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Why at a cat nine lives?

Keeping of pets not only are pleasant, but also it is useful that is confirmed with science. Perfectly helps victims of radiculitis and arthritis compress from the favourite cat who settled on a sore point, and it becomes easier for cores if every day to walk a dog in the fresh air. Owners of dogs and cats belong to each other almost the same as dogs and cats, having wallowed in rhetorical disputes on the subject Who is better . Not the last argument in these discussions are curative properties of pets.

of the Cat are informally recognized nearly as panacea: schizophrenia, diseases of joints, depressions, nervous breakdowns, a muscle strain, neuralgia and a weight more of diagnoses evaporate under their purring. But here what this sound is, still nobody plainly found out. Veterinarians, of course, will tell that purring arises when passing a current of air through the reduced throat muscles. But as this live motor manages to work smoothly for a long time - a riddle. And the more so nobody knows from where the unique effect which purring is capable to render on listeners and the performer undertakes.

Researchers tried to comprehend the nature purrs studying situations in which it is possible, but it did not yield result: cats easily raise the song and in a condition of a full pacification, both from pleasure, and from hunger, and even from pain. Cases when cats purr before death or during feeding of kittens are known. Some consider that purring - the signal given by other animal and meaning full peacefulness. In a word, opinions the weight, and the only thing what experts managed to reach, - to differentiate purring types on behavioural signs. When a source of rumbling it is weakened sprawled, covered eyes and does not move with a tail, he purrs to express pleasure. And if the body of an animal is strained, ears stand upright, and moustaches puff up, - means, the cat purrs for own calm.

Then purring not only helps owners of cats, but also is means of self-treatment. Physicists established that a sound messes - messes it is published in the frequency range from 25 to 150 Hz, and the medicine just uses these frequencies for healing of changes and other injuries of a bone tissue. It turns out that purring of a cat promotes increase in density of a bone and accelerates its healing. At the same time the animal practically does not spend energy for emission of a curative sound. Moreover, sound vibrations serve as something like the exercise machine - a masseur for a cat`s body. The matter is that the cat`s way of life assumes a dream during the most part of days, but at the same time muscles of animals do not weaken at all. Zoologists assume that function of fitness for fans to have a sleep plays just purr .

To astronauts who at some stages of flight are almost deprived of an opportunity to move and in zero gravity do not experience strain on a bone, and from - for it durability of fabrics decreases, mastering technology of purr would open enormous prospects. However cats are not going to share skill secrets with the person. They not only walk, but also purr in itself.