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Wonderland, the country boundless or What our travel ended with? Lovozyorsky diaries

there Comes the next northern morning. It is postponed in my memory by accurate feeling that I live here already long ago, thus that we arrived on base of everything is navsy four days ago. Still sleep. Quietly I go down and I come to the coast of Lovozero. In a face cold wind blows. The cyclone which came couple of days ago from the West shrouds Lovozerye in a pleasant cool in search of which I also went to the North.

I come back to myself to the room. Behind a window it is immovable there is a severe northern landscape: the lake covered with weak ripples, slopes of mountains which are wrapped up with an easy haze yes the gray sky which is evenly filled from edge to edge with fluffy clouds.

Gradually the base wakes up. Everything that has the beginning - has also the end. Our polar adventures approach the logical conclusion, and our amicable company begins to part gradually on houses. We stand on the mooring and we wave to the boat leaving afar hands. A little sadly.
V. Kezling, kezling. ru

the North changes people... Only several days spent to the Polar region overturn some outlooks on life. Here, at spurs of the ancient ridges clinging the tops to a whitish veil of clouds, all city problems look ridiculous and frivolous.

Vanity of megalopolises seems some unreal and illusive - as if some old fairy tale which to me was told by the wise great-grandmother in far - the far childhood. All this is somewhere there, for hundreds of kilometers from here. And the real life, it - here, in the region of dwarfish birches and fenny northern bogs.

Ahead even the whole day therefore I go to walk on vicinities of base. Directly from the main building two paths in different directions run up - one conducts to the house of the lonely fisherman, the second - to the rapids northern river. There is in these ancient tracks something fantastic.

While I walk, I for a minute am not abandoned by feeling that someone watches me from a deaf forest thicket. Directly under legs - generous gifts of the North - bilberry.

The company to me is kept by one of the dogs protecting base, Salm. I will remind that all this trip I used the new smartphone from Caterpillar - Cat B15Q (it is possible to buy it, for example, in Coherent ) .

Following the results of almost week test - I cannot tell about it anything especially bad. Even I think to get to myself same.

In the north, in a separation from a civilization, especially you begin to appreciate reliable and qualitative things - what is steadily carried out by the functions, without paying attention to various adverse external factors.

For example, on stealing of the smartphone by Salma. It turned out that it is not indifferent to interesting gadgets too.

In general, in the north of Cat B15Q looks very harmoniously - and in the middle of the blossoming tundra, and in ice water of the polar lake. Sentry dogs in the following two photos in gallery - different: at the left - already familiar to you Salma, on the right - Is shaven.

Apparently, the smartphone too is obviously pleasant to them. And I during a trip managed to become attached to it. You throw it about stones, you heat in ice water. And he - gets a think hide. Works, works and works.

Time flies, day is replaced in the evening. We come to the mooring again - to carry out the next boat which is carrying away in a civilization of one more our friend. Again we wave hands. Again we long. There comes the next northern morning... Our turn comes to leave.

An hour and a half we reach on the old boat the village of Lovozero. An hour more by a taxi - and we at the station in Olenegorsk. The train goes.

We go home. The old car jumps up on joints between rails.

Behind a window show Russia.


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