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Competition Big travel with ABBYY Lingvo . How to go round the whole world?

you like to travel? And to share road impressions? You are attracted by bright paints of warm sea coast or severe beauty of a northern country? Old cities of Europe or technological megalopolises of Asia? In search of impressions are ready to go to the world`s end or, over and over again, you open beauty of native places? In that case our competition - for you! For those who do not sit in place, are eager for new impressions, unfamiliar types and cultural opening.

Shkolazhizni. ru and ABBYY announce the competition Big travel with ABBY Lingvo . The term of holding a competition and reception of materials - from December 10, 2014 to January 15, 2015 . On a competition articles created according to basic provisions about creation of author`s materials for the website " are accepted; Shkolazhizni. ru . We wait for detailed and entertaining stories about travel - big and small, the layfkhak connected with the organization of trips, narrations about certain places and events which should be visited to the traveler in certain regions.

Authors of three best materials will be awarded by useful prizes - the ABBYY Lingvo x6 program the European Professional version which allows to learn quickly the translation of unknown words, thanks to qualitative general and thematic dictionaries for the English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese and Finnish languages, and also also the course of the English grammar from Oxford University Press contains the appendix for storing of the words ABBYY Tutor.

Two more materials which will not be among the main winners, but will draw positive attention of commentators and edition, will receive as a gift the ABBYY Lingvo x6 program the English Professional version which contains dictionaries for the English and Russian languages.

Pleasant feature of this competition - winners should not wait for receiving prizes - presented ON we will send codes for activation to you in system of internal messages of the website.

Partner of the website Shkolazhizni. ru within this competition - the Russian company ABBYY, the leading world software developer in the field of recognition of texts, the analysis of information and linguistics. More than 40 million users and tens of thousands of the organizations use decisions of ABBYY worldwide. The most known products of the company - the electronic ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries, programs for recognition of the text - ABBYY FineReader and ABBYY PDF Transformer+, the program for work with any PDF types - documents.

Basic provisions of the competition Big travel with ABBYY Lingvo

In the competition Big travel with ABBYY Lingvo all registered users * the informative magazine " take part; Shkolazhizni. ru published the article meeting conditions of a competition and devoted to travel in the period of from December 10, 2014 to January 15, 2015 inclusive. For the publication of competitive articles for this time the special section " will be created; Big travel with ABBYY Lingvo - the publication in it will demonstrate that you give material as the application for a competition. Information on reception of material is inclusion of article in the main issue of the " magazine; Shkolazhizni. ru . For holding a competition the amount of materials in the main release can be increased at the discretion of edition of a resource.

Each author can declare any number of suitable articles on a competition. However only one material from one author can be among winners.

At the choice of the best materials we will be guided by set of factors: study of the taken subject, style of the narration and, of course, uniqueness of the author`s text. We ask not to forget that any choice, whether it be the choice of jury or the choice of users, anyway - is subjective.

Existence of at least one author`s photoillustration in the text - is obligatory.

Delivery of two main prizes will happen on the basis of opinion of jury of a competition - representatives of the joint editorial office of the " company; MEDIO . The owner of one more prize the material rating given by readers (as of the competition final - 24 - 00 hours on January 15, 2015) will define

Owners of incentive prizes are defined by representatives of the joint editorial office of the " company; MEDIO .

Each reader of the informative magazine has the right for article assessment. The opinion of users will be considered during the summing up and the choice of one of winners therefore do not forget to vote for the materials which were pleasant to you. At the same time we ask to vote correctly for works of all participants - to vote within expression of the opinion on material, but not for the sake of artificial creation of a separation of certain materials from other competitive works. In case of identification of similar actions, the participant, in whose advantage (and, perhaps whose forces) carried out a manipulation by ratings, it will be disqualified, in case of recurrent actions the suspension of access to a resource can expect it.

resolved competent public relations of competitive works (as own, and those that it were pleasant to you) on social networks and on the third-party websites. However we ask to follow at the same time all rules of third-party resources and not to post the reference to the works on the websites by which rules similar actions are forbidden.

the Text of a competition should not include direct or indirect advertizing of concrete tourist services.

the Heading of article has to be the answer on concrete, opened in article, a question. The materials containing abstract or rhetorical questions in headings will not be considered among winners. Edition reserves the right for change of headings of competitive works.

Results of a competition are not subject to negative discussion in any form.

Delivery of a prize - a unique code for activation of a product - will be carried out by means of the personal message to the winner in website " mail; Shkolazhizni. ru .


* representatives of edition of the

resource ** time of start and end of a stage - Moscow cannot participate In a competition