a board the pocket is made of transparent plastic where it is possible to put handbills. The cost of production of a board was quite accepted. At placement in rooms permissions of architectural department, SES, fire inspection etc. are not required. The placement cost, appearance, location was defined by the administration of shopping center. The tax on advertizing in this case does not need to be paid. The board paid off. But the period when it ceased " came; to work . Now costs at me on a balcony.

In sense of profit such ways were a little successful. Suggested the employees to connect the acquaintances for remuneration. A response - two connected. Advertizing in elevators did not bring anything in a purse at all.

Gave advertizing on cards of the size of a calendar card where different necessary phones are specified. And including phones of the different firms ready to pay there the advertizing. The step was unprofitable. Such advertizing did not even pay for itself.

In the third part of article I will continue to impart own experience.