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How to receive beach ecstasy on Sardinia for 400 euros a week?

Second part of article will tell transport and other trifles to you about cunnings of transport on Sardinia, about products and other household trifles. Foreknowing all this, you much more simplify the stay on vacation in these regions and will save personal time.

We discussed the most part of organizational issues on stay on Sardinia, however not everyone. For example, are expensive...

When I laid routes according to the card, very much surprised me that the bus of 27 kilometers overcomes even 55 minutes. As far as I managed to notice, Italians meant the high-speed mode: it is less than to 80 at restriction in 50 at me nobody dumped. Decided that the reason in frequent stops. And then we went to Marin di Cardeda. And I stopped loving New Year. Now word serpentine forces me to shudder (though it became clear later that it was not the worst of asphalt tapes). Well and, if started talking about the road, about transport...

of the Taxi

From several a dachshund - offices where we unsubscribed concerning a transfer the airport country house, were answered by two, we used services of Radio - a taxi: +39 070 400 101, radiotaxi@email. it (50 euros to the place). But almost similar quotations were offered also by the Taxi - Cagliari: +39 3488140064, autonoleggio. andreacera@gmail. com, www. taxi - cagliari. it

Besides, on open spaces of the Internet were caught the following contacts:

+39 070 9916140 - the Taxi in Cagliari.

+39 329 6158988 - Stephano is a driver, the guide, a taxi from the airport. The aboriginal of Cagliari (the capital of Sardinia), speaks a little in English (by local standards - better than many), is ready to show the best that is on the island. It is polite, friendly, reliable.

+39 380 5286398 - lease of vehicles - the bicycle, the moped, the car (only mechanics). It is better to agree in advance, the owner says in English a little, but there is enough. Called up with

, all people live, but it was not necessary to use services.

the Bus

Was necessary to rummage to find out how it is the simplest to reach from a country house (Ponto Kapitan) the capital of the island (Cagliari). Both options downloaded to this schedule of buses appeared without advantage.

It was found out that at the next three stops from us only the route 1Q which goes only to Sant`s` Quart stops - Elena, it is necessary to look for change there. If we want direct transport, it is necessary to walk three stops a peshochok.

What at the same time you need to know: the bus goes approximately each 40 minutes. In little shop with capital letter of T (Tabachi) you can buy a ticket on the bus for 1. 2 euros. If you did not manage to buy a ticket, and the bus already approached, then in most cases the ticket can be bought directly from the driver, but already for 1. 7 euros. If the driver refused to sell the ticket to you (happened), then you manage to leave, buy the receipt in Tabachi and while the driver unloads one and loads others at other stop, to reach the third stop, there and to wait for the bus.

As PF goes back from Cagliari to Pontus of Kapitano, we did not find out as we found out that from bus station of Cagliari (ARST) there is absolutely other bus (on Vilasimius), costs 3 euros, the ticket is acquired or in cash desk (it for some reason hides in McDonald`s at the station), or in the automatic machine in the general hall. The stop on the way back is slightly further shop Amalia that, in principle, is convenient for a zatarka on the way home products.


I Will be limited to what once again I will remind: tea in Italy can be found only in bags, sour creams cannot be found in general, instead of it it is necessary to use zero yogurt from Arborea in half liter glasses.

In supermarkets there is very convenient service: in most cases kolbasno - meat and cheese products to you by default cut the thinnest slices that strongly facilitates a problem of drawing up sandwiches. However, in a case with proshutto (such enormous piece of ham, the knife prepared from uniform), our slices often did not live up to sandwiches.

That you want from other products, solve, at the same time you learn how they sound in Italian. Besides, we burst everyone indecent, including cactuses from a kitchen garden.


of 99% of time shone

during our stay the sun, there was one day with cloudlets and 32 drops of a rain, and couple of days with ridiculous cloudlets. + 30 - 32 all the time. Water about a half of time was absolutely magic: + 26 - 27, few times fell (on feelings) to 21 - 23. We this, by itself, at all not a scarecrow, but among the Italian seals are quantity bathing at once decreased percent on 80...

Mobile operators


By preparation for a trip considered option of the mobile Internet. Here the list of offers from operators:

Tim - tim. it/tariffe/ricaricabile/tim - 12 - new

Wind - wind. it/it/internetmobile/pa... Smartphone

Tre - tre. it/tariffe/3power10

Vodafone - vodafone. it/vodafone - 12 - ric

Though the most convenient to us seemed such option:

- the operator - www. wind. it;

- the tariff All inclusive for 10 euros;

- 200 minuti VERI verso tutti;

- 100 SMS verso tutti;


- 10 / mese.

We as a result caught on a country house weak free Wai - fay from Tiscali.

What it is possible to tell following the results of a trip? Sardinia - the tremendous place for fans of various, most various beaches from which undoubtedly and odoznachno it is possible to recommend the southern Simius with a flamingo and wonderful Marina di Cardedu, the western Kala Domestika who hid in a bay and rice Mari Ermi.

To admirers of the Italian architecture with narrow paved small streets there is hardly a sense to go somewhere still, except Cagliari. Other towns - tasty, but small. The nature - is tremendous!

Good trip!