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Victor Pelevin is the most influential intellectual of Russia?

If to ask a question to fans of modern literature who are the most famous writer of the ninetieth then most likely you receive the answer - Victor Pelevin. There is no more ambiguous and mysterious figure in the Russian-speaking literary environment. On November 22 the writer noted the 52 - y birthday, and to me was thought why not to sing to it a laudatory song? Or not laudatory. Because admiration expresses and so enough.

Pelevin`s works cause shock, a stir, bewilderment. The books with strange, absurd plots written in simple language are very difficult for understanding and perception. Not at once also you will be defined - that the author wanted to tell and whether wanted? Perhaps, all its books are a food for spiritual and mental work. And maybe, it is just hallucinogenic nonsense?

Numerous admirers say a surname of Pelevin practically with aspiration, uplifting the writer to the level of the guru and brightened up. And at the same time for certain nothing is known of it.

Repeatedly crowds of TV men stormed editorial office of publishing house which publishes Pelevin`s books, but all attempts to invite the author to open interview to success did not provide in the telecast. Moreover, if to appeal there to organize conversation with the writer, then the offer to make the list of questions of interview and to direct to e-mail of edition as Pelevin categorically does not accept personal meetings will be invariable. It caused many rumors and disputes, to absurd in due time - and whether there is in general Victor Pelevin? Or it is the untwisted brand and a fruit of work literary Blacks ? And maybe, it is seriously sick and has a mutilation? And maybe, he is an ingenious autist?

The most important hearing about a generalized character of Pelevin did not come true - Pelevin Victor Olegovich is really registered in Moscow. Besides, he really lives to the specified address.

In 2011 I came across article of the journalist. She decided to congratulate Pelevin on a release of the movie " in due time; Generation P (the movie was shot according to the book of the same name) and, having learned the address, went to the writer. At a door nobody answered knock, and garrulous neighbors told that really there lives near them an odd fellow - the person, gloomy, the hermit, lets nobody in the apartment, leaves very seldom, to gather generally products in the shop located in the hall. On a request to sign the autograph can obscenely send.

What is regarding the biography, it is not too intricate. In ancient times, having begun to study as the engineer, did not graduate from the institute. Having continued the training in litinstitut, Pelevin quickly lost interest in visit of couples in this connection he was deducted from the second year. Then, having felt shortage of means of livelihood, moved in the " magazine; Science and religion where picked up knowledge of east mysticism and myths. In the same place the writer absorbed in himself entirely creativity of Carlos Castaneda whom if to judge by interview, respects and esteems. There is an opinion that Pelevin even promoted the translation of texts of Castaneda into Russian. Unfinished technical, primary literary education and profound self-education in the sphere of religion, swimming in okoloreligiozny currents and a kastanedovsky aura of mysteriousness - all these factors promoted the genius`s birth.

In 2002 Pelevin gives interview to the English edition which comes out under the heading My meskalitovy trip in which quite intelligibly explains that did not hesitate for inspiration to use psychoactive agents. Pleases that the writer categorically does not accept addiktivny drugs (cocaine, heroin). In the subsequent interviews, for native Russian mass media, for example, for the Snob, Pelevin magazine says that the main thing for it - not turbid mind, and vastly argues on harm of drugs. Well, time goes, habits change. But though in something the writer is invariable - his last novels also do not differ in an accurate plot, as well as his earlier works.

But we will return to Pelevin`s creativity. A message of any its book - the pure and boundless zen diluted with a fair share of platitude. In each its work the same ideological platform - mythological and esoteric implication over which pieces of mass culture, a reasoning on an essence of things, advertizing, a consumerism subject accumulate. And crowns everything - idea about manipulation with consciousness of the person which is carried out by planting to modern society of norms and restrictions.

At first it was unusual, unexpected and it is a new experience, then became already predictable, but here already, as they say, the untwisted brand worked. The name is known, an image mysterious, respectively, Pelevin`s books - Mr. Ickx of modern literature - disperse as hot pies. Besides, there will always be a neophyte who only gets acquainted with Pelevin`s creativity and the first five books will think: Wow! Since 2000 it is heard same: How, you did not read Pelevin? Perhaps, then I engendered suspicion that it is some new fashion. A black square in literature - all are delighted, but if to sort in detail, nobody understands anything.

I am not a literary critic and the philologist me will not call, but to me at school reduced estimates for compositions in which I in a row used several verbs to be was or pronouns which which . Point out dreadful quantities primitiveness of a statement suddenly . I suddenly remembered, to me it became suddenly terrible, suddenly it seemed to me . It was For some reason remembered from Chapayev and Emptiness - lingering shout of the driver . To diversify the text, the author chose reception which uses everywhere in the works - decorates prose with the Russian abusive word.

By the way, it happened to communicate to Pelevin`s fans. The majority of them did not differ in originality, giving preferences to a mat and a grass. Such adult teenagers inclined to non - to conformism. But it is only 70% of fans. Other 30% are the lives which are looking for and found a homespun truth about which in each book of Pelevin - more than too. As a rule, Pelevin`s fans are sure of the exclusiveness not less, than Rodechka Raskolnikov, carrying themselves to I have the right . In this connection have the right to spit on people around, and also public norms. It is entertaining to observe for such gained independence intellectual elite . One more supervision: pelevinets not too much was reached, and aspiration to an infinite and pure zen - like attempt of self-complacency.

But as if Pelevin was not supported or not condemned, he all the same will remain layer a post - the Soviet literature. That layer which shows a little hyperbolical, places inaccessible to the adequate person an image of Russia 90 - x-2000h, and also reflection in it foreign geopolitical problems and changes.

My assessment of creativity of Victor Pelevin is very subjective. There will be not one hundred, perhaps, even several thousands of people who could argue with me, adducing arguments about mine prosaicness and narrow thinking. Nevertheless time will judge us. The genius will remain the genius, and the fashionable writer will sink into oblivion. Because fashion - passing, and art - eternal.