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When to itself to listen and when - no?

That means under to listen to itself ? Check: as a rule, it is about corporal feelings at these or those thoughts or adoption of these or those decisions. If in a body suddenly we feel rise in energy - the body prompts: Yes! if suddenly something rises across a throat, the diaphragm contracts and there are unpleasant feelings in a stomach, we understand that it is a signal No! and internal objection.

This article was born from a situation during consultation. I discuss with the man, the successful head, a number of its life situations. It appears, he thinks of creation of a family. Even more particularly - where quicker and better to it to find to itself the beloved wife?

I, in particular, recommend to it to resemble trainings: on trainings of women there is a lot of, it is absolutely simple to get acquainted, and the most important - women definitely decent there, with them it is possible to agree and build up the reasonable relationship. And suddenly my client speaks: No, I thought of it, there was some tension in a throat. Probably, this decision does not suit me... Yes, this man in the solution of private matters listens to himself, namely to the corporal feelings. He is sure that the body will prompt it the correct answer.

And what you think?

I recommend you other approach. It is necessary to show consideration for the signals going from a body, but with humour - no more than that. The body does not store any special deep wisdom, compression of a spleen or unpleasant feelings in a stomach come owing to signals from a brain, but not from a subsoil original Ya . That question which you consider in your head is written down only as some image. If the positive associative array is connected with any part of this image, it will start corporal manifestations pleasant to you: you thought of this man, and at you the faint pleasant smile began to arise. If during your reflections any picture is connected with a negative associative array, in a body there will be something unpleasant. You thought of dirty plates, and at you shoulders wearily fell...

Attention : it is any not a voice of a body, and work of the head. This elementary negative yakoreniye or combinative reflexes according to V. M. Bekhterev. It is pleasant to whom more - conditioned reflexes, as at I. P. Pavlov`s dog. And wisdom in it has more and more, than in allocation by a dog of saliva on light of a bulb after a series of combinations food - light of a bulb and light of a bulb - food .

Conclusion : at acceptance serious (for example, businessovy) decisions it is necessary to think the head, but not to look for these or those feelings in a body. Do not distract. Collect the facts, discuss with colleagues - it will yield the best results, than to listen how your casual fears respond or that happens to your spleen. If someone has to manage your decision, then let it will be your brains, but not your spleen.

Happens that in case of serious decisions the body can just begin to cry out. And once - to shoot psychosomatics. What does it mean how to treat it? And what do you think of a situation when your relatives or your employees strongly object to your decision? In such situations if there are though small doubts in own decision, I decide to weigh everything PROS AND CONS once again. If I am confident in the decision, then I do not react to any shouts. And as for psychosomatics, the NLP usual methods majority of this sort of problems is removed for couple of sessions.

However there are questions where to reactions of a body it is necessary to listen, and is even very attentive. If you choose to yourself the partner in life with whom including you gather and often to hold a hand and to sleep in a bed, then here surely listen to the feelings when your hands touch to each other. Feel what occurs in your body when you dance together in slow dance - your bodies develop in one breath? At least, decide on that, you like a smell of skin of this person or not.

Again is not the most important in the person especially as began to smell deodorants can change, and to dance it is possible to learn. But other things being equal here corporal compatibility is important and very important, and here to listen to itself - it is possible, it is necessary, important!