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What to prepare from pumpkin? Pumpkin soup

Fall. All around such gray, wet, uncomfortable. In addition also cold! It is no wonder that at this particular time so there is a wish for year that the sun looked on us on a visit more often. But, as clever people once spoke if not just there is a wish, and there is a wish very much - very much, then... there is in this life nothing impossible. If everything depends only on ourselves. From our desire and readiness to make it. That that in cookery is called pumpkin soup.

Again October. Cloudy. And even if there is no rain, then a cloud, a cloud Clouds on all sky. Seldom - it is rare when they suddenly part on some absolutely small period, will look out from - for them the sun. Still clear and light, but, alas, already at all not such warm as it would be desirable that. And it would be desirable. Moreover as!

But the sun is not only warmly. It is our hope for what is perezimut by it together with us, will gain the solar strength and Also time will come - streams will run, kidneys on trees will bulk up, and the impatient willow very first will please us fluffy cats . So in the childhood we called inflorescences (ear ring) of this tree.

One is bad. When all this is? Even almost all October ahead. November, December And as you will begin to consider these to the oseena - winter months At once all optimism vanishes somewhere. Therefore so there is a wish that more often the sun looked out from - for all these it is gray - lead clouds, did not leave us in private with a sad rain in a small speck, absolutely not familiar with rules of decency. Both it will be filled up on a visit, and settles down - for a long time, thoroughly, as at home. And behind its rare, drizzling sun setochka it is not visible at all. It hesitates, understands: owners already have time someone on a visit, it is not necessary to complicate them life additional visitors. Does not understand that it - that just the most welcome guest! Especially, here in such, greyish autumn morning.

So if it hesitates, maybe, we will invite it on a visit? For this purpose it is also necessary - that It is not enough. That there was at hand a pumpkin. And at me - just Is! I went here to the native land, helped to harvest. Well, I was also given with ourselves. Any different vegetable. Including pumpkin.

But purely vegetable soup now when frosts and without sweater and a jacket - are already possible in the afternoon at night in any way There is, probably, not the no most optimal variant. Cold. Means, the organism needs calories. And therefore soup has to be more satisfying.

Respectively, first of all we take a chicken soup kit (I in it for some reason had only wings), we wash stones, we fill in them with cold water. We put a pan on a plate, we add to it the cleared onion, a root crop of carrots and we include fire. In the course of boiling we remove a skin, we add about ten peas of black pepper, couple - fragrant, bay leaf, we diminish fire to small, and let our broth cook. And we will be engaged in that business in pumpkin.

We disorganize a fruit in half, we clean its core. And here - attention!

Cleaned - we do not throw out! We choose pumpkin sunflower seeds, we wash out them, we dry on a paper towel, we spread them on a baking sheet on which previously put parchment paper, and we send it to an oven. The sunflower seeds prepared thus then it is possible simply to click . And it is possible to use the cleared pumpkin kernels as original addition to soup. But it - already then when we pour soup on plates. And now

we peel pumpkin of a peel Now and we cut pulp on small cubes. We clean a bulb, a two-three of garlic gloves and a piece of a ginger root. We slice onions half rings, we cut garlic and ginger as it is possible more small. Ginger it is necessary very little, so that in the cut look it all would be located at us in a teaspoon. It has to give to soup the flavoring note. But so that it sounded a background, without interrupting and without muffling taste of other products. Especially main soloist - pumpkin.

We warm a frying pan, we pour in it a little vegetable oil and we begin to fry onions. As it will become soft and will get gently - a golden shade, we add to it ginger. A two-three of minutes we fry everything together and already in the completion of this process garlic is sent to a meeting with onions and ginger. Practically at once behind it it is spread on a frying pan the pumpkin which is already cut on cubes. We season it with chili powder and a turmeric (on a third of a teaspoon of each of spices - quite enough) and minutes 5 - 7, stirring slowly, we fry our fruit which has to give the name to future soup.

A skimmer we get chicken wings, a bulb, carrots, bay leaf from a pan and after that we send all contents of a frying pan there. We bring liquid to boiling, we diminish fire to small and we leave everything to cook minutes 10 - 15. As time will leave, by means of the blender pyuriruy soup, we add to it a glass (grams 200 - 250) sour creams, properly we stir everything and we wait that liquid began to boil again. But to clear up it and to allow to boil long and violently - it is impossible at all. Before the boiling it is poured in a pan of grams of the 50th cognac, once again properly we stir everything, we switch off fire and we cover soup. Let it will a little stand that taste of all its components united in an integrated whole. A name, to which - pumpkin soup.

And so far they unite, and the dish reaches readiness, we remove meat from the cooled-down chicken stones, we pinch it, we clear the sunflower seeds which are dried up in an oven, small we chop greens. As soon as all this was made - it is possible to spill pumpkin soup on plates. And in each of them - a handful of the cleared sunflower seeds, there is a little greens and Meat! The last more, of course, is possible.

And now A little departed from a table and attentively looked at it. How, saw?. Here, at us on a table, several bright are yellow - the orange suns! Each of which appetizingly soars and, and it seems, winks at us from a plate - eat me! Really someone should also be persuaded? In total at a table!

And if through any period it wants to us the sun so again In a pan, by the way, still remained!