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In what business mother with the baby can be engaged?

the pregnancy Period, and then care of the child are fine time when the woman at last receives long deserved holiday and can take care of the own life and the child.

On the one hand, this suitable time when it is possible to remember all the hobbies, to make what did not work well earlier in any way. On the other hand, the more passes time, the feeling of alarm increases stronger: years go, the experience does not go, professional growth stopped, doubts in themselves increase and increase.

People around are sighed and gasped: How you will be?. It is so heavy to come back to work!

You are tightened more and more by a whirlpool of constant alarm. And it would be advisable to strengthen the family budget additional earnings. And the child gives up in kindergarten on education to others aunts, and mother comes again to work because it is so necessary and therefore that the majority so lives.

And not so many think that they missed time which could be spent with double advantage: not only to take out and grow up the child, but also to organize the business. Yes, the business! Be not surprised. That stereotype when it seemed that business is something like that very unreal, difficult, multiexpensive and only for men sank Into oblivion. Today it is possible to earn money, even without departing from the computer. The main thing is to begin to think in this direction. There are many ideas for which the starting capital, office and so on is not necessary. To you in it it is not trusted? Well, it so far. And it is enough examples of it.

What as a result you can receive?

1. Own business making stable profit

2. You will work not with 9 to 18, of days off before days off, and it is exactly so much how many it will want to you

3. You should not look for work and to work on uncle

4. You will be able as much time to carry out with the child, but not to get rid it in kindergarten only because mother should go to Work

and so on.

Many mothers say that for that time while you stay at home, the second wind opens. There is a wish to create and invent something new. Only one do not pay attention to these thoughts and do not use them in any way, and others begin to go about the own business which as a result develops into stable business. It is so important: to understand itself, the desires.

Here that is told by one of business - mothers, Katerina: On myself I know that pregnancy is as a door to the new world, she opens many undercover talents, abilities, forces to reconsider the way of life. So it happened also to me - when my baby was born, just punched me on creativity. The first sleepless months there was not enough time at all, but it was succeeded to realize a set of ideas later - creation of author`s costume jewelry became my main occupation. It appeared such pleasant occupation - to see it how in your hands beauty is born, at first to give this beauty to friends, and then there were people who wanted to buy it. This there was a breakthrough! It is surprising, but literally for few months I had regular customers who come again and again, someone asks to send jewelry by mail.

Generally, I did not even expect that my abilities will develop in such direction, unusual to me! And I am very glad that at work to me allowed to sit with the child to 3 years because I hope to strengthen during this time the positions and not to come back there. I am madly glad that I can not go every day to the subway, losing 2 hours on the road that I do not need to hatch out time before leaving and that I can be engaged in what brings in me not only the income, but also huge incomparable pleasure! I wish all mummies good luck - ktokhocht to find, that will find, and the child - huge incentive to become better and obespechenny!

One more business - mother, Olga and her website selling baby slings. To Olga`s daughter 1 year 8 months. And during this time Olga created the successful project. At first used a baby sling itself, then friends began to ask to sew baby slings for them, and then Olga found small garment factory, ordered from them party of baby slings, thought up the trademark. At this stage its baby slings are on sale in many the Internet - shops and in many cities. Look at the websites which sell baby slings and clothes for the feeding mothers on the Internet. Who their creators? Generally are the female businesses created during a maternity leave.

Or other example - Elena Zenina. One and a half years ago she organized Firm of the computer " service;. Achieved the object set to itself: the income corresponds to a wage level before dismissal from the previous place of work. The Most difficult - to believe in itself, without being based on anything. It was heaviest the first three months. You do something, and silence, you do - and nothing, you do - and emptiness. Rescued microsteps. Any action can be broken into steps, and them is on microsteps, then to choose what can be made and... to make .

It is necessary to speak and write about such women. Their experience gives the chance to young mothers to believe in itself, to do favorite thing on pleasure to, to the family, the family budget.

To facilitate a problem of communication and receiving experience, I created Female business - club. In it such people who can infect with the example all others on the same step also gather. It is real people, with real businesses which had no anything it earlier, but they took a step and made the life much more successfully.

The women who are going about the own business become more and more. You can join too!

There are two main problems which brake us on the way to the business. (I already do not even say that for business the starting capital is not necessary, because on the Internet a heap of examples of creation of business from scratch)

First is a search of idea and the second - taxes and accounts department which seem to us an impassable thicket!

We will talk shortly about idea of business or about search of the business.

For a start needs only navsy to lodge in the consciousness that thought that to be engaged in something special and it is possible to earn money for you in principle! And not only it is possible, it would be really interesting to you to these to be engaged.

Further as soon as this thought lodges in your consciousness, you should learn to find ideas. It is not difficult at all as it seems at first sight. As if it is banal sounded, but money lies at us under legs, we just do not notice them.

The idea to you can come absolutely unexpectedly, it is necessary to look around, listen just more attentively. Notice what does not suit people around that does not suit you because it is possible to make on it business.

I was very much struck once by one idea. As the man earned from analyses. Yes, on those analyses of which you thought which hand over in hospital.

A business was as follows. This person had a pregnant wife, and last months her pregnancy to him especially often had to carry its urine in a jar in hospital. And there was he somehow early in the morning, in the winter in snowstorm and thought: Well fir-trees - sticks why all sleep now, and I should trudge in this cold on other end of the city? Eh, somebody would arrive to me home, would take away this jar, so I rubles 150 - 200 would give, if only most not to go . STOP!

Here to you and idea. Other person would not notice it or would not pay attention, but our hero not just thought of it, but also made.

And it only organized process, agreed with hospital that allowed to hang up the announcement of reception of analyses (and there persons interested much and behind references for the pool and t of) . Put the dispatcher on phone, took the driver - the neighbor who was with car, but without money, and to it was all the same, than to be engaged. Made a tight box. And this driver went, gathered analyses and brought them to hospital.

The person from this project had half-salaries in day. Having once organized this process, all rest of the time he just stayed at home and met the driver with money.

And such ideas there is A LOT OF!!

What to you prevents to look back on the parties and too to begin to work?

Remember that your life, only in your hands and only you can improve it. And if you set to yourself the object too to appear among these successful women in ours business - club, then it will surely be carried out. The main thing - to do something for this purpose.