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Than seafood and what of them can be prepared dishes are useful?

Gift of the sea to our table are not only fish. Crabs, shrimps, lobsters, oysters, mussels, a scallop, squids, trepangs are in great demand at the population of many countries. These are tasty and useful products.

Meat of sea invertebrates contains a large amount of protein. And it is important that biologically valuable amino acids are included into this protein in ratios, the most favorable to our organism. In fleshy parts of marine animals of proteins there is approximately so much how many in lean beef, cottage cheese, and more, than in fish and eggs. Scallops and shrimps, squids and crabs are richest with protein.

Unlike fish and meat, squids do not contain the purinovy bases of which in an organism the uric acid causing development of gout and metabolic disorders is formed. From - for purinovy the bases such patient recommend not to eat meat soups, fried meat therefore squids are especially valuable to them.

There is a huge number of recipes of seafood dishes, from simple to the most delicious and refined. And that they always turned out tasty, it is necessary to know several simple rules.

of the Dish from squids


of Frozen squids on air in the cool room. They are washed out, having removed eyes, a beak, interiors, lower in boiled water, mixed that they evenly got warm, and in 30 seconds taken out. Now it is easy to wash them from the curtailed skin and prisosk, and also to take out a transparent thin plate from a trunk. One cleared squid weighs on average 200 grams. In squid dishes it is necessary to put twice less salt, than usually.

Potato quenelles soup. the Cleared squid is divided into three parts. Two parts steam in boiled water 3 - 4 minutes and together with the third, crude, part and a small bulb pass via the meat grinder. Forcemeat is well kneaded and form quenelles, about 12-16 pieces. In the added some salt boiled water lower 3 - 4 potatoes cut for soup and quenelle. In 5 minutes put the carrots and onions fried on butter, in 5 minutes potatoes will be cooked longer, and soup is ready. It is recommended to strew greens in a plate.

of the Dish from scallops

Frozen combs lower

in the boiling salty water and after secondary boiling cook 20-25 minutes. On 100 grams of combs take 1-1,5 glasses of water.

Vegetable salad. 1 - 2 boiled a comb divide into fibers and mix with the cut 3 - 4 boiled potatoes, small apple and the hard-boiled egg. It is also recommended to put in salad green peas and to dress with mayonnaise. Pepper, sugar and greens - to taste.

Combs in smetanny sauce. 3 - 4 fresh or frozen combs cut across fibers on 2 - 3 circles, salt and fry in vegetable oil. The fried circles are put in a pan, filled in with smetanny sauce and extinguished 10-15 minutes. Give hot on a table.

For sauce. the Tablespoon of flour is fried till golden color in a butter tablespoon, parted with hot water or broth (a third of a glass), add salt, pepper to taste and boiled 10-15 minutes. Then add 3 glasses of sour cream, carefully stir and fill in with this sauce combs.

of the Dish from trepangs

are Most widespread

dried trepangs. Before preparation they are carefully washed out to remove coal dust in which they are rolled after drying for the best safety. The washed trepangs keep days in cold water, changing it 2 - 3 times. Then they are cut by belly part and cleared of the remains of interiors, again washed out and boiled within 3 - 4 hours, several times changing water until meat becomes soft. The weight of a trepang at the same time increases by 3 - 4 times.

Vegetable salad. 2 - 3 boiled trepangs, 2 - 3 boiled potatoes, 6-8 lettuce leaves, the hard-boiled egg Cut. Dress with mayonnaise, put a little granulated sugar, salt and pepper to taste. Before giving to a table strew salad with chopped greens and water with sour cream.

Sea products contain less than 1% of fat. It is very important for those who should limit consumption of fats. Vitamins are presented in these products generally by group of Century

the Main distinctive feature of sea products - exclusive wealth their mineral salts, especially the minerals useful to our organism. In sea invertebrates about 40 various minerals are revealed. In this regard they surpass meat of pets almost three times. And fish, even sea, considered as one of the main sources of mineral substances in our food, remains far behind marine animals. Copper in them in 100 times more, than in fish, compounds of iron - by 1000 times, manganese salts - in 10 000 times more.

It is especially valuable that in seafood there are a lot of organic compounds of iodine. From invertebrates most of all iodine in trepangs. And the champion on the content of organic iodine - it is indisputable, sea cabbage, the representative of large green seaweed. Except organic iodine, many mineral salts and a large amount of cellulose are a part of sea cabbage. Thanks to a successful combination of cellulose and mineral salts, dishes from sea cabbage regulate activity of digestive organs, locks warn.

Sea invertebrates and sea cabbage by right are considered as the best food means for saturation of an organism iodine. It matters for the prevention and treatment of some diseases of a thyroid gland, a hypertensive illness and atherosclerotic changes in vessels.

Researches showed that systematic use in a diet of one of sea products promotes decrease in cholesterol in blood, to reduction of its coagulability, restoration of normal permeability of vascular walls. The general state improves, the heartache disappears, working capacity increases.

In the preventive purposes it is recommended, there is something from sea products 2 - 3 times a week, in such quantity:

scallops and squids - on 75-100 grams;

trepangs - 30-50 grams;

mussels - 50-75 grams.

In the offered culinary recipes norms of products approximately are specified two portions.