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How to expiate a cat and to survive?

Before making the decision - whether should be washed up a cat, think: whether really it is so necessary? Whether it is worth it? Yes, from a cat not too pleasant aromat,   extends; its wool already long ago lost a whiteness and on it there were patterns unprecedented still. But before taking such step, attentively look narrowly: whether so the cat is dirty that to BATHE her.

has to warn you: it very much and very dangerously!

So it can be possible to manage just that a cat properly to comb or wipe especially soiled places with the rag moistened with warm water?

If all of you - consider a cat VERY dirty (or you prepare for a cat`s exhibition) and you are persons of phenomenal bravery, I hope my recommendations to you will help and store you god!

For a start prepare everything that is required to you. You remember, the cat will not give you seconds of a respite! Shampoo (special cat`s, as a last resort - usual human, at the worst - children`s soap) has to be on call, but so that the cat did not overturn it. The towel has to be near at hand, and watch that the cat did not splash it with water during bathing. It is also desirable not to hide too far a hairbrush, the hair dryer and one more, spare, a towel.

And the most important that is required to you without what this business is simply doomed to a failure, is a cat whom we also will bathe. The long-haired cat before bathing should be combed out. And the main thing, regardless of length and rigidity of wool - it is impossible to bathe a cat right after nourishing food (that piece of a sausage which you will entice unfortunate to the place of execution for food is not considered), after food has to pass not less 2kh hours. It is desirable also that the cat descended shortly before bathing in a toilet. Otherwise there can be terrible.

Now it is necessary to solve for himself once and for all - where you will wash a cat: in the bathtub or if it is opposite to you that the cat washes after you in the same vessel (and suddenly you have louses!) - in basins. In the latter case two basins will be necessary for you - in the second you a cat will rinse. Basins can be put in a bathroom or in any other warm place - the main thing that there the door was densely locked, differently you will chase then the wet monster on all house.

So, we fill a bathtub or both basins warm (about 40` C) with water so that the cat could stand surely and at the same time it was easy to bathe her - - depth is about 10 centimeters. Now the most difficult: it is necessary to get a cat. You hurry - if you long chase it, water can cool down. As a last resort try to allure a cat a piece of a sausage or a favourite toy. Caught? Now watch that did not escape!

We put a cat on a vessel bottom with water. It is desirable further that to you somebody helped to hold the poor thing until you wash her. But if you are very careful and are perspicacious, you will cope and alone.

We shake up a little shampoo in foam and we apply on wool with the massing movements. It is better to begin with the head, passing to a neck, a back further - falling below. Then foam is washed carefully away. Water and foam should not get to a cat (and to you too;) in eyes and auricles! If necessary - we repeat. If the cat during bathing suddenly calmed down, do not lose vigilance - most likely it is just a trick and the cat will suddenly make even more desperate attempt to be released!

And, at last, rinse a cat with clear water - if you wash a cat in basins, then move a cat to the second basin and rinse there. After bathing wipe a cat a towel, pads can be squeezed slightly, having wrapped up a towel that from them water flew down. When the towel becomes rather wet, take replaceable dry (if wool short, it can not be necessary). Then a cat it is possible to finally dry the hair dryer and to comb. After wool dries, the cat needs to remain not less than an hour more in heat.

Now everything is over: your cat turned back from a lean furious being in your favourite tender fuzz, and you at last can sigh and enjoy with relief result of the work, greasing with brilliant green the scratches got for a right cause.


If you still did not refuse the invention, then here to you some more recommendations:

- it is not recommended to bathe the weakened or sick cats - they are especially aggressive. Besides it can worsen their state.

- you should not bathe a cat more often than 1 time in 3 months even if this occupation very much was pleasant to you. Otherwise hair of a cat can lose strength and gloss, and patience of a cat - to burst.

- when the cat dries and again will become fluffy, praise her - she became absolutely the beauty now!

I wish to your cat to be always cheerful and playful!