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Doomsday? And what you think of it?

And you sometime thought of what will be with us in the future? What our prophets or Mai spoke about. They the right made a calendar, but did not tell what happens to us. Nobody thought of it.

We often hear that someone speaks about a doomsday. People tell about it, as about what that supernatural. They think that it will be terrible action because of which all people will die. Our generation, and not only ours, represents a doomsday as it is shown by the American blockbusters. People think that the meteorite will fall to us? Or the earth under legs will break up and from there the lava will rush and will fill in everything around. Or the cities will leave under the earth or how in the myth about the city known for all, Atlantis, there will be a great flood and everything will wash away? Why people are so sure that all this will occur and when say that the doomsday will be, nobody trusts also that day. When it has to happens, nothing occurs, people think that and has to be that who told everything about a doomsday just lie also all. Let`s think what was meant by those who spoke about a doomsday. The Vanga, she considered by signs of emergence of a doomsday that? Tsunami, hurricanes, mass death of bees. But that is why we do not see it? Undoubtedly worldwide there pass certain floods or hurricanes, but all this nonsense. It is natural disasters which people drew upon themselves. And Vanga told about what that bigger, but as you can see nothing occurred. Of course some will tell that all of them lie, but is not present. None of them lie, notice not everything spoke what there will be a doomsday. Perhaps someone also thought as all people that there will be some floods or hurricanes. But is not present, our world goes down absolutely other drain. Our end is already close, look at Europe, one homosexuals. There it became fashionable, but we did not have it and should not be. But all the same they already here, and it especially concerns our youth. Now all aspire that brand new to try that, so there are among us first Bisexuals and then if it was pleasant already and Goma. And I know such people, I know many people, some of them good. And some about what this not big article. Here for example Maya said that the doomsday will be in 2012? What did people wait for? Mass disaster? And it happened, I cannot tell that for example homosexuality or terrorism, were not. They were always, but since 2012 they became more mentioned. It is more and more of them, and look that now? At one war, and others arrange parades and try to obtain some liberties and the rights. I on found the friends also asked them that for them for example means love . If the person has a girl, then he has to love her. But here what answer turned out on a question about love - And it is necessary for me? it is not fashionable Also it so, for such people it is not fashionable any more. Imagine for a minute, it is not fashionable to love any more. Now the generation of people who live as animals grows up. They have no feelings and only the elementary instincts. They consider that girls to beat it normally to conduct a chaotic polova life with all, it is normal too. Why I can declare so you ask? Because I am in the center of this younger generation. Also I can just look as all this grows and prospers. Guys stop being guys when you saw last time that modern guys gave the girl flowers? Or there were some beautiful courtings? No, because they do not need it and girls went such that to them it is it is not necessary. Takov:lyud forgot our end about all feelings and therefore it will only be impossible to live in this selling world, to exist. Everything will be bought, souls will be sold. As in work H. B. of Gogol dead souls . There are such people as I which still understand and know what will be with this world. someone is more senior. Someone is younger, but nobody will be able to change it. Ours fine the world, goes down the drain under the name doomsday .

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