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Than avocado is useful? Recipes of beauty and health

As looks avocado and how to choose it? How to accelerate maturing of this fruit and how it is correct to eat it? Than and to whom it is useful? What to prepare from avocado and how with its help to keep beauty for many years? About this and many other - in article devoted to this remarkable product.

Avocado - a fruit unusual. At the first acquaintance to it it is difficult to understand at once that we tasted it, fruit or vegetable. Oily, with thin nut smack, it is rather similar to vegetable, but grows - that on a tree therefore it is recognized as fruit.

Exact age it cannot be defined, it is known only that more than ten millennia ago he was already an inhabitant of our planet. At an avocado sort from South America, grows in many countries with tropical and subtropical climate now. This fruit belongs to family laurel, to Perseus`s family uniting more than 50 of his versions.

As looks avocado?

Fruits of avocado can be round or oval, extended, similar to a pear, light-or is dark - green, violet, black, is bright - blue, with smooth or rough, sometimes even a pimply thin skin. Surprises with a variety also the weight of fruits: from small, similar to blue plum, 40 - 50 - gram, to fruits - giants, weighing more than 1,5 kilograms. From - for green, with a pimply thin skin of a fruit of a pear-shaped form of avocado received one more name - an alligatorov a pear.

How to choose avocado?

K to us avocados of the average size, weighing 200 - 300 g go on sale. Choosing a fruit, it is important to be convinced that on it there are no spots, dents and other damages, and, above all - it has to be ripened.

As mature, ready to the use it is possible to consider a fruit which by easy pressing by a finger on its surface is slightly pressed through, and then it is restored, without leaving a dent. The trace which remained from a touch means that fruit became overripe. It tasteless and can be even unsafe for health. The firm, immature fruit is not eaten too. The ripened fruits long are not stored, at the room temperature they become overripe in 2 - 3 days, they spoil and in the refrigerator. It is better to buy fruit which can be necessary not at once immature, in several days it will ripen at you in kitchen.

To accelerate maturing of avocado, it should be placed in a paper package, to close and leave dense at the room temperature for several days. Maturing can be accelerated also if to add some 1 - 2 banana to a package.

As eat avocado?

Before the use in food of avocado should be washed up, dried and cut lengthways on two identical parts, two " court shoes;. To remove a stone from a core. The pulp of a fruit has to be light, with a yellow or cream shade, without spots. Avocados use as one of ingredients in salads, sauces, and there are fans who like to eat it directly from " court shoes; having added a little salt and spices. This fruit is not subject to heat treatment.

by What is interesting structure of avocado?

Unusual oily taste of avocado depends on high content in it vegetable fats of which most part is made by polynonsaturated and monononsaturated fatty acids. Besides, the fruit differs in the high content of antioxidants, rich vitamin and mineral structure. Generally it is vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9), vitamins A, E, C, D, RR, F. Among useful macro - and minerals the content of potassium, and also phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, iron, copper is especially high. Surpasses many fruit in the content of potassium of avocado, even banana. Vitamins and minerals mutually strengthen and supplement useful properties of everyone. The structure of this unique product is supplemented by fitostrerola, lecithin, a chlorophyll, complex carbohydrates.

In what useful properties of avocado?

of Avocado possesses many, even unexpected, useful properties. In spite of the fact that it is a product high-calorific, in 100 grams of pulp - 245 kcal, its use does not threaten with a set of excess weight, and it is rather on the contrary, helps to get rid of it. The reason is that an omega - 3, one of the vegetable fats making a complex, at receipt in an organism is processed into energy, but it is not postponed in the form of fatty stocks. Besides, the signal of saturation quickly comes to a brain.

Fatty acids an omega - 3 and an omega - 6 promote decrease in level of harmful cholesterol, softly reduce arterial pressure, increase elasticity of blood vessels, interfere with development of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. If at moderately - the increased cholesterol level within a month daily to eat an avocado half, cholesterol can be lowered by 15 - 20%.

Polynonsaturated fatty acids and B6 vitamin help an organism to cope with fatigue, a nerve strain, improve ability to concentration of attention. High content in an iron product together with copper, and also positive influence of B2 and B9 vitamins (Riboflavinum and folic acid) considerably improves blood formation process, increases hemoglobin level in blood. Vitamin E known as youth vitamin the combination of the vitamins A and F increasing properties of each other assign to avocado glory of a product with the most powerful antioxidant properties: immunity strengthening, delay of formation and development of pathological changes in an organism and aging process. Antioxidant glutathione neutralizes influence of cancerogenic substances.

to Whom is useful to avocado?

of Avocado - a product dietary, it is useful to use it everything, and especially to those who seek to support weight normal or strongly limit themselves in food, trying to reach perfection. For maintenance of in a good form, saturation of an organism useful substances and prevention of feeling of hunger in day it is enough to eat a fruit half.

Avocado makes favorable impact on a condition of reproductive system at women and men. It is useful to avocado to accumulation of muscle bulk, to prevention of anemia and as an additional tool at its treatment, to normalization of arterial pressure, decrease in level of cholesterol in blood, improvements of a state it is warm - vascular system, for improvement of a state at overfatigue, a nerve strain, the lowered concentration of attention. Also the advantage of avocado consists in normalization zheludochno - intestinal activity at gastritises with the increased or lowered acidity.

Favorable impact is made by avocado on a condition of bone system, a hair of nails, it is useful and to accumulation of muscle bulk. It is widely known to avocado as cosmetic. He promotes production of collagen and elastin, improves a condition of skin, removes fatigue traces.

What to prepare from avocado?

Most often avocados use

for preparation of salads. It is perfectly combined with seafood, cheese, cottage cheese, nutlets, and greens have to be obligatory ingredient. There is a lot of recipes with avocado, and it is not difficult to prepare them.

Avocado salad. Ingredients: avocado of 1 piece, salad iceberg of 6 sheets, handful of pine nuts, 1 garlic glove, 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, fresh ground black pepper, salt.

Preparation : lettuce leaves to wash out, dry. Slightly to warm up pine nuts, to pound garlic with salt, to add pepper, lemon juice, olive oil. Small to chop pulp of avocado. To cut lettuce leaves on large pieces, to place on a dish and to spread out the pine nuts mixed with pulp of avocado to them. From above to sprinkle everything the prepared gas station.

Avocado shrimps salad. Structure: shrimps - 100 g, avocado of 2 pieces, a lemon of 1 piece, salt, pepper, greens of cilantro or parsley.

Preparation : shrimps to boil, cut on pieces, to salt, powder slightly with pepper, to sprinkle lemon juice. To cut avocado on two halves, to withdraw a stone, on a separate dish to mix pulp of a fruit with the prepared shrimps. To stuff with the turned-out weight avocado halves.

How to use avocado for beauty and health of skin?

of Avocado promotes production of collagen and elastin, improves a condition of skin. It finds broad application in house cosmetics.

With its help in 10 minutes it is possible to remove fatigue traces from tired skin. For this purpose it is necessary to massage face skin fruit thin skin inside. In 10 minutes from well rested skin to wash away the remains of pulp of avocado.

Avocado can help dry skin: it is necessary just to make a mask of avocado half mashed potatoes with a honey teaspoon.

To feed fat skin? And here we will be helped by a mask from avocado mashed potatoes with lemon juice.

Masks from avocado are used at solar burns, for reduction of pigmentary spots as an additional tool at treatment of eczema.