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How to bake tasty and unsweetened pancakes?

When on the street are uncomfortable and the sky is tightened by clouds, it is a high time to bake pancakes. Pancakes are a universal dish. Habitual sweet pancakes are tasty. But are not less tasty also unsweetened which can even be quite independent dish, but not a dessert. For example, if to offer such unsweetened pancakes with a mushroom stuffing, vegetable salad and tomato juice.

For some reason it is considered that too much time is spent for preparation of pancakes. But for forty - fifty minutes can be prepared pieces twenty pancakes. It`s not true long.

Ingredients for preparation of unsweetened pancakes - practically same, as well as for sweet. A difference only in a dosage. And in some nuances which, however, can be corrected according to the flavoring preferences.

So sweet thin pancakes are most advantageously combined with a stuffing. And here unsweetened it is possible to bake also thicker. For this purpose it is just necessary to pour more test in a frying pan. So the combination of a stuffing and the test will be the most harmonious and nourishing.

For preparation of unsweetened pancakes it is necessary to take such products:

1 liter of milk. It is possible to take milk of 2,5% fat content, such fat content is most optimum as sunflower oil is added to dough.

2 tablespoons of sunflower oil. It is better to take refined, but for fans of new flavoring feelings will be interesting to experiment with not refined sunflower, mustard, corn oil. Adding to dough every time other oil, it is possible to diversify taste of pancakes.

6 eggs.

1 tablespoon of sugar. From such amount of sugar dough will not become sweet, but will develop an original unique taste.

Half of a teaspoon of salt. It is better to take sea salt. Such salt gives to a ready-made product a saturation of taste and a gentle consistence.

High-grade flour. Mookie needs so much that dough turned out as liquid sour cream.

can make Dough, stirring ingredients a ladle or shaking up the mixer. Ready dough has to be uniform, without lumps.

When dough is ready, it is a high time to start pastries. On the warmed frying pan the portion of the test pours out. When dough from above of a pancake thickens, to turn a pancake. On the other hand the pancake is baked thoroughly much quicker.

It is the best of all to bake pancakes on special pancake frying pans. Though also the pancakes baked on usual aluminum frying pans are not less good. Simply on pancake houses it is easier to overturn them as sides at such frying pans of small height.

Pancakes on a pancake frying pan with a marble covering are remarkably baked. Turn out beautiful equal color. It is better to bake pancakes to which sunflower oil is added on a dry frying pan. Before baking of the first pancake it is possible to add slightly - slightly sunflower oil, and to bake other pancakes on a dry frying pan even if it is the usual aluminum frying pan but not special antiprigarny.

When pancakes are ready, it is possible to wrap in them a stuffing, for example, mushroom. But unsweetened pancakes and without stuffing - they tasty, nourishing are good, the vprikusk can eat them with sour cream, any sauce and salad, with first courses.