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What is toxicosis and that eat with it?

of Toxicosis are afraid, probably, each future mother. Why it appears and how to cope with it? The manager of office of pregnant women of specialized sanatorium for pregnant women " tells; Sokolniki Lyudmila Shtro.

TOXICOSES (or gestoza) is a complication of pregnancy therefore happen not at all future mothers. Early toxicoses occur almost at a half of pregnant women and seldom remain after the first trimester, i.e. after 12 weeks. Especially often early toxicosis occurs at women who are pregnant for the first time, and at polycarpous pregnancy.

Sometimes toxicosis develops from the first day of pregnancy and is expressed in banal nausea and vomiting. Generally toxicosis torments women in the mornings. Someone is not lucky even more: it appears throughout the day, on a hungry stomach or after food. Nausea and vomiting can rise to 20 times a day (in this case doctors deal with heavy toxicosis).

If you faced early toxicosis, follow simple rules: accept enough liquid, eat liquid food - she is better had at nausea. Milkshakes, vegetable and fruit juice, soups, broths are recommended.

To facilitate the state, have breakfast, without getting up. Eat food often and in the small portions - food has to be fractional, six times. Daily at a diet of future mummy there have to be fruit, vegetables, yogurts, milk, cottage cheese, for the night - kefir. After each meal try to rinse a mouth with the refreshing and disinfecting liquid which the stomatologist can recommend. Besides that procedure is useful to teeth, it will help to avoid unpleasant feelings which can provoke nausea and vomiting.

The pregnant woman can face also late toxicosis. Heavy toxicoses happen generally in the third trimester of pregnancy (most often after 30 weeks), but emergence of protein in urine and other signs can appear in the form of increase of arterial pressure, hypostases standing, earlier. Therefore do not miss obligatory visits to the doctor who conducts pregnancy. At each visit you make the test of urine by which the doctor determines whether there is a reason for concern. If the level of protein is increased - it is necessary to find out why. Surely you watch an increase in weight. For pregnancy the woman gains on average 10 - 12 kg. If the increase of weight is more, more careful inspection is required.

The probability of emergence of late toxicosis increases against ekstragenitalny diseases, for example, of diseases of kidneys, is warm - vascular system, diabetes, obesity, a hypertensive illness, anemia, vegetososudisty dystonia, heart disease etc.

In the second half of pregnancy the organism experiences double strain therefore special significance is attached to a diet. Sharp, fried, salty, smoked - all this is not for nothing recommended to be excluded from a diet. After such products getting usually thirsty much. It provokes not only big load of kidneys, but also a liquid delay in an organism and consequently - emergence of hypostases. Besides, if there are insignificant violations in a metabolism, they can be aggravated. Of course, if there is a strong wish for a pickle, it is possible to afford one, but not all contents banks.

Danger of gestoz - hypostases consists in adverse influence on all bodies and systems of the woman. Heavy toxicosis can become the reason of premature birth, violations of pre-natal development of the kid.

If there is a need, during a certain period the doctor appoints preparations for prevention of a gestoz. They improve matochno - placentary blood circulation, exchange processes in an organism. It is useful to accept vitamins, mineral substances.

You will have a toxicosis or not, depends on a condition of an organism which adapts to your kid developing in you. There are several councils which will help to prevent emergence of toxicosis. You are not at all in the room where smoke, and you do not smoke. At the smoking women early toxicoses happen twice more often than at those who do not smoke. Be in the fresh air more, observe a diet and rest, minimize participation in disputes, the solution of global questions - that is, avoid stressful situations and you learn to relax. And, above all - regularly visit the doctor and carry out all appointments of the doctor. For you there is nothing more important than health of future kid.