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Than kefir in cookery is wonderful?

Kefir - the most ancient find. The advantage of this dairy product does not become less eventually. Pastries, farinaceous dishes, drinks with participation of kefir - the real pleasure taste!

Sweet donuts, air rolls in modern baking conditions turn out unlike at each other. The correct proportion, a careful batch and uniform distribution of necessary ingredients does their taste perfect, in own way unique. But sometimes exact approach and correctness of actions leaves a product at the same flavoring level that leads to satiation a favourite dish. Any factor, improvisation which are so often found in home cuisine are sometimes forgotten by the professional cook.

The cookery, as well as any other art, demands spontaneous, intuitive actions, deviations from norms. And all this for the sake of the main thing - unpredictable, successful result. The sense of a fine delicacy is an unexpected, tremendous, surprising taste.

Very often among usual methods of cooking it is possible to meet also non-standard. The products seeming at first sight simple play the major, key role in creation of this or that dish subsequently.

For example, randomness of use of kefir in a batch of the test leads to positive results. In particular, at its correct application within a test batch for vareniki the initial product turns out surprisingly air, soft and gentle. Appearance of the welded appetizing vareniki at observance of rules of preparation will correspond also to tastes of this Ukrainian dish. What to tell about a test batch on rural kefir? By the way, the real Ukrainian vareniki become with whey use.

So fine flavoring magnificence concerns as well baking of various dessert production. Adding kefir to weight for cakes, pancakes, pies, cakes or flat cakes, you doom a dish to a positive effect. Pancake cake on kefir - not an exception. The external surface of this dessert is made out by the tasty smetanny cream strewed with a chocolate crumb. Soft sweet cake does not demand special ingredients unless grated pear or raisin. Fast kefiric egg and onions pie can be made even for breakfast, so it not troublesome business.

It is possible and not to exhaust itself with long procedure of baking of cakes, and to make simpler dish. Fritters on kefir - one of such options. Creation of rumyanenky fritters will not take a lot of time, and here procedure of their reception inside will drag on, I think, for a long time. To embody this appetizing dish only 5 ingredients are required: kefir, sugar, salt, soda, flour.

But if there is at all no desire to be engaged in flour affairs, then use Okkam`s Razor i.e. reject all minor councils and technologies. Take fresh kefir, fill in it sugar, carefully mix and drink. And, maybe, then sweet weight will inspire you on something bigger. And if kefir with sugar is not pleasant, that is and other option - to mix the invigorating cold kefirchik with fennel, fresh cucumbers and green onions. This useful drink, believe me, appetite instantly excites.

By the way, in Belarus something similar is on sale in shops. I advise to taste dairy drink which is based on kefir with addition of a cucumber and fennel. It is useful, cheap and tasty!