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Practice of closing of a pack of TARO

of the Practician of closing of a pack

is offered to close the Pack certain cards in order that energy of this pack or became isolated, or, on the contrary, was broadcast outside. It is closed from above and from below, at the same time a bottom is on what the pack on a table lies (a shirt to a table, pictures up), and top, respectively, is the most top card looking at us the picture. We close a pack certain cards to influence some situation. It is called modeling of a situation, its development in the direction necessary to us. I.e. by means of power of certain Lassos we activate a desirable power stream around our problem, directing their forces to us in the help. It turns out that the picture of the card broadcasts energy in the outside world, helping us to achieve the desirable.

Now about the equipment.

Pack top is what we want to achieve, our desire. The bottom is how we want that it occurred. If it is simpler, then top - that, a bottom - as. Cards are selected on own intuition, on plots of the represented pictures, on values or our associations from Lassos. When we decided on the necessary maps, selected them from a pack, we take this pack in hand, we visualize that we want to reach or receive, and we put the top cards on a pack. Then, holding a pack in hand, we make the same with the lower cards, visualizing how it will occur. Having a little taken a pack in hands, we visualize as the energy stream from our hands penetrates a pack, filling it with our energy. Everything, we loaded a pack, gave it a task, now it is possible to leave it alone. For strengthening of influence it is possible to take occasionally a pack in hand and to feed it, again visualizing demanded, as if reminding of details, and recharging it. If we need a pack for work, we safely take it, we use, after work making the described ritual again and closing it the necessary combination.

and several examples:

RU pack. Desire: I want in love with me to a muzhchyn to find; as - ()

we Close quickly flashed chuystvo such combination:

Top - the Knight of Cups, 2 Cups (the lover mch, mutual feelings).

A bottom - 8 Staffs, the Ace of Cups (emergence chuvst, a gentle rush, fast origin).

And then we visualize, we inhale the energy in cards and we wait for result.

Sometimes happens so that we especially it seems need nothing so far, then it is possible just to close a pack not on something concrete, and for giving to of a certain mood or certain qualities, having surrounded itself with an aura of the necessary power of a certain Lasso.


RU pack. There is a wish to be easy, romantic, mysterious, desired and significant for men tonight.

Top - the Empress; a bottom - the Lady of Cups.

pack of 78 Doors. On reconciliation with the man that he the first went for contact with apologies and offers of the world.

Top - the Page Zhezlov, 2 Cups.

A bottom - 5 Zhezlov, 3 Zhezlov. (sometimes, however, I can trade the five with the three places to hype up a situation)

RU Pack. There is a wish to be easy, romantic, mysterious, desired and significant for men tonight.

Top - the Empress; a bottom - the Lady of Cups.

RU pack. On recovery of health, inflow of forces in an organism.

Top - the Star, the Lady Pentaklya (instead of DP it is possible to put the Empress - too super works)

the Bottom - the Ace Pentaklya, Sil

here one more zakryvashka on fast recovery

RU Pack.

Top - the Sun, the Lady Pentaklya (if on mch, then the King Pentaklya)

the Bottom - 8 Zhezlov, Sil

if is necessary that everything developed very successfully for you, i.e. when there is no nothing concrete and where you will be, you do not know that maybe as everything will develop, but at the same time you want to turn fate to yourself the person.

RU pack.

Top - the Sun

the Bottom - Fortuna

Wheel to add to the relations with MCh is more than attention, tenderness, heat (from its party)

RU Pack. Top - 2 Cups, the Sun (reciprocity, warm, pure feelings, execution conceived, pleasure and happiness from it) the Bottom - 3 Pentaklya, the Ace of Cups (attention, courting, manifestation of care, masterful man`s approach to business, relations beautifully under construction against new splash in feelings)

on reconciliation with mch on RU pack:

Top - 2 Cups, the Sun (what I want? - reconciliation, reciprocity, rapprochement, execution of the desirable)

the Bottom - the Empress, the Knight of Cups (as I want? - at mch to make origin of an initiative contact, a declaration of love, its gushed tender feelings)

of MCh of which very much

of RU wants to get rid:

Top - Death, 8 Cups (interest comes to naught and it leaves in search of other happiness)

the Bottom - 4 Cups, 3 Swords (boredom, decrease of the activity, awareness of meekness of feelings) of

on good luck:

RU pack.

Top - the Sun

the Bottom - Fortuna

Wheel If to place emphasis on finance, then it is possible to add to the Sun 10 Pentaklya, and to KF - the Ace Pentaklya

for increase in a cash flow (not for something it is concrete, not for additional earnings, and generally on material prosperity) -

6 and 10 pentaglue

the pack has to lie the picture up, letting out energy in space, i.e. 10 P will be from above, and 6 P (a shirt on a table) from below

For disposal from - depression, grief, for giving - confidence in itself.

A pack of RU

Top - - the Magician,

a bottom - - - Force.

But only accurately formulate - - - - the influence purpose.

Here approximately so:

I want to find self-confidence and in the actions, an optimistical vital spirit, and the Magician gives me these qualities.

Also by means of the Magician I begin to understand better and people, and myself, I learn to be self-controlled and the emotions, to control various life situations.

His dexterity becomes my dexterity in the solution of problems and overcoming of the fact that presents me life.

By means of Sil`s Lasso I find the internal force and harmony, cheerfulness of a body and spirit.

Force gives me strength to master everything that the Magician will give me.

Well, generally, something like that, - - you will understand, - - - - is more visible you what there - - - - is not enough for you.

As it is better to close a pack if the purpose such - to receive the answer to a question in a dream.

top (that I want) - - - - - - - the Priestess, the Ace of Swords (to receive an infa from subconsciousness, to clear unclear)

a bottom (as I want) - - - - - - - 4 Swords, the Hermit (during rest of consciousness and immersion in itself, in a dream)

I - - - - - the Sun - - - - in the middle (everything will be opened)

That M. Ch appointed meeting.

RU pack.

Top - the Knight of Cups, 2 Cups (the movement to rapprochement, a meeting of two people, mutual sympathy, feelings)

the Bottom - - 8 Zhezlov, and the second or Fortuna`s Wheel (unexpectedly, incidentally, suddenly, gushed rush), or to Sil (active actions, got it together and solved).

Do not forget that that card which I write the first lies from the edge of a pack, following, respectively, the second, i.e. under it.

About a bottom also first called card on what the pack, the second on it lies.

Well and about visualization and strong belief in the desirable do not forget.

On acceleration of the solution of a situation with work.

RU pack.

Top - - - - 3 Pentaklya, the Ace Zhezlov;

A bottom - - - - 8 Zhezlov, the Ace Pentaklya.

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