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Where and how to look for clients for firm of computer service? Part 1.

Everything that is written in this article, were made by me within the last three and a half years of existence of my Firm of Computer service. At once I want to explain that the Client of my firm - the individual. The firms serving the organizations perhaps, in a different way look for clients.

I will tell about it later. Who became my first client? About! it is very interesting question. I read idea that it is much simpler to create business if to use resources of that organization where you work at the moment. I worked in the large training computer center. And the idea - to offer the former pupils of courses of service in repair and control came to my mind.

With this plan I also left, having unpacked a pile of pages with phones. I began to ring round, communicate with people, to ask questions of a condition of the computer and to offer services of experts. One girl at that time experienced difficulties of technical character and agreed to services of the expert. Here and the very first order for services of my firm appeared. I methodically rang round several weeks according to the list. Clients there were drops. But were!

I continued to think over increase in quantity of calls and orders. Later I shy began to stick announcements. My first announcements were wrong on maintenance and registration. Now it is a little ridiculous when I remember them. Then I many time changed ways of submission of information. I did not know whether there will be an effect. But I very much wished it. And when calls from potential clients began to arrive, I was immensely surprised. It seemed to me that to repair the computer of people will not call from the street. Did not expect at all that this way will be the most effective. Well I did not think that people trust announcements on columns. But fact!

Already later when I got used to the surprise and results of sticking-up, I read article where wrote about different types of advertizing. And so, on the first place on effectiveness - television, on the second - the stuck announcements. Are surprised? It not only my experience. Wrote me about the same conclusions and results the colleague on computer business from other city.

Sticking-up personally - very educational and medical process. The first time to glue announcements I went to 12 o`clock in the morning. It was a shame to me: Decently dressed woman glues announcements! - faugh! Me in the markets and in " shops; madam call, and I here with a glue tube?! Glued not where I live. God forbid, which of acquaintances will see. Oh - oh - oh! Also remember, I left - from managers. Abrupt the manager from abrupt companies. This feeling often consciously cultivate in employees that they were easier to be operated. But it is already other subject. And here a raskleyshchitsa it is necessary to become? It was difficult for me most to glue announcements under views of passersby. I burned down from shame . Like? It is not necessary to continue? But as there was a strong wish for results, I continued to do it.

And here calls began. Orders. Money. Income. It works! And all winter in a mink fur coat, on a car - with a tube and announcements - forward! I recover, hope. Began to glue quietly and in the area and in the afternoon, and nothing in it it now I do not see. I did it for myself. For the income.

Gradually began to involve billposters. Tried different options: on areas, on days, on billposters. Was mistaken. For example, one firm paid sticking-up of 1000 announcements. There was only one call! Means, it was necessary to go and watch how stick. And I believed.

But the most surprising was for me when on the Internet I read word for word the thoughts and feelings of sticking-up in the letter of one beginning businessman who went to glue the announcements. And also suffered from the unreasonably inflated EGO.

My billposters glue only in specially established places.

Such rule makes a reservation with the billposter at once. There are also difficulties at sticking-up - in the person of the management of the districts of Moscow. Janitors break announcements several times in day. Even from those boards that are intended for this purpose.

But time is demand according to such announcements - means, they are necessary. Information quickly arrives to the potential client. Sticking-up makes sense for the following services: I hand over, I remove Internet computer " service; doors " windows; curtains bathtubs upholstery of upholstered furniture household repair various courses and training.

In the second part of article continuation of my personal experience.