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What is the realtor and what he has to be engaged in?

Real estate - one of the most perspective spheres. In five years of work in the realtor company it is quite real to rise from the agent`s position to the executive director of firm.

of the Salary in the sphere of real estate is 15 - 20% higher than average market. Sale of apartments and rooms - one of the most profitable businesses in the capital.

The number of real estate agencies in Moscow reads off scale all reasonable limits. Salaries of realtors annually grow for 25 - 30%. If, the project manager`s salary made 4 - 8 thousand dollars still yesterday, then today this figure grew by 1 - 2 thousand dollars. But the largest growth of the income not at heads, and at the top and average management management: in some cases growth of a salary in a year can reach 50% and even 100% - from $700 till 1500.

The fee for the transaction

what pay realtors such money for? And why their salaries grow at such rates? The market of real estate in the capital - one of the most dynamic, prices for apartments from year to year grow, and persons interested to acquire housing and to invest money in square meters do not become less And the skilled realtor able to find quickly the suitable apartment or office at reasonable price can always count on good remuneration. Usually realtors draw interest from the transaction. There are no firm quotations and a price - sheets in this case. In Moscow, as a rule, the commission makes 3 - 7% of the contract sum. At difficult transactions the realtor can increase the fee to 10%.

A purchase, sale, an exchange Many are sure by

that the realtor only trades in information on housing. But it not so. Selection of the apartment interesting the client, check of purity of documents, legal support of the transaction belongs to its duties. At the very beginning of work the realtor finds out wishes of clients, specifies inquiries, then builds strategy of business relations. By means of computer databases and own sources the realtor selects suitable rooms, agrees about displays, coordinates viewing conditions, studies documentation on object. Then negotiations under the terms of the transaction begin: to the price, terms, expenses and so on. The last stage - registration: check legal purity apartments, preparation of a package of documents and work with the notary.

Such different realtors

In large real estate agency usually several departments of sales. In one realtors are engaged in rent of apartments, in the friend - sale of new buildings, in the third - work with country real estate, in the fourth - with commercial. But the most part of realtors specializes in purchase and sale of apartments in secondary housing market.

The realtor on the secondary market - the clever vigorous intermediary who is easily penetrating into problems of clients: it can quickly exchange the apartment, sell, urgently buy, exchange with surcharge. Its main ability - to build competent, and sometimes and a smart chain of versions of the transaction. Here passion, mobility is necessary.

The specialist in commercial real estate (that is, on non-residential premises), as a rule, the skilled realtor. Clients - owners are usually careful, mistrustful, and at times and are whimsical. In work with them special skills are necessary. Besides in the market of commercial real estate precepts of law are not up to the end fulfilled. But the profit on sale of uninhabited object is equal to an amount of sale of several apartments.

The agent who is engaged in rent of apartments needs knowledge of psychology of people, ability to resolve conflict situations, to competently make the contract considering interests of the parties. He knows everything: whether the resident can change the lock whether to pay for work of the concierge as to the owner to be protected from unpaid phone bills as

people mobile, ready to go at any time to a distant point of area - to get acquainted with object successfully work With country real estate. They feel fashion, style and tendencies of demand for cottages, dachas, country houses, know market condition - from Rublyovka to the little-known country highway, will help the client to estimate a condition of housing, roads, ecology.

Career traps

of the Pit of the successful realtor: the trainee - the agent - the expert - the leading expert. Further it is possible to become the head of department. Upon transition to a new position it is necessary to complete a course and special trainings. According to experts, it is quite real to make good career for 3 - 4. But consider that at the beginning it will be hard. It is possible weeks, and even months to conduct negotiations, to spend time and forces, expecting result, and at the last minute the transaction will break. To the beginning realtor not to have to count on a large number of clients, and payment on percent which for the skilled expert always in plus for the beginner - can be in minus . Career development of the realtor depends only on his activity, personal qualities and desire to achieve success.

They say that

It is hard, nervous work

the Profession of the realtor does not assume fixed working hours. Quite often, especially at the time of completion of the transaction, it is necessary to work till late evening. Clients are busy persons. Therefore a meeting with the realtor till 8 in the morning or after 10 - 11 in the evening - a commonplace.

The realtor works alone

is the truth only concerning so-called black brokers . But nobody can give quality assurances of their work. The lawyer, the notary participate in the serious companies in the transaction, besides the realtor, and it is frequent also the psychologist.

Distinguish the client!

the Competent realtor has to be able to distinguish the client`s type to facilitate communication to both him, and himself. There are different evaluation criteria. The most widespread practice - division of people into visual learners, kinestetik and audial. For example, you should not agree with the visual learner (who perceives information visually) in words, - it is better to give him in hands the booklet. Or at once to show the apartment and the area.

C audialy it is just necessary to talk. And here kinestetik everything perceives through touches: that - it is always possible to touch a real estate object.

In realtors - with the diploma took

in realtor business practically Until recently all who were ready to comprehend elements of a new and perspective profession. Today the companies try to fill up staff at the expense of realtors with the higher education. In Moscow several higher education institutions where it is possible to receive the corresponding preparation:

Moscow State Construction University (MSCU);

Institute of economy and finance of Moscow State University of means of communication (MIIT);

State University of Management (SUM);

Moscow institute of municipal services and construction (MIKHIS);

Moscow State University of an Environmental Engineering (MSUEE).

The specialty which will suit future realtor is called Examination and management of real estate . It is necessary to study five years, upon termination of higher education institution you receive qualification engineer . As a matter of fact this expert on the head above ordinary realtors, with such education it is possible to do safely administrative career in the sphere of real estate.

Specialty Examination and management of real estate is in all listed higher education institutions, except the State University of Management (SUM): here by tradition of experts prepare on the specialty management but on older years students study disciplines of specialization management of real estate .

Everywhere, except MGUP, are offered both free, and paid option of training. And examinations in all higher education institutions different: in MIIT prepare mathematics, social science and Russian. In GUU - mathematics, informatics or foreign (at choice) and results of USE on Russian, in MGUP - mathematics, physics and Russian.

In the course of training students study the most different disciplines - psychology, political science, logic, mathematics, ecology, economy and finance, architecture bases, microeconomics, logistics and even pedagogics.

Since 3 - go a course it will become more difficult to study, but also is more cheerful: the theory will be added by trainings and role-playing games. Besides, students are waited by practice which often plays a crucial role at employment.