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Afghanistan: how it began for soldiers? Part 1

input of the limited contingent of troops in WAD DRA it was declared at the end of December, 1979. Followed the developments around the world. In WAD DRA many servicemen of the USSR at once entered. Huge country of Afghanistan. And for several days it is impossible to enter even the limited contingent of troops which originally made 81 000 people there. In what ways soldiers of the Soviet army got to Afghanistan? I can tell about the.

At that time I after the termination of educational division of troops of communication served in Sverdlovsk. And here, in the Urals, appear, that Afghanistan is in an inaccessible distance. I remember, there were hard frosts, and we had to stick on construction of boxes for cars late. Still in to an uchebka I am more morally, than was physically tired of never-ending construction works.

I hoped that all this building and a mushtra will stop with the termination of educational division. Yes not here - that was. For further service I was sent to one of military camps of Sverdlovsk. Went on the town, clear, a system, but worked even more, than during training.

At everything we wash respect for construction troops I was called not in them and absolutely differently saw the military road. And we worked at the new duty station till late evening. Everything was built, built

In January, 1980 we stuck in the afternoon, and in the evening, after a dinner, sometimes, unloaded cars with crushed stone or sand. Once again after a dinner, dumping filling brick from a car body, I heard that someone calls me. It appeared, from barracks the commander of office Vovka Akenshin came tearing along. I jumped off on the earth and approached the sergeant.

- What happened, Volodya?

- Us with you urgently cause in a staff. Give, jerked.

- What for? - I asked on the run.

- It seems that will send to Afghanistan.

I for a second stopped for the gushed pleasure. Really end to damned building? - it was thought to me. - At last I will be hit in hands the weapon, but not a shovel. If only Vovka mixed nothing. If only to get to Afghanistan .

And what else the young man who from young nails is brought up in the spirit of patriotism could think?

In the same evening several cars with the fighters recruited from different parts of a division brought us to a certain settlement, to other military unit. There the soldier that was called, completed within a week.

It was expressed in carrying out daily reviews by the administration. If at someone something from regimentals looked not new, such thing was immediately replaced. Nevertheless abroad we go. Special attention was paid to full dress. Who knew that in the mountains of Afghanistan it is never useful?

In day of departure to far-away countries of fighters delivered in a native division. Short meeting after which a column of cars under march " took place; Farewell of the Slav went to the train. I remember, some old woman, looking at the driving-off cars, dawned on us a sign of the cross. It surprised me: not we go to war, and for assistance

Old, grown wise hard life of people had a gut feeling: not all will return from there. We were in a condition of euphoria: have not bad a rest in someone else`s part, and now at all abroad free of charge we drive. Will be about what to remember. Nobody guessed that we are carried on war. Even officers did not know that in Afghanistan military operations from the first day of input there of our troops are well under way.

In regular cars of the special train we were put far from the city, and we set on the East. The structure went to the Uzbek city of Termez, border with Afghanistan. On the way sometimes other trains were to soldiers near. We wrote on pieces of paper from where we go, and put leaves to glass. In the same way received the answer. In WAD DRA soldiers from all Union and even from our foreign groups of troops went. At stations where it was necessary to stop for replenishment of supplies, we were exhausted on long journeys and declared as the tourist train. It amused all.

With interest we observed how the winter disappears in the eyes. Snow behind a window became less. Then it was gone absolutely.

Arrived to Termez. At the station waiting for transport which had to bring us to the place of the temporary parking got acquainted with the military personnel called for retraining so-called guerrillas (now they in mass media are culturally called reservists). They came back from Afghanistan. It were inhabitants of the nearby republics. They were called for gradual introduction of troops.

From guerrilla we also learned that in WAD DRA war is well under way. It is a lot of losses from our party. I remember how one reservist, the large, moustached man, thoughtfully said, looking at us: It is possible to tell, you were simply not lucky, children .

We were not frightened, but the cheerful spirit died away a little. Reflected: what waits for us in others country?

In Termez we settled down in production premises of the military unit which went to Afghanistan. Barracks borrowed to us. Next day our part created for following by train, and several other same parts were constructed on a huge parade-ground. Arrived from WAD DRA buyers (officers of military units) began to select for themselves soldiers.

The representative of a battalion in which defined me was the captain Klyuchnik. It had a face of constantly not getting enough sleep person. The captain reported: as soon as flight weather comes, and we will move to Afghanistan.

Be continued.