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Silent epidemic or syndrome of continuous sexual excitement. What is told by scientists?

Sexual frustration under the name a syndrome of continuous sexual excitement excite more than ten years the female world. Nobody knows why this syndrome appears, and almost nobody knows where to be treated.

Silent epidemic - so call in some sources sexual frustration under the name a syndrome of continuous sexual excitement. Why silent epidemic ? Because the valid quantity suffering from this terrible illness is unknown owing to excessive bashfulness of patients who it is unclear why consider the state as ugliness. Also try to hide it as long as possible.

it is A lot of years doctors and scientists try to find out the nature of a disease and to find ways of its treatment. Tali Rosenbaum, the world-class specialist, the author of articles in scientific magazines tells about a present state in this area. It admits the patients in private clinic to Tel - to Avivah. According to her, the number of addresses to her by this type of a disease very much and are not enough - to 5 cases a year. Nevertheless she considers that PSAS syndrome - PGAD - very serious and painful problem.

The majority of the materials available to general public carries yellow character, nature of sensation: here such - tests to so many - orgasms in day. To women who received by nature this gift not to sensations: they need treatment, they need the help of all types - both medicamentous, and psychological.

The main problem in diagnostics of PSAS - PGAD - to understand the emergence reason. Treatment of this illness cannot be simple, it is multilayered. It is not one procedure. Before starting some actions, it is necessary to estimate the patient`s condition. It is done by experts: therapists, gynecologists, psychiatrists. The sexopathologist is surely necessary. Because sometimes this problem not in the obvious physical deviations which are shown, for example, in blood tests and urine but only in feelings. Sometimes the reason that the treatment appointed earlier before emergence of this disease stopped. It can be some persuasive states, similar to baseless scares, an obsessiya. Perhaps, it is the problem with blood circulation connected with an excessive rush of blood - then it is a local, local problem. Perhaps, muscles are too strained, they should be relaxed - and it demands some medical procedure. The help of the psychologist is sometimes necessary.

The woman with PSAS - PGAD has to pass several experts until it reaches the person necessary to it. Also it is not excluded that on this way she will hear a lot of the unpleasant and silly things connected with ignorance of experts.

Tali Rosenbaum works in clinic in which the patient can pass all necessary inspections, be prepared for treatment and receive it. The patient Tali after passing of treatment remain with her under her supervision. Not all results are good for 100%. One of successful is described in article published in Magazine of sexual medicine (J Sex Med Volume 7, Issue 3, Date: March 2010). It was the case when massage of a muscle of a vagina led to the necessary result.

Unfortunately, researchers and practicians have no uniform approach to treatment of PSAS - PGAD. One consider this problem purely psychological, others - muscular, the third - connected with blood circulation of a brain. Both those, and others try, are mistaken, look for solutions. It is impossible to tell that each case of the address receives the positive decision.

This disease has very unpleasant psychological aspect: the husband or the partner not always understands what happens to the woman. It oppresses her very strongly, and it can help nothing to her. When to Tali the patient handles such problem, she tries to relieve it of need most to tell about its trouble. It becomes together, and it gives to the man the best understanding of the events. It is necessary also because many women with such frustration have no normal sex life.

A few years ago when this problem gained fame, any expert was not ready to what - that was to actions. Today the state changed not only in professional area, but also in public consciousness (let not so that it was possible to consider situation normal).

What is good: there is an expert who can accept the patient, define an order and volume of necessary inspection, to direct to the corresponding experts and after receiving results of inspection and checks to make the decision on a treatment method. That is absolutely precisely what you will be understood, with you the knowing people will speak. Also there is a hope that you will get rid of a syndrome. (The list of experts in this area is on the website psas. nl/en/default. asp)

That is not really good: all doctors working on this problem, private traders they have clinics (or if you want, one private clinic on several experts of a different profile). Whether the hospital cash desk will compensate costs of treatment - hardly. Though it should be found out in each separate case.

What is absolutely bad: there is no uniform approach to treatment of this problem. Researchers and doctors a trial and error method look for productive methods. Somewhere it works well, somewhere not. There is no statistics, there are no generalized data from - for the fact that the disease meets seldom (at least, doctors so think).

What to do to women? To try to receive medical assistance even if there is no confidence that you will be understood. Not to hide the state from husbands and partners - it aggravates a problem and leads to a depression.

What to do to men? To accept what is and to try to help. First aid - psychological: to calm the girlfriend or the wife. Further - to convince her of need of search of treatment, the address to doctors. Alone the woman cannot cope with this problem.