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Stones of fruit and berries in traditional medicine.

Stones of fruit and berries are since ancient times used in traditional medicine. Stones in traditional medicine

the Author: Tamara Imankulova

Stones of fruit and berries are since ancient times used in traditional medicine.

Stones in traditional medicine

Moreover, useful properties of various kernels are adopted also by modern doctors. For example, cosmetologists actively use apricot stones for production of a face scrub and a body and call this folk remedy the most effective for deep clarification of skin.

Adherents of nonconventional medicine are ready to give ten more - another of recipes on the basis of stones of the most different origin by means of which it is possible to remove also an inflammation of gums, and to win against cold, and even to warn an urolithic illness.

We will sort diseases on stones

Eating berries or fruit, we, as a rule, throw out stones. At the same time most of people do not even guess that often they are useful. And though nothing tasty in them, no to help improvement of an organism of a stone very and are very capable. About it today`s release of a page Health .

At once we want to warn: before beginning to lean actively on stones, surely consult to the doctor.

Olive and cornel

useful Will eat stones for a month to one and a half tens olive stones. It will not do harm, but will serve as good prevention of emergence of stones in kidneys, uric and bilious bubbles But also, will allow to get rid of excess cholesterol.

The same and with cornel stones.

To crown it all, thanks to them it is possible to cure hemorrhoids. For this purpose within a week it is necessary to eat 15 fruits together with stones. They will help and at zheludochno - intestinal frustration. Special infusion prepares as follows. Kernels of a cornel undertake at the rate of three teaspoons on a glass of water. 15 minutes are boiled. Then two hours are necessary are drawn. To drink three times a day on one tablespoon.

Grape seeds

Grape seeds it is much more useful than the pulp. For those who want to look young and beautifully they in general are simply irreplaceable. In particular, thanks to the vitamin E which is present at them, the good shape of skin is supported. It dries less, becomes elastic, on it wrinkles develop less often. In stones there is phytoestrogen which well influences an organism of the women approaching a fifty-year boundary. And the vegetable antioxidants which are contained in them protect an organism from harmful effects of the unsuccessful ecological environment, serve prevention warmly - vascular diseases, slow down cell aging. In old times grape seeds used as diuretic.

The recipe takoy40 minutes to keep nine teaspoons of seeds in 600 milliliters of the boiling water. After hour will be drawn, to drink three times a day 200 milliliters. But it is better to use prepared from grape seeds by extract and oil. The last is used as the wound healing, and also immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, knitting and bactericidal means. It happens useful at a zhelchekamenny illness, ulcers, colitis, gastritises, atherosclerosis, a hypertension. As for grape seeds extract, it also possesses very many useful properties. In particular, positively affects work of an eye retina, promotes prevention of developing of blood clots, strengthens walls of blood vessels and gives them elasticity (so, the risk of hypostases and hemorrhages decreases).

Stones kalinovy

It is natural cleaners of an organism. They sate it with a set of useful minerals, improve intestinal microflora, improve activity warmly - vascular system. Kalinovy stones are capable to reduce quantity of hypostases, to promote the general strengthening of an organism, increase of its tone; to relieve of slags, stones and sand in kidneys, uric and bilious bubbles. They improve absorbability of intestines and strengthen its muscles, as well as stomach muscles. At the regular use of stones of a guelder-rose (about ten pieces a day - every time on one) fatigue, as a rule, decreases there pass headaches.

Stones garnet

Garnet stones exert positive impact on maintenance of hormonal balance. They are recommended during the climacteric period, help to reduce pressure, to get rid of irritability and headaches. And if to mix garnet stones with honey, then it is possible to appease a toothache. On the basis of the same honey and seeds, istolchenny in powder, the special ointment long since applied in traditional medicine prepares. It is used at purulent ulcers, diseases of a nose and ear, an inflammation of a nail bed. The Chinese traditional medicine recommends garnet stones with sugar for increase of a man`s potentiality.

Stones apricot

we Will make a reservation at once: it is impossible to abuse them at all as they contain the substance giving bitterness under the name amigdalin. And it is capable at application in large numbers to do harm. As well as in any other case connected with use of stones previously it is necessary to consult at the physician. Apricot kernels destroy sick cells, thereby revitalizing an organism. The B17 vitamin which is contained in them possesses anti-tumoral properties. Sweet kernels use at nephrite, inflammations of the top airways, asthma, laryngitis, bronchitis. But is them it is necessary not entirely, and specially prepared. And - no more than 20 grams in a day. In the beginning it is necessary to husk with them. Then to pound in powder, previously having dried up. Drink powder twice a day, with milk - on an incomplete teaspoon.


On their basis the extract consisting for 40% from stones and pulp and for 60% - from glycerin is better to prepare stones. It possesses a powerful range of opportunities and not incidentally received the status of a natural antibiotic. Extract is capable to strengthen immunity, possesses anti-virus, antiallergenic, antimicrobic and antioxidant properties, well fights against fungi. Also the helminthic can be used as sosudoukreplyayushchy. With its help eczemas, dermatitis, an itch treat; improve elasticity of skin and restoration of fabrics. At extract, besides vitamin C, there are fatty acids, bioflavonoids useful P - vitaminopodobny substances. But it is necessary to consider important circumstance: if you at the same time apply any medical preparations, their action is capable to amplify and cause intoxication considerably.

National retseptpr herpes.

To mix from 30 milliliters of vegetable oil five drops of extract on the basis of grapefruit stones. Four times a day to grease lips. At eczema. In 100 milliliters of room boiled water to part ten drops of the same extract. Previously having shaken up, to apply on the affected skin. In five minutes to wash away. At psoriasis and neurodermatitis. In 30 milliliters of vegetable oil to part five drops of extract. To apply twice a day on a problem site of skin. and other

Water-melon. Are useful at an urolithic illness.

Kryzhovnikovye. Are useful to skin, heart and vessels. Contain many fatty acids. In them enough iodine. Positively influence activity of a brain and increase of a vitality.

Kernels of stones of sweet cherry and cherry. Are used at an urolithic illness and gout on one teaspoon as a diuretic.

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