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What is HTML?

Sources of the Internet should be looked for in 1961. Since then the set of languages and protocols which developed in the growing structure of the Internet was developed.

It is important to remember that Web is only part of the Internet! Many think that Web and the Internet - same though it far not so.

A set of the Internet protocols facilitate work uncountable the Internet - appendices, including widely famous e-mail and popular groups of news.

World Wide Web is only one of the services based on these protocols, and a hypertext markup language, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), - only one of the languages used for delivery of information through Internet.

HTML - a markup language. And it means that it does not relate to programming languages of high level, it as With ++ or Visual Basic. Instead of being compiled and be carried out, HTML is interpreted by the user agent famous as Web a browser.

HTML is generally used for creation of Web of pages. It is inseparable from the concept World Wide Web and the essence expressed to them. Circumstances of origin of HTML and the fact of its creation historically connect with Tim Berners - Li (Tim Berners - Lee), the programmer of the European center of nuclear researches (CERN). Developing HTML, Berners - Li assumed the following:

in - the first that scientists had round the clock available means of publication, storage and correction of information;

in - the second that there was a language facilitating general access to information irrespective of the used computing platform, a network and the terminal.

Created as the applied decision for the scientific purposes, HTML originally provided access only in the text environment and facilitated an exchange of research information.

It is interesting to note: use of a graphical environment so significantly affected some initial purposes of HTML that even caused development of specialized means of ensuring of work in WWW for physically disabled people and internationalization of WWW.

A source of HTML is the applied program language of coding which is based on model of the standard generalized markup language (Standard Generalized Markup Language - SGML). SGML represents system which was for many years applied by specialists in documenting as means of a marking of technical documentation. As language of formatting of HTML uses the declarations SGML and definition like the document (Document Definition to Tura - DTD).

Being a universal remedy, HTML together with the protocol of transfer of the hypertext (Hypertext Transfer Protocol - NTTR) allows to carry out interaction of computer documents of different type, and also accelerates exchange of information.

The problem, directly solvable HTML, consists that the different " networks; speak in different languages. HTML solves problems of the translation of documents between different computers, platforms and networks, providing wide availability of documents.

HTML - language which does possible this process from the client or the end user. HTML is served by means of NTTR - the protocol which, if I may say so, it is lucky on itself a code from the server to the client.

HTML is rather effective as language of access to information. Then why all these radical changes? Their reason, as well as for many other changes in Internet, is covered in the growing popularity of HTML. Soon after its part Internet began to represent, first of all, very known and widely available world wide web . Internet appeared on desktop computers not only at offices of academicians, but also in houses of ordinary citizens. It turned information structure into what, in fact, is a product. Introduction of the hypertext (and that is most characteristic of this website, its use in World Wide Web) considerably changed landscape Internet.