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How kitchen scales help to grow thin?

Sometimes each of us are overcome by huge desire to grow thin. There are at us, at women, strange desires - and all of them, as a rule, huge. And you will begin to be engaged in fitness, and you will register in massage, and even you will pass to healthy food - and all uselessly. And then you will reflect: And whether not too my healthy food? Not in sense Whether Not too useful? and just in sense: Whether Not too much I eat? You Will weigh the first, second and compote - and you will be terrified. Also you will understand that it is time to use scales regularly. Weight presses

Psychologists will not allow to tell lies: self-checking - a great thing. The fact that you constantly watch yourself forces you to change behavior. As soon as you begin to fix physical activities, for example to measure the number of the kilometers passed in a day, - you right there begin to move more on foot. Just because, in - the first, it becomes a shame to you before itself - it is a shame to pass today less, than yesterday. And in - the second, you have a passion - to pass today more, than yesterday.

The same regularity works for food - only on the contrary. As soon as you begin to write down the eaten dishes and to count the consumed calories, you right there begin to refuse excess delicacies and are limited to necessary - that in the evening, having put all figures, to feel hope for fast weight loss, well and at the same time a pride for the will power.

And here to you the sensible thought comes - it is necessary to buy kitchen scales urgently. Agree, by eye it is very difficult to measure the mass of products, so it is impossible to consider how many calories contain in one portion. Let`s say you know that hundred grams of your favourite cake contain three hundred calories (this information is, as a rule, specified on packing) - and that? The piece which you cut off to yourself a generous hand can weigh both hundred grams, and two hundred, and more - especially if you did not really precisely adjust an eye estimation and you cannot divide cake into ideally equal parts. Yes even if you can - what for pleasure to count how many calories are the share of one eighth or one twelfth part of cake? It is simpler to take electronic scales - and at once to be convinced that you a bit too much cut off

By the way, I warn: at the first weighings of favourite products you will be captured by feeling of panic. You also did not suspect earlier that cutlet with a garnish weigh very much, and 1000 calories are so a little And bread which you usually took without reflecting, it will appear, too has weight - and at one go you as it becomes clear, you eat much more, than it is required to you for energy completion. But it will pass.

the Weighed decisions

the Habit to weigh products and to fix eaten is developed by

quickly enough. However that it happened, it is necessary to choose the most convenient scales in use.

In - the first, they have to be the most compact that you could put them on a kitchen table - and they at the same time would not disturb you. Keep in mind that an invention to store the device in a case - initially failure. If you clean scales in a case - you will not get them. Never. Well, maybe, several first days to you them will pull out not laziness, and then to clean back So better at once find for them more convenient town.

In - the second, I recommend to choose scales with a platform, but not with a cup. Argument simple: on a platform you will be able to put any capacity with any products, and the bowl will very strongly limit you in it. Besides, if you use a bowl which goes complete with scales, you should wash it. It is much simpler to weigh products at once in that ware in which you will prepare them or from which you will eat them. It is especially convenient to do it on scales which have function of depriving of weight: at first put an empty plate or a cup on a platform, nullify indicators, then put the same ware but already full - and scales will show only the mass of a product.

In - the third if you decide to approach business with all gravity, can be chosen special dietary scales. Such device has memory function, and also stores information on several hundred products that allows to define when weighing not only the mass of a dish, but also content of proteins , of fats , of carbohydrates , salts, cholesterol and cellulose.

But even if you will prefer the simplest kitchen scales - it will already be enough to develop a responsible attitude to food. You will precisely know that you do not eat anything superfluous and if you eat - that do it voluntarily and to own desire.