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Medical folk remedies of Siberians.

To prevention and treatment of diseases Siberians applied tens of herbs, plants, minerals, animal components, etc. Herbs used in the form of broths, juice, infusions. Here some of ancient local recipes:

The Bogorodsky grass - for cough, head and, from attacks, the pounded grass was powdered on wounds;

The Siberian anemony - from pose at small children;

Maryin a root - from rodimets fits of hysteria;

Red devyasit - from a blood spitting;

Yellow devyasit - from worms;

A field camomile - at fevers;

Georgiyevo a spear - from head pain;

A blue St. John`s Wort - in the form of tea from breast pains and at cough.

Were treated also chemeritsy, zhabrey, dushnitsy, krovokhlebky, sko - and so forth

Broth of currant were treated by a rokopytnichok, a valerian root from scrofula ; " berry; boyarka - from waste.

If in an ear there is pain from the wind which got there, then take a bulb, cut in two, take out a heart and instead of it put a camomile flower; put together the cut bulb and put in the furnace, in hot ashes that the bulb baked, then taken out from it, impregnated with onions juice, a camomile flower put warm in an ear - an excellent proven means - N. Abramov described in the 19th century one of ways of treatment of otitis.

The Siberian peasants used curative properties of a ramson as major antiscorbutic. At treatment of diseases as components of difficult drugs sorcerers used bile of animals, bark of trees, outgrowths on trees, some mushrooms, and also gunpowder, a vitriol, camphor, tobacco, sal ammoniac, wine and so forth

From a toothache - the burned-through chicken dung (ashes), or put a piece of a wedding candle, or a root of a filichevy grass on a painful tooth;

For cold - strong vodka inside in combination with rubbing by vodka;

Cracks on lips smeared with fir-tree or fir sulfur;

From a scurvy - drank water in which the fir cooked;

From fever - drank bear bile in water or egg;

From to noise in the head - infusion maryiny korenyev;

For diarrhea, - the divorced lye;

The place of herpeses was greased with a deposit from the burned-through tavrenny axe or the dried-up rye test.

Eye diseases treated the ant oil taken from an ant hill (it is jellylike faintly - yellowish weight);

The becoming wet wounds powdered with the pounded pine sulfur;

From hernia - ate berries of a mountain ash or drank broth of leaves;

For accretion of bones in small amounts (!) rubbed in skin mix - 1/2 honey and 1/2 lead;

At fatigue drank the juice which ran on a larch;

At poisonings - onions with milk;

From internal heat - bear bile;

Diseases of skin treated hot tar;

From nadsada treated combustible sulfur;

From an incontience of urine it was necessary to take a brick from a back wall of the furnace, istoloch it and to give to drink them to the patient;

Warts are successfully reduced by a grass - chistotely, and also it is possible to smear three times horse then or strong vodka;

At warts took a thread, so many knots how many warts, and dug in in manure knitted on it, - both the thread decays, and warts will be gone;

Chir smeared with tar or with slander led round a ring finger three knots in a wall, or that was not chiry, it is necessary to eat all leaves from a birch broom in a bath that stuck to a body;

From barley on an eye put a fico, sentencing: On you a fico that you want you will buy, buy the top Orok, sek across . And so three times...;

If the child was born without life signs, over him burned down a rag;

From sushets the child was put on a shovel and kept in the furnace over bread, then poured water from a bottle, spending the night in the test;

The tsar, kon under him kar Goes, I recognized him, you, ore, stand, and you, a wound, heal - peasants - sorcerers so exorcized bleeding.

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