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How to live in peace with houseplants?

of the Condition of cultivation of houseplants, provided in special books, are really ideal for plants, but are discharged of the person and of specific conditions of life. Plants adapt to environment and to the person who looks after them. As a result of a plant and the people living in one house come to the general biological rhythm, become the uniform rule. Therefore the person can water, replace, tie up, cut plants when he is told about it its internal clocks.

It is noticed that cold-resistant plants near the person, sensitive to cold, become gentle too. There is an amazing example. One person had an allergy to cold, and plants in his house with cold weather approach in the way, unnatural for them, twisted the leaflets. At the same time as to the person whether and to plants it was unimportant, warm at home. Painful reaction began just seeing a cold winter landscape behind a window.

Our plants feel us, know us and become similar to us. If experts recommend to spray any plant at decrease of humidity of air water, and the owner of a plant does not like to take a shower or to walk in the rain, then and its spraying will not be pleasant to plants. If at the person the winter is not associated with hibernation, with a dormant period if it is active in the winter, then and cactuses in his house which have to sleep in the winter, need to be watered at this time.

Everything that happens to the person, happens also to his plants. When at you there came the difficult period, many efforts fell upon you and you just have no time to look after plants, it to do and it is not necessary: difficultly for the person - let it will be difficult also for his plants. And it is not so cruel, difficulties strengthen character. The person will become stronger, also his plants deprived for some time of moisture and care will become stronger. Only be not overzealous! The house plant - a being gentle, and all is necessary for it moderately, especially - difficulties. As if you were busy, present to the green friend an attention droplet - water it. Even in the cloudiest days of the life you wash and from time to time drink tea.

Behind the plants it is necessary to look after in accuracy the same as himself. If you love firm food, than drink more, then and your plants need more solid fertilizers (convenient solid fertilizers in use happen in the form of tablets and sticks). If you decided to cut hair, so it is time to cut also plants. If you wanted to make houses shift or to change clothes style, so it is time to replace plants.

Also you should not be afraid to make something wrong, not on science. The best time for any business comes when there is a desire to make it. Desires to water, spray, replace, cut houseplants come in a consent with your biological rhythm and with a rhythm of your plants. Look after the plants as you look after yourself; replace and cut them when there is a desire to make it - and your plants really will be with you a uniform organism. The person and plants will become one world complementing each other.