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What of these brands is not connected with Germany in any way: Bork, Erich Krause, Lamark?

Naive consumers (and I long time was among them) believe that, acquiring household appliances of the Bork company, a stationery of Erich Krause and Lamark paper, he receives goods of German qualities and origins. Let`s try to understand correctness of such beliefs.

We will not argue on that, well or production made under these brands is badly made - it is more interesting to understand what relation German positioning has to what is actually.

If we want to learn about roots of the Lamark brand by means of Spravochno - an analytical resource of providing office www. officemart. ru, we will receive the following data. Nobody gives the answer to a question of why this German the brand is presented only in the territory of our country, and created by the Russian company Regent .

According to the " magazine; Secret of " firm; the office of the Bork company is in the territory of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, in the former pavilion of Tsentrosoyuz. On the building it is not noticeable either signs, or even number of the pavilion. Bork managers flatly refuse to tell a story of creation of a brand, resting only on the German origin of brand. In the address of the president of Bork Electronik GmbH Germar Pfluga posted on the website of the company (as of the end of June, 2007 the website on reconstruction), it is told that three years ago in a staff - the company apartment in Berlin the decision on opening East - the European office of Bork " was made;. Further Pflug tells about strategy of a gain of the Russian market by the German company Bork.

However in the western sources to journalists Secret of " firm; it was not succeeded to find any mention of this brand. Participants of the Russian market of household appliances also unanimously claim that of the German company Bork actually does not exist , and the creator of brand - Maxim Biryulin whose main business - retail network Science and technology park from two tens shops in Lipetsk, Tula, Kaluga, Belgorod, Voronezh and Moscow. At us no, the bases not to trust this version.

In the beginning equipment from Germany it was not allocated on shelves in any way. It were ordinary standard devices from white plastic which filled so up all shops. In a year designers of Bork came up with idea uses of metal in registration of production of the company. A series received the name Pro Line and turned destiny of brand. And since 2005 the Bork equipment began to be on sale in some network shops.

Erich Krause brand belongs to the " company; Office of premieres created by the graduate of a fizfak of MSU Dmitry Beloglazov in 1994. By request of the company marketing agency Megapro- developed German Erich Krause brand. Our supervision were the cornerstone of such choice that German office among consumers is considered the most reliable - Beloglazov explains.

Some clients are still convinced that they deal with the international corporation whose interests in Russia represents Office of premieres . The company though does not do of the origin of secret (in difference, for example, from Bork), but without need does not advertize this information. When began to work in regions, many representatives of retail spoke to us: Well that such Esselte - the next China, and here Erich Krause - the real DM - Sergey Krymov tells.

I wish you not to come across tricks of marketing specialists and always to see the real face of goods behind a foggy veil of advertizing and promotion!