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How is to the humorist? My meetings with Marjan Belenky of

For the first time I met M. Belenky in the form of the aunt Sonya. Then I did not know yet that the aunt Sonya is it. The aunt Sonya the TV was full - it was sounded by the aunt Klara. Still at me in ears the word " sounds; bullyon said at height la the third octave with a force of 130 decibels (that is approximately equivalent to noise of the jet plane in close proximity to motors).

As the aunt Sonya - the undoubted inhabitant of Odessa, I took an unaccountable liking to her in spite of the fact that the aunt Klara places puts too much salt the person . But such is indisputable tradition in the image of inhabitants of Odessa, and with it it is necessary to be reconciled. Especially as this generation of inhabitants of Odessa (and including Belenky though he is Kiev resident) puts too much salt for a minute to Brighton for a long time - a scourge or in Rishon - le - Tsione, and in Odessa less frequently it is possible to hear native from what you eat Phish and to see a shlimazl with shnobely.

I for the first time faced his glorified name in the collection 500 pearls of world poetry (Prod. - in the Phoenix, Rostov-on-Don, 2000) where, along with Firdousi, Akhmadullina, Sapfo, Hafiz, Li Bo, Nguyen Sun - in - tea, etc. took place to be placed M. Belenky`s poem following Ecstasy :


O! About!

O! About! About!

O! About! About! About!

O! About! About! About! About!

O! About! About! About!

O! About! About!

O! About!



then cried all night long because even in the period of the greatest sexual activity at me it turned out on three - four About well.

Then I thorny roads of web surfing - in search of materials for the web - reviews Telescope - got on the personal website of M. Belenky which (the website, but not Belenky) absolutely hurt brains ejection of the dropping-out windows with idiotic advertizing. However, if you had enough patience to be torn through lists of regalia and awards of the venerable author, in this rich place it was possible to carry out a lot of useful and even in something the amusing moments. Provided that you managed to understand hitromudry navigation ( navigation of the website - it means to understand where this should tyukat hrenoviny the cursor to read different texts, but not all the time same ). What I also made, frightening the members of household by explosions of uterine laughter and not articulated shouts.

Then I as it is necessary on netiquette, left in the guest book thoughtful anonymous record about moral shape and intellectual level of the owner of this nonsense, and also courageous guesses about an arrangement of hands at its vebmayster ( the vebmayster is that cormorant who made the website and guessed to place it on kretinichesky hipermartovsky hosting ). What as it usually happens, led to a brisk exchange of opinions about each other to mutual satisfaction of the parties soon enough.

Having with all the heart had fun (though from time to time looking back that nobody noticed a delicacy of an expressional syllable of the maestro through a shoulder), I got the mass of useful data on Israel, wild and house breeds of Israelis, ways of fight against bureaucrats, contents in bondage of males of the Israeli male, about the Israeli musornik and many other. The thorny road of dazed of Ole - hadash (the new repatriate) in the course of his transformation in a mature vatik (the old repatriate) rises before our internal look in all the barefaced nakedness...

Amazingly, but M. Belenky`s creativity - the present encyclopedia of the Israeli life, and he, certainly, the block, though walks constantly in a white dress coat and gloves, without removing them even on the beach, and never undertook a plow in life. The set of its ridiculous texts goes on a network, often unsigned as, for example, absolutely hilarious Hallo, pozharna?

Further communication with the Master extraordinary enriched my knowledge of classics as all know that all classics write scary long, and to read them (or to pretend that read) all - it is necessary. Here we are immensely helped by pure and light talent M. Belenky who can turn any long classical figomotina into one page written in the living and modern language and manages to retell any boring Illiada or Dao Dye Jing, without having used any decent word.

Practice showed that is acquired by such way of the classic with a bang, and even children who usually do not agree to read Anna Karenina it is less than for 40 dollars, in Belenky`s statement swallow it instantly and with a roar wow a class, bu - hectare - hectare (that means classical literature bears to us a lot of reasonable, kind and eternal, thanks, the uncle Belenky, for our happy childhood ) .

Somehow time to me was even succeeded to meet the master in the mode it - a line, but in response to my question of creative plans he said something it seems and here to you, woman, blinok then with a strange force began to knock on the keyboard. As it became clear, the master made extraordinary important intellectual sociological experiment: studying the counter of visitors of the website, it estimated that will be if each visitor unfastens to it on shekel.

Unfortunately, the site died natural death (or it is killed by hyenas of a hosting), and for the device of the new maestro reacts to talk intellectual words it seems leave and a paralysis hybrid with itch . However it is possible to examine the chosen creativity of the humorist:

Keeping of the wife in house conditions

Kosher moonshine

the Bad advice to Israelis. Old and new

Re-reading classics

Here such country!

In conclusion of the small performance I ask world community to give an appropriate assessment to moral shape of this exclusively cunning and self-interested companion. Which (in spite of the fact that I already otpiarit it in the reviews twice and several times gave on it the reference in LJ), though promised to marry after what was between us in a chat, but decided to get off with a prisylka of the copy promised last year (and it would be better two because constantly ask to esteem!) the book, without having put to it even packing of hummus. (Hummus is such tasty Israeli food).