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Heart, you do not want rest? By the International day of heart of

Annually since 1999 on September 29 at the initiative of the World federation of heart the International day of heart is celebrated. It is held under the motto Heart for life .

In a human body it is a lot of important bodies, but chose only one - heart. Why such close attention is paid to the ordinary mechanical pump? Let`s tell, the liver (about a brain we will not talk yet) is much more difficult biological device. But even inveterate materialists, and that, quite often use expression that the soul, that is heart hurts. From - behind this of mystical sacrality heart also is sacred body of which people think so much.

Throughout the millennia many poets and priests paid huge attention to heart, including it a receptacle of the most precious human gift - souls. However, here the French physician Julien Lametri doubted such divine form of heart. In the book The Person - the " car; published in 1747, he in plain terms declared that heart is an ordinary mechanical pump. And therefore does not contain any intimate secrets. Inquisition considered similar statements blasphemous and nearly sent the atheist to a fire, but here the book was burned.

More than two centuries nobody decided to argue with Church. And here the Soviet scientist Vladimir Demikhov who is called father of transplantology ventured to make the first experiments on a heart transplantation. And his pupil, the South African surgeon from Cape Town Christian Barnard, carried out the first-ever successful heart transplantation from the person to the person. This day - on December 3, 1967, became break in transplantology in spite of the fact that the patient lived only 18 days after operation. The next year the same operation the Soviet surgeon repeated A. A. Vishnevsky, but also this attempt was not crowned with success.

Only in 20 years, having improved medical methods, it was succeeded to carry out successful transplantation of heart. It was executed by V. I. Shumakov in Moscow in 1987. The patient with new heart lived more than 8 years. Unfortunately, similar operations are performed in Russia 20 - 30 times smaller, than in the USA where annually more than three thousand sufferers receive new hearts.

It is not excluded that a familiar expression: And instead of heart - the flame " motor; in the long-term future, it will begin to be perceived not as a metaphor. If to consider what is warm - vascular diseases hold a leading position among all other diseases, then creation of artificial heart what scientists - not far off struggle now with. And the sacramental question how to be with soul, and will remain rhetorical and philosophical.

Heart makes the huge volume of work. On average for life it pumps over about two hundred million liters of blood. Faithfully about three billion times fight in a breast. At most of people it occurs in the left part of a breast. But there is a small part of people at whom heart settles down on the right side. It is called - a dekstrokardiya.

Heart - a peculiar drummer of physiological work, the only body, for a minute not stopping the work. Paraphrasing Pushkin: And heart burns again and fights - because that it cannot but fight . Let`s thank our tireless toiler for invaluable work.