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Whether it is possible to earn actually on Forex?

Such concepts as foreign exchange market game on the course Forex almost all heard. Some even asked Yandex about game in the market, however it is difficult to find adequate responses about Forex in the Internet: those who get good profit in the foreign exchange market seldom write positive comments - to them just not before. And here inexperienced users who without training, at own risk, go on Forex and lose all accumulation, only and are busy with the fact that abuse Forex. However practice shows what can be earned on Forex. Today we will tell as.

In Martin Scorsese`s film hit The Wolf with Walt - the street the main character performed by Leonardo DiCaprio makes money in only a few minutes. You want, as well as Jordan Belfort to become a legend, playing with the course EUR/USD? We recommend to study our article: we prepared for you ten advice to the beginning traders who will help to understand the principle of work of the market and to approach intelligently receiving fast money.

Council 1

Training above all. It is impossible to begin trade on Forex without the minimum knowledge base - results will be deplorable. For a start be trained. It is possible to make it independently: today is much specialized literature, and successful traders and large broker companies give paid and free webinars. A good way to consolidate knowledge - supervision over bargains which are concluded by more skilled traders. Such way material " fixing; will help to acquire the theory much better.

Council 2

Analytical mentality as advantage. Ability to analyze processes and at least the minimum knowledge in the field of finance will help you much easier and quicker to understand in what feature of work in the foreign exchange market.

Sovet3 Arrange with

to yourself the test - the drive. After you were trained, try the hand on Forex without investment of money. For this purpose open a demo - the account. It will allow you to be convinced that you are completely ready to participation in transactions in the foreign exchange market.

Council 4
Each trader has to be morally ready

to loss of money. A trade essence on Forex not in gaining income and to make investments endlessly. The main rule of the winner - the profit has to be more losses.

Council 5

Before entry into the market you have to have a clear understanding of the purposes and opportunities. Ideally, you available will have quite accurate plan: I am ready to enclose this sum, and here I plan to receive such sum. The secret of successful players is in to entering game without the action plan.

Council 6

Moderate appetites. A mistake of the beginning players - greed. If the auction takes place successfully, and you quickly begin to receive large sums, then we recommend to look at a situation soberly. You have a plan - follow it. Trends on Forex change promptly. As a result, having continued game, you can not earn more, and remain in general out-of-pocket.

Council 7

you Watch news. Loud events in the world and the country (policy, economy) can sharply affect the trade course. However these trends are quite short-term. We recommend not to concentrate only on one trade operation, and to monitor changes in the world and to use a possibility of fast earnings on short-term trends.

Council 8 Leave to

emotions beyond the scope of game. Felix Dzerzhinsky said that the security officer has to have a cold mind. The market Forex just for such: if you want to win - listen to councils of analysts, disconnect all emotions and draw competent conclusions.

Council 9

you Watch a trend. There is simple and effective council which helps to earn quickly enough money - trade in the direction of a trend, and you with guarantee will be in plus. It is possible to define the direction of a trend (ascending or descending) by means of trend indicators.

Council of 10

your assistant - stop - the order or stop - loss. The reason of losses - the wrong financial management: if you want to avoid big losses, use function of feet - the order. Stop - loss is a limiter of a loss of the trader: in the order the price which is the worst for the player is specified.

As you can see, it is not difficult to receive money from game in the foreign exchange market at all: the main thing - to approach process intelligently. Important advice which successful traders give - pass preliminary training. Today there are many seminars, webinars and other free courses on which representatives of broker companies advise the beginning traders. Master the simple rules Forex, and you quickly enough will be able to earn from the foreign exchange market. Someone will tell that Forex is not the easiest way of earning money? Tell it to the surgeon, the teacher or the miner. Trade in the foreign exchange market gives the real chance to improve the financial position: analytical mentality plus several free online - seminars - and you already successful trader!