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Why to put the cover letter to the summary and how to write it?

We quickly enough got used that outside capitalism and therefore quietly we treat such phenomenon as unemployment. Quietly. so far this phenomenon will not concern ourselves closely! But there can be everyone, and it is quite possible that we should write sometime the summary too and to dispatch them in hundreds of recruitment agencies in hope for a good workplace.

But maybe in a different way: we have a work, however it not absolutely suits us. And then we will write the summary again and to send them to hundreds of recruitment agencies. How many to the people writes these summaries and how to make the summary noticeable?

Quite recently I learned that one summary happens absolutely insufficiently that chose you. Experts advise to add to the summary also the cover letter.

From heading of the cover letter it has to be clear that this document is intended for employment. It is necessary to specify vacancy or a position about which there is a speech. If in the announcement with the offer of work reference number of vacancy was specified, then it should be included in a subject.

Then the recipient`s address, the appeal to which has to be, whenever possible, personal, follows. Especially it concerns those cases when the cover letter goes to the specific addressee or to a personal e-mail address. If the contact person was not specified, then it is possible to begin with the habitual address: Dear ladies and gentlemen! .

At the beginning of the cover letter, as a rule, it is necessary to mention a source of information on vacancy. And if this spontaneous address, then is specified its reason. In the latter case several words can be devoted to the fact that you were always attracted by work in this company, and you would like to learn whether the vacancy interesting you opened.

Further it is necessary to sketch the candidate`s portrait. It is desirable to tell a little about himself and about the occupations, having specified at the same time the reason of the choice of this work. Besides, it is possible to mention the strengths, distinctive qualities and abilities which, undoubtedly, are the most suitable for this position.

Formulate the thoughts briefly that it was possible to read the letter easily and quickly.

In conclusion it is necessary to place emphasis on the readiness for the subsequent personal meeting with the employer, to acquaintance to the company. Then the signature is appended (if the letter is printed on paper, then it is desirable hand-written) and the list of the enclosed documents which it is also possible to arrange on a single sheet is specified.

A contact information of the candidate and if it is necessary, suitable time for communication is surely specified in the cover letter. However, as practice shows, the call should be expected when necessary, especially if number of the mobile phone was specified. Be ready also that not the HR manager, but the immediate superior who or on the weekend had only late at night time to study the summary will contact you and to call.

It is important to remember: brevity - the sister of talent. The cover letter is only a short preamble to the summary, but not the detailed biography. Therefore it will be to be limited enough to a page half, stating the thoughts accurately and clearly.

We will give an example of the cover letter:

Known city,

of Pervomayskaya St., 4

of LLC Well very cool company

To the HR manager

On the website www. superjob. ru read the announcement of the program of a set of young specialists. Heard many times positive reviews of work in your company. I consider that I conform to requirements for participation in this program. In this connection I send you the summary.

Training at department of marketing of VGUES gave me necessary knowledge in the field of marketing and finance which I can successfully apply, working in your company.

In 2005 passed summer training in " firm; Horns and hoofs . Work in a human resources department gave me the chance to well master the main methods of work with personnel: selection, training, and also personnel document flow.

I well own the computer, I speak fluently and I write in English, I have the driving license of category of Century

Training abroad approved my desire to work in the multinational company. I thank you for consideration of my candidate for participation in the program of a set of young specialists. Willingly I will answer all your questions.


The summary

Letters of recommendation - 2 pieces

P. S. In personal opinion of the author, this example of the cover letter is still very far from perfect.

From contents of the cover letter it has to be clear why this work was chosen. The portrait presented by you has to make impression of the candidate with good knowledge, experience and skills in the required area.

The successful cover letter distinguishes a keen interest of the candidate to the company, his initiative, high motivation, concentration, first of all, on interests of the company, on own contribution to the common cause.

The summary and copies of necessary documents on education, certificates, recommendations from former places of work with which the candidate wishes to acquaint the employer first of all enclose to the cover letter actually.

The final version of the letter can look so:

To Vasilyev Pyotr Ivanovich

to the CEO

of LLC Dogma +

Dear Pyotr Ivanovich!

Last week on the website www. superjob. ru was placed the announcement of your company of replacement of vacancy to a position of the head of department of training.

You need the person who could construct from scratch department of training to increase sales level and loyalty of employees at the expense of the organization of process of internal training.

Having attentively studied open information on your company, I can assure you that it is capable to construct system of training and development of personnel and to create department of internal training taking into account specifics of your company.

It is ready to discuss in detail at personal meeting results which you can receive from my work in your company. Summary of my experience, skills and competences - in the enclosed summary.

To agree about date, the place and time of a meeting it is possible by phone (999)777 - 77 at any time convenient for you - 77