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How to secure the nerves and a purse upon virtual purchases?

Electronic purchases and calculations accompanying them promptly strengthen the positions and threaten to hold a firm place in life of the modern Russian. Besides that large holdings suggest to pay municipal and many other services on the Internet, allow popular and absolutely “real“ shops to all not persons interested to leave the house to use services of the virtual doubler. Not to mention small shops and auctions in a world wide web where (almost without exaggeration) it is possible to buy everything that the human reason could only think up - beginning from house utensils, clothes and garden tools and finishing with the herbariums which are generously decorated with exotic cockroaches, tractors, lands … Such pluses as speed of the order, convenience of navigation, an opportunity to compare and choose goods there is so much how many for it there is a wish - and sometimes and an undoubted prize of the buyer in the monetary plan - could not but light in the user`s heart ardent passion to the institutions called the Internet - shops, and various derivative of them...

However - “ in a makeweight “ to the advantages and conveniences provided the Internet - the characteristic crime and mechanisms of deception based on the principles " exists trade - in this environment; classical distributing “ the modern psychologists and marketing specialists allocated still with grandfathers. And it is, in fact, game on some certain weakness peculiar in a varying degree to the person - as, for example, greed, a carelessness, vanity, and also use of “effect of suddenness“. The result is therefore simple - hundreds of virtual speculators and criminals of various specialization regularly cause a notable loss to a real purse and health of millions of users, including such which “not the first day on the Internet“. And contrary to the developed stereotype not “ignorant“ school students or students, and absolutely other category of citizens become the victims of “virtual profit hunters“.

The statistics narrates about an interesting picture. Present that in the USA - the homeland the Internet - commerce and, as a result, network fraud - well educated men aged from thirty years become victims of action of virtual extortioners most often. And in the monetary relation the loss of the stronger sex is more big: the average injured American man last year was “inflated“ for $920, in volume time as the average American lost only $544. It is curious also that the most dangerous place in a world wide web the American virtual eBay auction is considered - on its open spaces there are 44% of cases of fraud. Of course, its analogs can be met in many countries, but from it threats do not become less - “naduvatel“ only start with schemes of the western colleagues and “ adapt “ foreign samples under the Russian climate in the shortest possible time.

Those it should not be fenced off by an iron wall from various the Internet less - shops, auctions and settlement systems. The vast majority of speculators, not especially philosophizing, proceeds as we already told you, from banal ignorance and naivety of users. Prophylactics against fraud stand nearby and moreover not to step tomorrow on a rake, it is rather simple to remember today where they as usual settle down and as look. So, who is warned, that is armed!

Money for a hook

Famous Ilya Ilyich Oblomov, living in the 21st century and having near at hand the computer with Internet connection, the cash card and the bank account, suitable for the nobleman, quite could do without faithful Zakharki and in a trice to solve all household problems by own forces. Or rather, by forces of technical progress. Here to you also I go to the house will bring, and plates by request can wash and any complexity can practically order repair of the room. Not to mention major appliances which so facilitate life of the person about hundred years. And so, ordering something through the Network to dolzhenpomnit that not all websites are equally safe. And some in general only look as the Internet - shops or payment service providers, being in real tools of fisher. Copying of design and registration a web - the address having the maximum visual similarity to the original - a frequent trick of criminals such. The trustful user (and the quantity such “ïðîñòîôèëü“ is estimated already in millions) receives the letter from “the known company“ and follows the link in the message. Under different most plausible excuses of the user force to enter information on number of the cash card, a virtual purse, their pin - a code and other similar data. Further the mechanism is absolutely simple: as soon as the classified information gets to fisher, money of the careless owner begins “to fish“ with his account … Is remarkable

that the word “ phishing “ (English phishing) comes from two English: password - the password and fishing - fishing, fishing. As you guessed, a problem of fisher - to catch your classified information and money for a hook as if unreasonable fish. In only one Russia the number of successful fishersky attacks passed for several millions.

Who on the newcomer? Swindlers …

Not so much from - for a carelessness how many from - for stupid aspirations to a profit, the “blood and nerves“ are lost by one more category of users. Swindlers joke that to such people and it is necessary to buy nothing - that - they are bought. These are those who take ridiculous announcements in all good faith.

“ Distributing “ of this kind begins with the announcement from the category:“ Order the new “Nokia“ delivered by smuggling from Europe at the special price!!!“. Certainly, with a heap of enthusiastic responses “ bought “ - number more than reasonable is obvious. Unfortunately, seldom confuse drugged “ freebie “ buyers of a detail of “transaction“ who according to the logic of things have to lodge some doubts - “receive one phone - for $10, 3 for $20 and 10 phones for 50 dollars“ or obligatory 100% an advance payment on the Internet. The last, by the way, does not practice any a little - malsk the serious seller - all of them have a payment only on receipt of goods. After achievement of critical weight “ suckers “ the network shop - a something ephemeral disappears (the trick spotted on real outlets) - and, naturally, not only “new phones at the symbolical prices“, but even the customer should not wait for a box from the promised device.

Options of such distributings there are thousands. The imagination of swindlers tirelessly makes all new and new the scenario “favourable actions“ and places the traps both on little-known, and on authoritative resources. Most often the swindler catches the client on the Internet - auctions, forums about purchase and sale, is slightly more rare - own website is created. The user can also follow the reference placed on any resource. The hyperlink will take away him straight on the “miracle-the Internet-shop“ page belonging to swindlers. Yes, for the content of advertizing responsibility is born by the advertiser. But whether it is worth saying that here it will incur only one type of responsibility - before by itself for the received means from “favorable“ promotion of trustful people?

