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Independent tourism - it is difficult or not? The trip to Germany, Berlin

Berlin is the city with an interesting story, the only capital which was divided into two parts. About visit of the city and its sights, we will talk about transport and the prices in more detail.

Frankly speaking, there was an initial wish to go to Berlin not really. Nevertheless the capital is not the best place for acquaintance to culture of any country. But cheap air tickets and curiosity got the best, and it must be said, that in general Berlin left quite pleasant impression. with


As always, we will begin with transport, this the first what the tourist will face during a trip.

All area, beginning from the center, is divided into three zones - A, B and S. The zones AB is a city, a zone C includes suburbs and the airport. It is important to know it upon purchase of the ticket: so, for example, the single ticket () for the zones AB costs to of Einzelfahrschein 2. 60 Of Euro, and for all zones ABC already 3. 20. Respectively, for trips around the city the first option suffices, and here for a trip to the airport it will be already necessary to buy more expensive ticket. Children till 6 years go free of charge, on the child from 6 to 14 years it is possible to buy the discount ticket.

As it is possible to see, single trips it is enough - expensive, to take them not really favourably. It is much simpler to buy the ticket for the whole day ( of Tageskarte ) that will manage in 6. 70 Of Euro and if number of trips more than two, then it is already more favorable. It is really convenient since there is a lot of metro stations in the city, and it is very convenient to use them for trips even on small distances. If about a week is planned to remain in Berlin, then it is possible to buy the ticket and for week ( 7 - Tage - Karte ), it will be even more favorable. The ticket allows to go on any kinds of transport within the corresponding zones (AB or ABC).

The transport network of Berlin consists of local trains ( S - Bahn ), subway trains ( U - Bahn ), buses, in some areas being GDR remained also trams. All this makes very confused network from more than 170 stations therefore it is recommended to find and load in the smartphone the application with the subway map, it very is useful on trips. As well as in other cities of Germany, there are neither cashiers, nor turnstiles in the subway - tickets are on sale in the automatic machine (the device is similar to the ATM, with the inscription Fahrkarten ), they can be bought several pieces in advance. During descent to station the ticket should be punched, without it it is invalid.

Possibly, it is known, but It should be noted that airports in Berlin two so at a trip it is important not to mix there. Regular electric trains so it is possible not to be afraid of traffic jams go to difference for example, from St. Petersburg, to the airports in Berlin.

of Sight

the Main places of Berlin are known to

, and there is no sense to repeat, we will note only some less known places.

All tourists in Berlin saw the Reichstag, but not all know that it is possible to visit him absolutely free of charge, for this purpose it is enough to be registered for several days on the website bundestag. by de and to choose date and time. At visit it is necessary to have the passport, it is also necessary to pass examination, as in the airport.

It is interesting to note the German technical museum containing a huge collection - from bicycles and computers to ancient engines. Persons interested to look at the city from above can rise by 150 m in the balloon , it will cost 20 Euros. Near a sphere are The Charli2 check point and the museum - a panorama of the Berlin wall which divided GDR and Germany (by the way, in 2014 Germany notes 25 - the anniversary of the end of this event).

Excursions in vaults of Berlin are very interesting - the museum Berliner Unterwelten conducts such tours on bunkers and air-raid shelters of times of the Second World War which (unlike many Russian) are suitable for visit of tourists and are in perfect tune. Excursion is very interesting and 1 lasts. The 5th hour, at the price only about 9 Euros. Also the Museum of Natural history is interesting to where it is possible to see various exhibits - from a meteorite to the largest skeleton of a dinosaur in the world. And certainly, surely it is worth visiting the Pergamum museum where there is gate Ishtar constructed by the tsar Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon in dobibleysky times.


during a trip should be counted approximately on the following expenditure: transport costs on the person 6 Euros a day, the approximate price of an entrance to the museum 5 - 15 Euros. To eat in cafe from 8 to 15 Euros, as for supermarkets, the price - approximately as in our shops will manage. The prices in tourist places, certainly, are overstated: a bottle of mineral water which in shop costs 50 cents, in untwisted places costs to 3. 5 Of Euro so it is expedient to carry some food with itself. Generally, totally it is worth counting approximately on 30 Euros a day.

the Conclusion

in general, Berlin left very positive impression. The beautiful city where is where to descend and eat what to look to people both with humanitarian, and with technical interest at. Of course, as well as any capital, the city attracts a set cheapskates all colors - beggars, musicians in the subway, but behave they not aggressively and at all do not disturb.

Besides, it should be noted two myths popular now about Europe. The first is the attitude towards the Russian tourists: despite official sanctions, it was just remarkable everywhere. In shops where I made out Dachshunds - fr, sellers even spoke good-bye in Russian, learning that I from Russia. The second myth - about freedom of customs: some think that everywhere in Europe only and same-sex couples with multi-colored flags in hands, thanks to promotion of our TV walk. Exactly the opposite, Germany is very Puritan country, there even the woman in pass - the skirt can almost not see (these are usually tourists), and I for a week of residence in Berlin never met any minorities. By the way, even drunk on the street and that is not visible: despite love to beer, sense of proportion at Germans, probably, is.

Generally, Berlin is the city unambiguously worthy visits, and any tourist will not regret about a trip there.