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How it is correct to bring up and train a puppy? Part 1

Education of a puppy is a development at it of the skills, habits useful to the owner. Education is directed to schooling of a puppy in due time to perceive irritants of external and internal environment and it is correct to react to them for the purpose of simplification of its daily contents and the subsequent training.

At the same time in the course of education at a puppy slow down and got rid unnecessary, harmful habits . It reaches convenient and favorable to the owner, members of his family and people around behavior of a puppy.

The initial training sometimes called by educational is understood as development at a puppy of the conditioned reflexes and initial skills allowing by means of teams and gestures to operate his behavior. Unlike training of adult dogs, initial training of puppies does not set as the purpose to accustom them immediately, accurately and to smoothly execute commands in any conditions of environment, and it is only correct to react to them and to carry out even if it is insufficiently accurate and imperfect.

Are engaged in education of a puppy during his cultivation and initial training therefore they closely intertwine among themselves.

Success of education depends, first of all, on conditions in which there is growth and development of a puppy. If these favorable conditions: the puppy is held in the light, dry, rather spacious and aired room, has a full-fledged daily diet, is daily provided with long walks and games, - that it well grows and develops and successfully gives in to education. To the contrary, if the puppy grows insufficiently physically developed, painful, then and education will take place him less effectively.

The success of education also in many respects depends on as far as it is methodically correctly constructed and is carried out that, in turn, is defined by degree of readiness of the owner - the puppy tutor to this role, presence at it of the corresponding knowledge and experience.

Knowledge of fundamentals of psychophysiology of behavior and training of dogs are necessary for the owner. It will allow it correctly, to treat with skill the pet and to influence effectively it for development useful and a zatormazhivaniye of harmful - skills, habits. Therefore it is recommended before you had a puppy, attentively to read the corresponding chapter in the textbook on office dog breeding. For those who have no such opportunity briefly I will state basic provisions of this important subject.

Animals including dogs, constantly are affected by environment. One of them pleasant, for example, began to smell, and a type of food of the owner, etc., others - unpleasant: cold, heat, etc. - the third - neutral, not having vital value. Besides, animals are influenced by the irritants arriving from an organism in the course of its activity. Needs for food, water and so forth result. Thus, the behavior of animals consists of a complex various, enough difficult actions in response to the irritants arriving from an organism and from external environment.

The most vital the need for a stern and water, air, protection against enemies, rest after work is among, satisfaction of sexual desire for a reproduction.

Along with voznikayemy requirements at dogs various experiences (emotions) are shown: hunger, thirst, fear, rage, attachment and love to the owner, etc. The main aspirations of dogs in the course of their life which are shown in various forms of their behavior are fight for preservation of life and extension of a sort (reproduction).

How these requirements how animals including dogs, to life and extension some kind of in various including adverse, conditions of the environment of their dwelling adapt are satisfied?

The important role in it, especially in the first months of life of a puppy, is played by instincts, - the congenital, descended abilities shown at animals without preliminary training, as if automatically regardless of their experience, and is frequent also contrary to it. Those are food, guarding, parental instincts, freedom instinct, etc.

Thanks to a parental instinct of a bough at the birth of each puppy cracks and eats an amniotic bubble, gnaws through an umbilical cord, eats an afterbirth, carefully licks a puppy, a muzzle moves to nipples, etc.

Povinuyas to instincts, just been born deaf and blind puppy finds a nipple of mother and sucks milk, creeps to mother and other puppies to be warmed, whines to draw attention of mother, will immediately draw aside a paw if strongly to pressure her or to prick.

To 3 - week age to puppies for normal life enough put at them and at mother of instincts. But as soon as the puppy begins to see and hear, rise by paws and to depart from mother, there are not enough instincts, life experience is required. There is a need for systematic education (training). In the first this work mother undertakes one or one and a half months of life of a puppy. She watches that the kid did not move away from it and was not exposed to danger, disobedient a muzzle or, having grabbed with a mouth by a nape, installs into place.