On the tricks which became already classical such so-called “lamers“ most often are conducted (from English “lame“ - lame). Lamers often call the people taking “the first helpless steps“ in Internet space. It is clear, that such distributings are most often effective once and with one user. Not less obviously to the fact that the person who got in such trap, ancient and offensive for vanity, promptly turns into the grown wise user. Only “business“ of fans to profit in the Internet will not suffer at all - growth of number of new users accompanying rapid development of the Network, approximately from two to three thousand daily will not allow. Thus, it will be useful for most of new users to study this point. And at the same time to send the beginning friend, the acquaintance or the relative the relevant information.

“ Tail “ for the spammer Spam letters - a frequent gift to fans to buy

something in the Network without observance of safety measures. The matter is that even accurate persons quite often leave which - what information opened - that which has no relation directly to calculations. For example, addresses e - mail, numbers ICQ and further according to the list. And spammers look for on the Internet any “ free “ information on network addressees.

As a small educational program: do not think that to spammers suddenly not laziness day and night to climb the websites in search of guiding information on you. It`s not true. Long ago there are powerful programs which scan thousands the Internet - pages in a second and take from them information demanded by spammers. So-called “client bases“ from which to addresses spam is sent are formed of data. Naturally, such bases are bought and on sale - on any tray with DVD - disks. At the same time spammers often are guided by logic of things - if, for example, you left the message at a forum the Internet - shop, therefore, you can get something else. And that - will offer you in the form of numerous “favorable offers“ in your box.

By the way, spam - cars are upgraded almost on the run - the user already should not sleep peacefully if it inserted gaps between symbols in the e - mail the address. Thus, being noted on various resources, virtual buyers are set up. The only thing that undoubtedly is good protection - it is leaving of the data in private zones the Internet - shops and payment service providers.

The file, but not the detective to

When shopping in various medium-sized or little-known the Internet - shops buyers is faced by one more danger - to fall a victim of network arbitrariness. The Internet - trade numerous not palatable cases “from life of people after virtual purchase“ are already known to short history.

For example, one quite famous Ukrainian network shop selling underwear (and in combination for some reason carnival costumes) got a special heading where without false modesty placed personal data of the “at fault“ buyers on the official site. The people who left applications in the special column of the order, but did not pay goods when receiving by mail for any reasons (tights, shirts, underwear and other production of shop went to other countries and the cities), got to “black list“ after a while. Their full personal data (names, surnames, addresses, numbers of home and mobile phones) together with the most detailed list of the ordered goods were published in open access, that is became available to a review to anyone. Besides information was instantly indexed by search engines that attracted on “the mountain of buyers“ (besides the inconveniences connected with anonymity violation) additional danger spam - mailings.

Such practice is applied not by one virtual service, the reason for what lies on a surface - orders send, deliver and nervous people are responsible for them absolutely real, and sometimes. In the civilized country for such “ publications “ certainly, it is possible to sit down for a long time - but in ex-the USSR the relation to personal information traditionally devil-may-care.

Measured the Internet - trade

was Ordered on the tiger Internet, and to you brought a domestic cat? Time to move some small volume of the Russian legislation to remember the rights as consumer. The Internet - shops are registered and submit to the Russian legislation as well as usual, and, therefore, for shortcomings it is possible to ask from them “and has to“. Delivery low-quality, rejected or simply goods with the characteristics which are not corresponding to specified is punished under the law.

Only for such trial it is initially necessary to be convinced that the claim, in fact, is to whom to show. As you already thought, the indication of any address in the text of the receipt (even if the goods are already received) does not guarantee that you will be able to find your Internet - shop “in the flesh and blood“. But resources of own organism by such searches it is possible to leave a huge number - the cities in Russia big and roads to them … wide! And for determination of reliability the Internet - shop still at first sight exists a number of criteria.

Among them the most sign and obvious - popularity of brand, existence of real shop or office where it is possible to arrive and acquire similar goods, mutual links on the websites of the famous partners, professional maintaining the order (that is communication by phone). On all these criteria you can make own summary - to use services of this service or not.

Having comprehended contents of the above point, the inquisitive buyer for certain will become interested: And what goods are considered most and the least safe for acquisition on the Internet? Let`s note at once that such compelled division of goods is not passionless - “dangerous“ goods technically much more difficult and it is investigative, more expensive, than “safe“. So, buyers generally complain of low-quality refrigerators, TVs, washing machines, furniture. It is few complaints to books, disks, video carriers. It can give at least two reasons - appearance of such products easy to understand and present. Goods with descriptions like “3000 pages, 3 kg, 3 volumes, firm cover, “War and peace“, the author Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy“, will hardly have many various variations of execution. Other reason is more banal - unwillingness, and more often to assert the inability of the virtual buyer the real rights according to the legislation of the Russian Federation. The average Russian consumer will not want “to inflate scandal“ from - for the fact that to it, for example, brought the movie on the VHNS carrier, but not on DVD as it was supposed. And in vain. “The fund of protection of consumers“ assures that in affairs “the consumer - the virtual shop“ is provided to the first almost absolute prize.

Successful acquisitions on the Internet!