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How to prepare tsenton?

First of all: what is tsenton? It something, similar to solyanka: little by little meat of different grades, strong broth and any additives to taste.

TsENTON - (from armor. cento - a scrappy blanket) - 1. The genre popular in late antiquity and representing a mosaic of quotes (see the QUOTE). 2. The poem entirely made of lines (quotes) of other poetic works: There is one I to the road,//In an old-fashioned shabby shushun. / / Night is silent, the desert vnemlt to god,//do not long so very much for me ; Once, during an ice cold winter time,//I Am behind bars in a dungeon crude. / / I look, the eagle Raised in bondage young rises slowly uphill//. / / And, striding important, in tranquility ceremonious,//my faithful companion, waving a wing,//In big boots, in a short fur coat sheepskin//pecks Bloody food under the " window;.

The effect of a tsenton is based on coincidence or contrast of a new context with a context - a source.

So, you want to make solyanka (i.e. tsenton). First of all, pick up ingredients: verses or prose which fascinated you so that you wanted to make of them something special.

It has to be optional something sublime, not at all. But it is desirable that it touched you, impressed, vzbutetenivat, at last.

When initial materials are picked up, and the plot and a plot are clear, it is necessary to perform some technical work. It consists that your work - the poem - has to have a certain size and a rhythm. And you should lead all fragments (being expressed by mathematical concepts) to a common denominator. It is possible to use, of course, and raznorazmerny verses, but it is spoils impression a little: the pier, is not enough for the author skill. No matter, act.

So, determination of the size of a verse. Put in all components of an accent and number shock syllables. For example: drilling a haze the sky covers (1, 3, 5, 7). by

Count total of syllables in every line at the same time. And so for each component of a tsenton.

Now try to lead everything to one size. If you managed it - tsenton is ready. Yes, do not forget about a rhyme. The blank verse is not welcomed.


East mosaic

Darling entered to me a tent,

I a bird of heart in a cage was swept up by

Over us a roof - the sky, stars a fire

I of a wall - cypresses reeled

Over us a banner eternal - love!

She a hand embraces me,

Caresses me passionately again and again

I so in my embraces fills up.

And its camp as a palm tree, predo me,

I hair as sheep from mountains running,

of the Pacifier - as twins of a chamois of young

Between lilies white

going Pleasure incomparable, the joy

As sleeps my darling to look! there is no

I to me in life from love of mercy,

Because is strong love washing as death!

24. 04. 1988.

In the poem several literary works are used:

1. Diplomat James Aldridge

2. Song song Solomon

3. Don Juan Byron

Diplomat Aldridge

Darling entered my tent, and a bird of my heart in confusion

Song song Solomon

Oh, you are beautiful, my beloved, you are beautiful! (1,14)

Roofs of our houses - cedars, our ceilings - cypresses (1,16)

It entered me into the house of a feast, and its banner is necessary me - love . (2, 4)

His left hand at me under the head, and right embraces me (2, 6)

Oh, you are beautiful, my beloved, you are beautiful! Eyes your pigeon under your curls; a hair yours, as herd of the goats descending from Galaadskaya`s mountain

(4, 1).

Two sosets yours, as twins of a young chamois, grazed between lilies (4, 5)

This your camp is similar to a palm tree ( 7, 8)

Put me as the press, on your heart as a ring on your hand: because it is strong as death, love (8, 6)

Don Juan Byron (Tatyana Gnedich`s translation)

the Baby gentle, on fire looking

Or the mother sucking a breast;

Praying, an icon beholding,

the Arab who managed to flash generosity,

the Pirate, production in the sea overtaking, the Miser in a chest putting something -

Are blissful

, incomparable

to Watch but pleasure how creation favourite sleeps! Try

, at you by all means it will turn out!