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How to choose river cruise? Part 2

In the first part of article we learned some features of river cruises. There we go?

So, you decided on the deck and the place of a desirable cabin. Also you call treasured number. Carefully! In travel agencies on schemes of the motor ship of number of cabins often do not coincide with real numbering. You learn about it, only when you will bring things in the cabin. One more national peculiarity. Be not upset. Forewarned is forearmed.

Some more words about travel agencies. Permits of one motor ship can sell several travel agencies. Therefore if you in one agency are told that all permits are sold - do not trust. Continue to look for. Actually, cruise rest is popular. And permits are redeemed even in the winter. But there is nothing impossible. And at the last minute it is possible to acquire the permit.

One more national peculiarity: staff of travel agencies only approximately knows about what excursions for you are planned. It is not necessary to ask about the cultural program. Everything will depend on the animator - the inventor. However, on drunk flights the cultural program is known - night discos. You do not pay attention to such trifles. You attend to time better (!) departures. You are surprised, but to you to control this question most. Be not too lazy to call to the river station, or to go there in advance. Information in travel agencies on a departure time does not coincide with reality - and it is national peculiarity too. It is checked on itself.

Of what it is necessary to think in advance? About own children, their entertainments. Travel with the plastered child - extreme pleasure. I had to observe such family. You know the child? Do not idealize it and a possible situation. And just present that to entertain themselves and children by motor ship it is necessary most. Or children begin to run on decks. It, really, is interesting. A set of ladders from the different parties of the motor ship, parallel passes, long corridors, decks of different floors and so on. A scope for a hide-and-seek and other outdoor games. But, it is possible such questions and not to be puzzled. As onboard the motor ship, in team there is a doctor.

Food in cruises - good, nourishing. Cook well. You can pay for yourself preparation of some dish. It is possible even to order a banquet according to the special menu. The prices in the bar - restaurant. But you will be able to take with yourself on the motor ship so much binge and snack how many you will inform. When landing a thing are not examined. On parking you will buy alcohol, snack, souvenirs, gifts.

Public by motor ships generally - family. And girlfriends of different age. On drunk flights often leave the big companies, or labor collectives.

Sometimes the children`s organizations buy permits for rest of the whole groups. Then you will fully be able to feel in floating children`s camp. For example, I witnessed, as in the first evening pioneers got life jackets and ran in them on the deck. The superstitious captain explained then that for this reason, our motor ship got to the most severe storm on waters of the Rybinsk reservoir. And in general are nice and cheerful children who sleep only in the afternoon.

So travel in big children`s collective gives a reasonable reason to often remember the immortal quote of Faina Ranevskaya: The Peony e ry, go in !

About life. Motor ships are all pure, it is pleasant to be. Cabins have to clean up regularly. It is possible to charge phone in cabins. For cabins of a lower deck the socket is provided one on all, in a corridor.

In the general shower room there is an iron. The general toilets, shower - pure. Besides, drunk flights - not an indicator. You understand. There are also features. The shower works on certain hours. On parking of souls it is closed. Hot water is always. It is the motor ship!

By the way if there is an excursion on the motor ship, then surely visit. Both engine room, and cabin of the captain. Very informatively.

Excursions on the cities? Surely will be. Somewhere usual, somewhere interesting. Somewhere more time, somewhere would be good and there is nothing to look. Do not strain. You on vacation. Yes. You, certainly, cleverest also know how everything would be better to organize. Write down. Then article will turn out.

Be not fascinated by dreams, will be disappointments less. Then new acquaintance, the keen guide, a tasty dinner, interesting information - will be for you pleasant and joyful events.

If something does not suit you in the events - it is not necessary to go and to be spat the disappointment. All have the right for existence. Both children, and fans to drink, and fans to sing, and the kissing couples.

Just come over to other side of the deck, there, where the sun. Find a free stool, sit down, get warm, relax. Remember! You paid a unique opportunity to stay alone with the nature, to have a rest from stresses of everyday life

Buy a glass of wine. Enjoy pure corners of the nature, a river smooth surface, breath of wind and slowly floating green edges of coast. Also live an anticipation something unusual.

In conclusion, several encouraging words. You will listen to stories of acquaintances, will read advertizing descriptions of cruises, this article, and then surely decide on river cruise! Surely! And you are convinced that you will have everything in a different way.

Successful river cruise is in some way a lottery. Advantageous to you ticket!