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How to choose river cruise? Part 1

of Travel by motor ship are unforgettable impressions. As write in advertizing: Rest on cruise vessels is a unique opportunity to stay alone with the nature, to have a rest from stresses of everyday life where you will be surrounded by pure corners of the nature, a river smooth surface, breath of wind and green edges of coast .

At first sight a variety of motor ships, cruises strikes. How to choose? What needs to be considered that rest remained a pleasant memories? If you think that you ask in travel company upon purchase of permits, then you are mistaken. Late. In travel agencies some features of cruises do not report. Either because hide or because just do not know. Collect information in advance.

Motor ships happen different. In this article the speech about cruises will go to beautiful it is white - blue double-deck motor ships. Place of departure: Moscow.

The first what we pay attention to - it is duration of cruises. From 3 to 22 days. Naturally, the choice will depend on your temporary and monetary opportunities. But some features at the choice of cruise should be considered.

We will consider and it is comparable extreme options. Cruise for three days. On Friday you sail, on Sunday evening - you come back. For full relaxation - it a little. These are cruises - rough rest. So-called drunk flights . The people begin to drink at once as soon as it came on the deck.

Cruise for 22 days. It is fine rest from the point of view of psychologists. You remember, in Soviet period holiday was 24 days? It - is not casual. Psychologists consider to change a habit, 21 days are necessary. That is, if you fully want to relax, then rest is necessary to such duration.

But! If you the person active, active, then can just become boring to you also such fine rest. It is good if weather - is wonderful. You will be able to sunbathe on a main deck. But consider: do not allow to lay blankets from a cabin. Or you sit in a chair, or you lie on own clothes. If you leave on so-called green parking you will hide blankets in bags.

If to you does not carry and weather will be cloudy, then you will sit in a restroom where there will be still the person twenty. Or you will have a rest in the bar. And, despite regular excursions, travel can cloy.

And at once several words about clothes. Weather at us unpredictable. If is hot, then on decks it is a pleasure to have a rest. If weather does not please, then you will not be able just to be on the deck. It is very cold and windy. Fresh-air fiends, take warm things surely.

If you - not the supporter of the use of alcohol, then take more books and board games. And at once stock up with patience - around there can be specifically drunk passengers, just tipsy fellow citizens and noisy children.

Here we smoothly pass to a subject of the choice of cabins. It is supposed that the luxury is the most comfortable cabin. Everything in number is. A view from the window on the floating landscape. An exit directly to the deck. Beauty!

But wait to pay. The cabin, really, fronts on the average deck walking. Here passengers walk, photograph beautiful views, sights, sit at little tables, talk, read books. And also: drink until late at night hard alcoholic drinks, loudly laugh loudly, sing songs, drop little tables. And all this under your windows with a beautiful view. And your remarks will not be pertinent. It is simply impossible to be removed from the motor ship.

Why class " cabins; Luxury made near musical salon - a riddle for all. Do not choose a cabin that is near musical salon or a restroom. There usually TV and karaoke. Singing only in pleasure when come to do remarks. Disputes on a subject: To Sing or not to sing? enter the program of cruise.

For fans of quiet rest there is good news. If cruise more than three days, then bar is closed at 24 o`clock. Will turn off the light and will just expel all. Enjoy night silence and a cool.

Fans of a night sit-round gathering, be vigilant! Not only the bar is closed. The main deck for the night is closed too, nobody is let there. So if you plan a romantic admiring the night star sky on a main deck, then - delete this point. And the restroom is locked in the evening: communication, cards, dominoes - by. On the walking deck will not allow to sit, drink up a small bottle too and to communicate. The release is compulsory. There is no place to be simply, except as in the cabin.

Having general idea of what happens on the average, walking deck, you know now that it is possible to choose a cabin of the main deck. It is lower the floor. There is no opportunity to walk. But is more silent. In number there is a wash basin, cases, a table, a chair. But there is a danger to appear side by side with public places. They are at this level.

What else it is possible to tell about cabins of different decks? Consider that at a storm: the deck is higher, the stronger swings.

And where night discos and a karaoke are not heard at all - it is in cabins of a lower deck. Such cabin represents a four-seater compartment, as in the train. But is much more spacious. In such cabin there can be two cases, two little tables, a chair, a chair, a mirror. There are no windows, only two windows. Darkishly? Yes. But it is silent. Dampness? Yes, it is felt. But not painfully. The prices of such cabins - the house-keeper - a class. But a toilet, a wash basin - the general, you rise up a ladder. If decide to choose cabins in hold, then consider the following feature - do not take extreme. They it is much less of others as nearby a ladder upward.

Ladders by motor ship - separate conversation. Very abrupt, some iron. Main recommendation: be careful and vigilant. Think over footwear in advance.

We will continue studying of features of national river cruises also in the second part of article.