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What history of the most known hits of Britney Spears? To birthday the priest - princesses To

Me deeply all the same - with whom sleeps also that is drunk by Britney Spears. If it is worth talking about something, so it about its songs which together with a lovely attractive face and made of the young girl real the princess of bottoms - music . It is possible to treat so-called creativity of Spears differently, but, irrespective of our relation, it added the page to history of bottoms - music.

Britney Spears increased a breast. Britney Spris kissed with Madonna. Britney Spears shaved nalyso. Britney Spears was fond of Kaballa. Britney Spears does drugs. Britney Spris married. Britney Spears divorced. Britney Spears is bad mother, and will take away the child from her...

Since the end of 1990 - x similar news all tabloids dazzled. Creators of the cartoon serial South Park even removed an ironical series that actually America already for many years sacrifices to the public the talented young girl, and all to receive... good harvest of corn.

Certainly, me deeply all the same with whom sleeps and that is drunk by Britney. If it is worth talking about something, so it about its songs which together with a lovely attractive face and made of the young girl real the princess of bottoms - music . It is possible to treat so-called creativity of Spears differently, but, irrespective of our relation, it added the page to history of bottoms - music. Therefore just it is impossible to wave away from it...

We will begin with the fact that Britney Jean Spears already since the childhood knew that she wants from life. The first public statement took place in local church when the girl only was four years old. Further everything developed according to the plan: occupations by music, dances, gymnastics, participation in a children`s TV show Mickey Mouse`s Club ...

In 1998 17 - summer Britney begins to be engaged seriously in solo career under the care of the Swedish producer Max Martin. Martin wrote for the girl and the first hit. At first the song was called Hit Me Baby One More Time ( Strike me, the kid, once again ) also it was offered other wards of the producer - TLC and BACKSTREET BOYS groups. Those refused, and here Britney understood at once that the song is waited by success.

A lyrics, as well as it is necessary in a teenage pop-music, narrated about love. The maiden one - an odinyoshenka sits, so, grieves about the ex-boyfriend and sings to him: Let`s try supposedly once again .

However, at the request of Britney, the part of words was rewritten. The singer first planned to play a role good girl and sexual implication was considerably softened. And here the name was decided to be reduced to Baby One More Time - so to speak, for an intrigue.

The well-known video clip, later hundred times quoted and parodied became one of the main components of success of this, in general, simple song. First video on Baby One More Time wanted to make in style of a children`s animated cartoon. But the singer declared that her audience already grew from pink panties and it is necessary to make something more youth.

As a result the real school of Los - Andzheles became an interior for the clip. On a plot the schoolgirl Britney at first sits at a lesson - all such boring and pensive. However the call as all are blown up is only distributed and begin to dance dashingly where it is only possible - in a school corridor, in the gym, on the street... At the end it becomes clear that the heroine Britney still sits at a lesson, and she danced only in dreams.

All together - both the song, and the clip - got at once in apple mass taste. Single Baby One More Time heads the American hit - parade and more than one million copies are sold out in circulation. Not the smaller success is made also by the album of the same name which had nearly 11 versions of covers (for the USA the image of the singer was wanted to be given as it is possible more chastely).

However whom they wanted to carry out... " magazine; Rolling Stone at once understood that to what called Britney mix of innocence and sophistication . As confirmation in its April number 1999 of year rather not chaste photos of Spears in detsko - a plush interior were placed. The people right there began to discuss a burning question - but whether the girl increased the breast? - and even changed the name of its hit on Make My Boobies One More Size ( Make my tit one size bigger ).

While the people considered Spears`s breasts and reflected over the statement of the singer to keep virginity to a wedding, the new superhit written by the same Max Martin appeared in time. Of course, it was well-known Oops!. I Did It Again ( Oops! I made it " again;) .

The song was not much more intellectual Baby One More Time but already it is also not so innocent. In it Britney acts as the temptress who trifles with affections of the beloved.

Under this image also the clip on the song where the singer appears, neither more nor less, as the certain queen of Mars tightened in red overalls was ground. She takes for a ride to the astronaut, and answers the necklace handed to them with the phrase from to - f " Titanic;: But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean at the end... ( But I thought that the old lady threw out it to the ocean at the end... ) .

Shootings did not do without excesses: once the chamber broke and failed on Britney`s head. To the girl imposed four seams, but she did not stop process of shootings... All - a pop-music, hard-working at them!

Oops!. I Did It Again left in 2000 and became the first single of the album of the same name. In the first week of 155 American radio stations included the song in the ply - a leaf, and it strongly was proved in the TOP - 10. The people continued to discuss chest implants of the singer and again modified the name of a song on Oops!. They Deflated Again ( Oops! They went down " again;) .

It is necessary to tell that even I derived once the perverted pleasure from this hit when I heard styobovy cabaret - the version of the German PALAST ORCHESTER project performed by Max Raabe...

On it about Spears`s creativity it would be possible and to finish, do not let out she, three years later, one more hit - against previous very much even quite good. It is, of course, about the song Toxic ( Poisonous ) from an album of 2003 In the Zone . It was written to Cathie Denis and first offered other priest - the star - Kylie Minogue. But the Australian singer refused a song, and in vain.

Over Toxic three more persons - G. Dzhonbak, K. Carlson and P. Uinberg conjured, and the bright composition with the memorable melody as a result turned out and unusually high-frequency string in the spirit of music of the Indian movies.

Well, and, of course, the main Hook put video. Though the video was shot by the director Joseph Kan, the plot was based on a set of ideas of Britney. In particular, she declared that she wants to play the stewardess kissing the guy in a toilet.

The plot of the clip was very chaotic, but cheerful. According to Kan, it was the mix James Bond, world cinema and sex . In the clip there are really a lot of sendings to classics of cinema - for example, to - f Running on an edge (trip around the city), Itch of the seventh year (Marylin Monro`s dress lifted by wind) and to series Spy (red wig and black overalls).

The singer acted as the certain confidential agentessa which is constantly changing shape. On a plot it gets a bottle with poison and at the end poisons the incorrect beloved. Kan suggested to play the beloved to the actor Martin Henderson.

Martin Henderson:

He called me in the middle of the night. Asked whether I want to kiss Britney Spears. Of course, I want that for a foolish question! Better - in several doubles .

In this clip from the former modest woman did not remain also a trace - Britney`s image is deliberately vicious. Shots where the dress of the singer was only handfuls of the diamonds scattered on a body (actually - pastes) were the most courageous, naturally. Speak, they fastened to naked skin special paste though, in my opinion, Britney everything is is dressed in baud of corporal color. Anyway, the girl did not dare to act in this image before gawks, having left on a shooting stage only the director with the operator.

As Kan spoke, money for shootings allocated much, and time has not enough therefore the film crew managed to be enclosed in 3 days.

In spite of the fact that album In the Zone left at Britney not the most successful, Toxic many praised. And the singer called this hit the most favourite for all the career. Besides, thanks to the single Toxic Britney got to the TOP again - 10 (for the first time since Oops!. ). Well, and covers on this song the most various were made much, at the same time - from lyrical to bottomhole.

P. S: These covers and songs it is possible to listen in 1 - m to comments to this article.