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How it is simpler to work in Firefox? 14 cunnings of

1. quickly to find any word on a web - the page, print / word - the slash causes function of fast search, and the required word will be illuminated, and then press Ctrl+G that again to find this word.

2. If you want to remove any element of the list from a drop-down menu of the address panel, allocate it with guidance of the cursor - and just press Shift+Delete.

3. Periodically clear history of loadings that the manager of loadings worked better, it is adjusted in the English version of the browser here: Tools | Options | Privacy, and in Russified - here: Tools | Settings | Loadings.

4. Print about:cache?device=disk in an address strip to see / keep objects which are in a disk cache of Firefox.

5. Print about:cache?device=memory in an address strip to see / keep objects in Firefox cache.

6. Drag any exile to a window of a boot manager (Download Manager) to add and load the reference.

7. If you incidentally removed a bookmark and want to restore it, open the manager of bookmarks (Bookmarks Manager) and press Ctrl+Z or in the menu: Edit | Undo (Editing | to Cancel).

8. Double pressing by the mouse button on empty space in a strip of tabs (Tab Bar) opens a new tab.

9. Hold the " key; Ctrl right-clicking in the " context menu; To Show the image (View Image) or To Show the background image (View Background Image) to open the image in a new tab or a new window.

10. the Folder of bookmarks can also be moved on other place, but at the same time it is necessary to hold the " key; SHIFT .

11. not to give a web - to the website to replace / change your context menu opened by the right button of a mouse go on the way Tools> Options> the Web Functions, and then press the line advanced " tab; also cancel the choice of the " menu; To Delete or replace the " context menus;. In Firefox 2: Tools> Options> content> Advanced (Tools> of Control> Contents> In addition).

12. you can work with Firefox in offline mode - just open the menu File> Work Offline (the File> to Work independently). It means that you can even look through in offline mode earlier opened pages - excellent function, but the few use it.

13. you can place the open page in bookmarks, having dragged a badge from a line of location in the folder of bookmarks. You can also drag it on a desktop to create an icon for this page.

14. to stop playing of the animated images of the gif format, press the " button; ESC .

And in addition Combinations of keys for convenient work in Firefox from the keyboard!

- to Close a tab: Ctrl+W Ctrl+F4

- to Close a window: Ctrl+Shift+W Alt+F4

- the New tab: Ctrl+T

- the New window: Ctrl+N

- to Choose a tab (from 1 to 8): Ctrl+ (1 - 8)

- to Choose the last tab: Ctrl+9

- to Place all tabs in the folder of bookmarks: Ctrl+Shift+D

- to Choose the address panel: Ctrl+L F6 Alt+D

- to Open the address in a new tab: Ctrl+Enter

- Search in the Web: Ctrl+E Ctrl+K

- the Following tab: Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+Page Down

- the Previous tab: Ctrl+Shift+Tab Ctrl+Page Up

Source: CyberCapital

Natalya Zaslavskaya, 2007. Translation. Especially for Cyberstyle. ru

Cyberstyle. ru, 2007