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How to make fantastic rural potatoes?

Beautiful solar rural morning. The pleasant frost pinching for a nose, the warm furnace and aroma of the cooked food. What can be better than the beginning of it of day? Immersion in the atmosphere of rural morning, in taste of fantastically made potatoes.

The cooled-down pieces of coal smoldering in a grubka, and umopomrachayushchy appetite, such live and wild, stimulating to life. In such atmosphere process of cooking is not just aspiration to a hunger satisfying. In the depth of the nature culinary process is followed by free flight of thought, the easiest sincere pacification. Even cleaning of cool potatoes under the wakening beams of the Sun is a highest peak of spiritual awakening.

Fried potato in such harmony with the nature has unusual taste. Rural energy and surrounding freshness of air does it attractive, appetizing and unique. The old kind oven, despite the wear, gives the heat keeping all magnificence of food ingredients - from meat to fried or baked potato. Nevertheless invaluable potato taste just needs filling with various products of the rural industry: chesnochok, onions and fennel. Besides the main methods of frying of potatoes, there are also alternative. For example, fried potato in French becomes by means of additional ingredients - mustard and cream.

It is known that potatoes perfectly absorb various sauces, especially, if it well is warmed in an oven or the furnace. There are no doubts that the atmosphere of cold provincial morning, the smoking puffs behind a window tempt brutal appetite at the person, unlike plastic landscape of city streets.

However and in the modern wind furnace which is built in smart kitchen of the apartment it is possible to give not the worst potato result. For this purpose miracle it is necessary in the neighbourhood with the cut potato to lodge the whole chicken soaked with mayonnaise or other sauce. The flowing-down chicken fat in a combination to tasty garlick sauce will be assumed with pleasure by propechyonny potato. Without exaggerations it is possible to tell that matchless taste of this dish, especially potatoes, will not leave indifferent even the radical villager. But on this culinary pleasure my recipes do not come to an end.

It is possible to develop a food variety, having made the Russian roast. Within the next rural child greens of parsley and a celery are applied. The appetizing dish at the end of preparation is accurately filled in with sour cream.

It is possible to make a remarkable dish of any product. Everything depends on mood of the owner of kitchen. On the one hand, potatoes are by the form not remarkable: he lies in a dark corner and waits for the fate. However if to look narrowly more fixedly, then it is possible to notice special beauty of the shadows falling from it.

Potatoes - very universal vegetable. Even if the refrigerator is limited by products, it is possible to make of it fine " French fries;. Namely - to cut potatoes with thin slices, to throw on a frying pan, it is desirable with a thin bottom, and without departing it is far from a plate, to observe how the cut pieces accept a golden shade under the influence of sunflower oil.

And all - equally cooked food in the village and in the city for some reason differs to taste... Riddle!