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How to sit on social networks with advantage?

Andrey Shakkar, the founder of digital - " agency; Buzzcraft specializing in advertizing on social networks, tells how to turn VKontakte and Schoolmates from devourers of time to additional canals of development of the personality. Further - the direct speech.

My name is Andrey Shakkar. I am 26 years old, eight of which I am connected with social networks. They for me - a huge well of information, thanks to their existence I began the business, I had new acquaintances, views changed. I did not become a beggar, did not degrade, did not turn in finished the Internet - the nerd. And yes, I do not consider that social networks are a total evil which will enslave the world.

There are several simple principles which will help you to saddle social networks with advantage for.

Fight against laziness. you never reflected what nobody forces the person to be online? There are no laws or rules by which people are obliged to see off every day for five hours on social networks! Therefore you should not say that social networks - drug of modern youth. Laziness - here that really turns talents into gray weight. And social networks it is perfect at anything here. Always, entering the profile, ask yourself a question: whether all at me is already made on the house or on work (study)?

Reject all secondary. Any likes will not replace to you real courting or flirtation. Therefore you should not look for all who liked your photo or comment. Yes, I do not argue, it is pleasant, but on it all. Especially, you should not spend time for writing by all liked something in " style; Hi! How are you doing? After such remarks at all communication which is not making any special sense which main result will be a loss of your time is started, as a rule. You want to communicate to the person? Invite him to a coffee cup.

Concentrate on really necessary. Daily each user of VKontakte receives about 500 records in a news feed. They everything are necessary to you? There is a remarkable function of filters where it is possible to eliminate those authors and communities who are really necessary to you. Be guided by figure 25, it is no more. Other friends and communities will remain in your profile, as in library: you will always find a way to them by means of search. Such approach will allow you to concentrate on information really useful and necessary to you, but not to waste the time, turning into the gaper.

Subscribe for professional communities. Social networks - a good way to expand the professional knowledge. If the daily portion of quotes of great people to you hardly helps to be improved here and now profile communities very often issue actual information which can be applied already tomorrow and to improve the professional skills.

Look for colleagues. the User on a social network can send the post which was pleasant to him to the friends in two clicks . These are unique tools for search of assistants in any public or individual undertaking: from search of the owner to a kitten to the investor for the project. There is a number of the people who made public and political career only thanks to activity on social networks.

Social networks are only a cover of human desires. If does not want to be engaged in something people, he will think up hundred reasons why social networks help to relax. If he does not wish to improve the life, then with pleasure the stranger will observe development. If the person seeks to escape from the real world, social networks will always become a haven for such individual. Therefore the basic rule in the relations with social networks one - wish to be the personality! The personality real, making real acts in real life. Then social networks will become for you only the tool multiplying your achievements. Progress!