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How to grow thin in a week? Ruthlessly and ruthlessly it Is

: there lives a certain lady, does not know troubles. And suddenly: Week about New year remained, and to me the dress still is not enough! Or it is worse than that: Fathers - Sveta, on May 31 outside, and I still by summer did not grow thin! And what you will order to do to the poor lady? It is clear that - to fight for symmetry, without sparing the stomach - in direct, figuratively.

There is it. There lives a certain lady (the speech about absolutely abstract lady), does not know troubles. And suddenly: Week about New year remained, and to me the dress still is not enough! Or: Fathers - Sveta, on May 31 outside, and I still by summer did not grow thin! And what you will order to do to the poor lady?

to Starve?

Precisely, to starve! - our lady solves and goes on the most rigid diet in the world. In other words, ceases to eat at all. Well, you know: the sun, air and water - our best food. The resolute lady grows thin promptly. The more resolutely starves - the more promptly grows thin. Kilograms and centimeters thaw in the eyes, and at the same time on a waist, hips, a breast (stop, and this it would not be desirable!) and other outstanding places.

Our silly lady rejoices to fast metamorphoses, and we are clever readers and writers - we will consider. The average woman in days needs about 1500-2200 calories - the figure varies depending on the weight, age, a way of life etc. That is in a week our lady, having completely refused food, will lose at most 15,5 thousand calories. And one kilogram of fat contains 7 thousand calories. Here also we consider: week of hunger will deprive the lady only of two kilograms of fat - and it at the most optimistical deal.

But scales you will not deceive, they accurately show: the lady in a week lost kilograms five! Alas, but most part losses it is the share of liquid and of muscular tissue. And here the organism, as a rule, in vain will not spend fatty deposits - moreover and will make an additional stock as soon as the lady returns to normal food. Really: who knows what from this abnormal it is possible to wait now for? It is necessary to postpone just in case more - it is useful at the following diet.

Also there is our still unfortunate lady with fat, but without muscles. And could get also stomach ulcer - well, was not in time in a week. to Cut off


No, so will not go! - the lady thinks, chewing a donut with glaze (from the previous experience she remembers that to starve harmfully). The decision prompts the TV. The Plastic surgery develops prompt rates! - he speaks every day to our lady. - Each lady respecting herself knows about it!

And the lady respecting herself goes to the plastic surgeon and asks to cut off all superfluous. But the surgeon, of course, will not begin to cut off anything to her, and will tell about a liposuction. Removal of fatty tissue at this procedure, really, is carried out by a surgical way - but for this purpose enough small punctures which become under the general or local anesthesia.

Procedure, it is necessary to tell, not the most pleasant and useful: at first the doctor destroys fatty tissue - or mechanically, or by means of the laser, or ultrasound, or by means of a current. The substance formed as a result is removed through special tubules. And it is sharp - liter on two - three fats - the grown thin lady remains cheerful and happy.

It in the theory. In practice the liposuction as any other operation, can give complications, including very serious. Hematomas, sensitivity increase, hyperpegmentation and even a necrosis of fabrics - can lead to such consequences incorrectly executed procedure. And about such trifles as flabbiness of skin, violation of proportions, emergence bugristost on a body, our frightened lady will not even begin to reflect - will run away at full speed from the surgeon`s office. Early still so to risk it.

to Freeze?

Runs our still wishing to grow thin (and week - that already approaches the end!) the lady from the surgeon`s office - also gets directly to an office to the cosmetologist. And here to it already new procedure is offered - cryomodelling. The same liposuction, only to you nobody needles pierces skin and does not merge your native fatty tissues in a garbage can.

A cryomodelling essence (it a cryoliposuction) in what problem zones subject to some kind of short-term freezing. Under the influence of low temperature fatty tissue collapses, and then is removed from an organism naturally. And it is good to accompany this process with massages different and wrappings everyones, - the cosmetologist advises. - Here just and praysik on such case is available for us!

But there is a dirty trick (and if to consider with praysiky and whole two). Procedure lasts only several minutes - it is to our lady - quite suits a toropyga, and here removal of excess fat from an organism can occupy two - three months. And this does not suit the lady in any way: terms burn, the schedule breaks, the dress unworn hangs!

to be heated?

I remains to our lady unless to go to a bath. There, the knowing women say, steam and a broom will vividly bring all so-called slags out of an organism. And fat in understanding of the lady - slag, garbage and in general excess freight on shoulders and a waist.

Alas, but also the steam room will not give to the excited lady relief - unless moral and that hardly. Also it would like to take the sweat acting from a heat on all body for hated fat - but it is impossible. Water - it is also water, will return instantly, there is only its glass after a bath to drink.

And our razneschastny lady in a sweating room sits and thinks: as if to it so in one week and to grow thin, and not to spoil health? And we, dear readers, will not stuff the head to ourselves with this nonsense: at us about New year still far, and till summer - and that is farther. We during this time will manage both to play sports, and to adjust food, and even to buy two new dresses, and even we will pass a marathon of weight loss and we will make a body.