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How to save the electric power? Councils from Germany

How to save the electric power, without losing at the same time in convenience of life? The ministry of environmental protection of Germany published a number of councils. Let`s read them and we will understand that actually and under our conditions and that is not present.

The number of electronic devices constantly grows, and it leads not only to growth of accounts for electricity, but also to bigger load of environment. The ministry of environmental protection of Germany published a number of councils for economy of the electric power on the website. What it is possible to find among them useful? Let`s try to understand.

Part of councils the majority of ideas quite " are a little applicable in Russia (for example, the wish to adjust the water pump for system of heating in our apartments is hardly useful), but; works and at us.

1. Use extenders with the food switch

Some devices, for example printers, are included in a network constantly, consuming at the same time the electric power (norm 2 - 3 Watts in a waiting mode are). Whether need to hold, for example, constantly included DVD - a player which is used once a month? For connection of such consumers it is expedient to use extenders with own switch, including devices only as required.

There are even intelligent extenders with the Master technology - slave which automatically turn on devices at inclusion basic the device (for example, the printer automatically will turn on only at turning on of the computer).

By the way, 2 Watts of consumption are much or not? The device which is constantly consuming from a network 2 of W in a year will spend about 18 KWh of the electric power that will cost approximately 50 rub. The sum, of course, small, but if it is several such devices, the general economy will be more considerable.

2. Use energy saving lamps

everything obviously Here, these lamps it is really more favorable. If the 9 W lamp replaces the 60 W glow lamp, then in 100 hours of burning the economy will make 5 KWh, or 15 rub. If such lamp burns at home at least 5 hours a day, then already for half a year it completely will pay back the cost. Even more favourably LED lamps, however their price it is very high.

3. Use flowing water heaters instead of accumulative

It logically, the accumulative heater holds water hot always what additional energy is spent for. It is worth meaning that the flowing heater consumes big power and demands an electrical wiring of high quality.

4. Replace the old refrigerator

For each refrigerator its class of energy consumption is specified. Now refrigerators of classes A+, A ++, And +++ are on sale, their consumption makes about 150 KWh a year while old refrigerators can consume also 500 KWh a year. Of course, hardly anyone - that for the sake of it will change the refrigerator, but upon purchase new other things being equal it is worth choosing more economical model - excess several hundreds of rubles a year will not prevent.

5. Replace the dishwasher

Of course, to change the dishwasher just like that hardly anyone - that will be. However new cars can be 30% more effective than old models that also should be considered upon purchase.

6. Pay attention to the TV

the TV is a device which is switched on very often so at the choice of new model it is also possible to pay attention to a power consumption.

7. Install a water spray on the crane

Installation of a spray on the crane will allow to cut a water consumption that saves both water, and costs of its heating when using electric heaters.

8. Use an optimum tariff for the electric power

the Electric power at a night tariff a little cheaper, than at day that can be used for inclusion of powerful consumers - for example, the washing machine or the heater of water.

9. Prepare with the closed pan cover

By calculations, at an open cover of a pan time of cooking and the consumed energy increases to 30 percent.

10. Whether adjust water temperature in the washing machine and in a boiler

It is obligatory to have in a tank water with a temperature of 80? (On feelings it is almost boiled water). It is quite possible to establish temperature in 50 or 60 degrees. For washing it is enough already 40 degrees, at the same time 40% less energy is consumed, than at 60 degrees.

11. Whether adjust refrigerator temperature

temperature in - 18 Is necessary in the freezer, or there is enough and - 16? Control of the optimum mode will allow both to save energy, and to increase refrigerator service life.

12. Switch-off the second refrigerator

Many summer residents have the second refrigerator. Check whether really it is filled, and whether it makes sense to hold it included constantly.

13. Adjust the mode of energy saving of the computer

Many users and do not think that their computer has several modes of a power consumption (especially it belongs to laptops). Many tasks (for example, a set of this text) do not require high efficiency, and differences between maximum and average the mode the user will not even feel. At the same time, the choice of the correct mode will allow not only to save the electric power, but also to prolong laptop operating time.

As it is possible to see, many councils are quite logical. Of course, in Russia the electricity is enough - cheap so with many things nobody will bother. However the economy of the electric power is not only reduction of accounts, but also reduction of load of environment. Well and if it is possible to save even 1000 rubles a year, superfluous they will obviously not be so it is useful to study the expenses of electricity anyway and it is interesting.

Persons interested to study all councils in the original (in German) can read them on the website of the ministry of the address die - stromsparinitiative. de/stromspar - tipps/index. html.