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Jewelry in Russian? The modern view on culture of

Modern culture constantly changes, gaining one lines and refusing others. Let`s try to track cultural transformations on the example of Russia. We will not mention information from school textbooks and other repeatedly edited and embellished sources.

Since the basis of Kievan Rus`, the culture of our people was original and very versatile. Archeological excavations showed that still civilized Europe lived in roughly squared hibarka, the tribes of Rusichey built huge carved towers and spacious log huts, decorated them with a list on a tree and a carving, it is so beautiful that not each modern architect or the designer will be able to repeat.

Then, with development of navigation and trade between continents, the capital and big-time politics began to influence world culture. The richest families of Europe, having found big money, began to use them as the tool for receiving lands, their resources and labor. In exchange offering the color pieces of paper printed by them. You remember, in the childhood we exchanged candy wrappers from a chewing gum for toys, collecting the whole boxes of candy wrappers? The principle of an exchange did not exchange, only children grew up, and for candy wrappers with portraits leaders of the people kill each other, trade in the body and bodies, sell in slavery of the fellow citizens.

After revolution of 1917, cultural values of imperial Russia began to erase from memory of the people, instead of development of the personality, offering development of collective. Ask why collective? Because it is simpler to operate crowd, and it is the law of the nature (ask in a personal meeting any shepherd or the politician). After collapse of the USSR, cultural values changed again.

Return of culture to our sources, values which are almost lost after revolution and overthrow of the tsar is now observed. That everything was evident, we will consider today`s values of the West (which persistently impose to us), and an alternative way of cultural development.

We will begin with history, it places everything on the places. After discovery of America Columbus and gold detection, rushed adventurers of all colors, exiled prisoners, swindlers, criminal groups of that time there. Having perfidiously occupied territories of Indian tribes and having moved owners of these lands in a reservation, the European derelicts - the word rough, but reflects the historical truth (people always sought to expel from the societies persons inclined to rapes, murders and robbery), steel is proud to be called as the USA.

And till today, the state founded on blood of Indians and substitution of their values by color pieces of glass and rags advances culture of consumption worldwide.

Many of you will tell: why to us Khokhloma, nested dolls, balalaikas and other remnants of history? It is possible to provide the abstruse answer of solid cultural figures, and it is possible to show on fingers. Let`s just give key advantages of westernized culture, to be exact its achievements reflected in their society, and soon and ours. And later, you will answer the question.

You aspire that:

your children were bedash (bones, skulls, demons and naked women), carried piercing where it is only possible, had a mohawk of poisonous color, put on as emo and Gotha, (or wore mini-skirts all the year round, and then could not conceive the child), participated in pagan rites, sacrificing homeless animals?

Saw and smoked in unlimited number, did drugs, shot at schools and higher education institutions (the USA is the world leader in arms supplies and drug trafficking, through intermediaries, certainly, also in their educational institutions regularly shoot)?

your daughters worked in massage salons and sons protected democracy in the countries with rich deposits of oil and gas, and grandsons watched meanwhile animated cartoons in which regularly shoot, cut and kill?

the good book (not the fiction) cost as a box of company cognac and was available only to elite. The most part of the population suffered from obesity, but persistently ate pizza and jotas - mastiffs (because they sacredly believe that it is madly useful and so advertizing orders)?

Having gone outside, you risked to get a bullet because is not enough for the neighbour`s addict for a dose. And the police came to your area only on holidays, exclusively in the afternoon and as a part of at once several cars that did not take away the weapon from them?

can be Listed to

long, but the overall picture of gains of democracy and culture of consumption is visible perfectly. Here it is important to realize that the culture takes root since the birth! For example, if the girl watches kind animated cartoons, and her mother wears beautiful jewelry on the Russian painting, musical instruments and elements of folklore, on days off the family goes to theaters and the museums, but does not watch abrupt blockbusters, then, having matured, she will not have a ball! Her moral values instilled together with culture of behavior it just will not allow it!

Now we will concern people who present the western values on the example and adhere to them. These are show business stars, heard that many of them become an inveterate drunkard, do drugs, make a suicide. Their values became isolated on money and pleasures. And what promise the maximum pleasures?

Against Russia information war for years was waged. After removal of the Iron Curtain mass washing of consciousness, consciousness and subconsciousness went! You want to be a raw appendage Gold one billion ?

If do not want, then set an example to the children and grandsons, they our future! Remember common truth: Nature abhors a vacuum if you are not engaged in your posterity, will be engaged in them kind uncle from the organization interested in inflow of thoughtless puppets. So terrorist groups, narcocartels and networks of brothels get stronger.

Big affairs begin with small undertakings. Remember that our ancestors what jewelry carried what sang songs and chastushkas dressed, told fairy tales. At that time the culture developed independently, without pressure of money and policy. Many realized it, and now on social networks the set of video with festivities on ancient manners, performances of the revived Cossacks is uploaded. Sports sections and various circles began to open. People try to communicate more alive, but not in online - games. They understood that they were conducted in the deadlock way - the house - work - shop - the house . And the house them was waited by the TV with series and a talk-show about full and beautiful life, and in pauses - advertizing of goods from shop (generally foreign production).

We will give a striking example of revival of true Russian values. Russia long since was famous for jeweler masters, carpenters, bricklayers and smiths. You remember the tale of the Lefthander (the full name The Narration about the Tula cross-eyed Lefthander and about a steel flea ) . Domestic jewelers created surprising creation - a silver sculpture of a falcon. On a photo it is visible how competently picked up lighting does a proud bird literally radiating positive energy!

A sculpture of a falcon - unique creation of the Russian jewelers. The falconry was an integral part of princely Russia. Having become popular at Prophetic Oleg (the 9th century), reached the blossoming at Alexey Mikhaylovich Tishayshem (the second Russian tsar from Romanov` dynasty - the 17th century).