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How to make carrot on - Korean and the Korean salads? We improvise in kitchen!

All love salads on - Korean. Earlier recipes of preparation were kept a secret. Today everyone can make, for example, carrot on - Korean. Carrot on - Korean is good in itself, but it is possible to add it to more difficult salad as ingredient.

Who does not love the salads made on - Korean? Personally I did not meet such people, met only those for whom it is impossible ostrenky, but they suffered from it. Carrot and the others Korean tricks I buy long ago, I already know sellers in the market who have them especially tasty. Decided to try to make.

Carrot on - Korean

Helps out the Internet, as always. As usual, collected several recipes and lined under itself all interesting moments. The most important in carrot on - Korean - a coriander, garlic and the oil frying onions which should be cleaned. Well both hot red and black pepper, of course. I do not love strongly spicy food, I love moderately. Therefore fans of a scorching heat in a throat can increase amount of pepper to the taste.

Necessary products:

- carrots of 500 g;

- bulbs - 3 - 4 pieces;

- garlic - 3 - 4 cloves;

- vegetable oil - 100 ml;

- sugar - 1 tablespoon with a hill;

- salt - 1/2 h l.;

- vinegar of 9% - 1 - 2 tablespoon;

- a coriander - 1/2-1 h l.;

- red pepper ground - 1/4 h l.;

- black pepper - 1/4 h l.;

- other seasonings - at will.

Preparation. to grate Carrot on a special grater for the Korean salads. My grater rubs only large individuals therefore I banished thin carrots an electric grater on a large nozzle, nothing terrible - not for sale. It is possible to rumple polished carrot hands at once with salt and sugar that gave juice. To squeeze out there garlic, to add all spices and to mix carefully.

To pour out oil on a frying pan, to lay out the cut onions and to fry it on weak fire to semi-readiness. It is important not to roast strongly, onions have to pomyagchet and remain white, not brown when it is fried. Then to take out a skimmer onions and the hot oil saturated with aroma of half-cooked onions, to fill in carrot and again it is good to mix, put everything in the refrigerator.

In two hours I tried and it was already possible to eat. If stands till next day, will be even more tasty, carrot will carefully become impregnated with all seasonings. It will be sometimes necessary to mix. Salad on - Korean

In parallel with carrot I cooked for

salad on - Korean Carrot with a vegetable marrow . Seasonings - the same, only according to amount of vegetables. I had two large carrots and a large vegetable marrow, still there it is necessary to cut couple of bulbs thinly. In total pulled more than on half a kilo therefore I added seasonings slightly more to this salad, hot oil without onions is necessary too. It turned out very tasty. I recommend!

But it not everything, is still improvisation option in use of carrot on - Korean. Recently I bought one interesting salad in hypermarket. As a part of this salad I saw the Korean carrots, marinated mushrooms and boiled chicken. I will be not I if I do not add something from myself. Naturally, decided to make itself such salad already in own way.

Necessary products:

- chicken breast of 600 - 800;

- bank of marinated mushrooms;

- carrots on - Korean - 100 g;

- boiled potatoes in uniforms - 3 pieces;

- soy sauce;

- mayonnaise.

Preparation. I baked the Breast in an oven, so it turned out more fragrant. But it is possible and to boil. Rubbed with spices, I will merge, imposed with garlic plates, turned in a foil and sent to an oven for 1 hour, at a temperature of 180 degrees. Potatoes boiled, that`s all difficulties.

Cut a breast and potatoes with cubes. Large mushrooms should be cut too. Mixed everything, added the Korean carrot and once again mixed. Before giving on a table it is possible to add small cut fresh cucumber to salad, to sprinkle soy sauce and to dress with mayonnaise.

Bon appetit!