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Day of Ivan Kupala - a poetic holiday or revelry of evil spirits?

From unpublished letters of N. V. Gogol of mother

the Friend my warm, hi!

I write you from places of confinement, but nevertheless the far from the city noisy, full of harmful desires killing my spirit.

Here, among measuredly current country life, I found a peace of mind and was filled with popular wisdom. Remember

, the mother as you wrote me about celebration of Day of Ivan Kupala . Last night I was personally convinced of righteousness of your words, however, as it appeared, this holiday differently takes place in the Russian villages.

in the morning was seen Recently by me, it is a shame to tell, the mammy, the nude beauty who three times ran all over around a rye field. Earlier I thought that it is vedminsky custom, it turned out that the maiden this felling of the, young on Ivan Kupala`s holiday, charmed. Was interested I the Russian customs There was a wish to take part also to me in marvelous festival. On the night of Ivan Kupala nobody has to sleep. Here and me it was not successful, the mammy because I was fond of ceremonies Russians. So read and marvel

this Celebration lasts with 23 on 24 svetlyar of month, June it appears ( on old style - a comment of the author ). In day of a summer solstice. girls In the morning go to collect flowers yes of a grass, and not everyones, and only a nettle, a wormwood and a St. John`s Wort. I thought that the potion was going to be cooked, she-devils! On the contrary! Wreaths to the Dome spin and not some, but bewitching and oberezhny! Parubkam on the heads dress, smarten up and good fellows go to cut down a tree, and girls decorate that tree with flowers and call it in honor of a holiday - Bathed.

Oh, the mammy as they lit fires towards evening high as began, frenzied to burn a holiday symbol - the doll called by Yaril, and then by the night as began couples to jump through it. Ooh, mammy! I thought that will lose all village! Praise to the Lord, he saved us!

For now fires burned, well in accuracy as you told me, young people yes courageous to look for the fern blossoming went because the sign is such: who will find ognenno - the red fern flickering in the color only a few moments in Kupalsky Night, that will have an opportunity fertile - to guess the future! Others promise that grants color - a wealth fern infinite. But nobody found a miracle - a fern Our people are superstitious and greedy for adventures, and therefore neither night, nor forces angry, forcing a fern to blossom, it is not confused.

Still, the mammy, it is perceptible that the youth one takes part in celebration of Ivan Kupala! It is visible, thirst to walk in brotherhood at night on the wood under a specious excuse - advantage of molodets yes of maidens young. Having seen enough much of festival Russian, I decided to write the story about what would be if has the luck to find to whom color of a fern And I will call this story Evening on the eve of Ivan Kupala what on this you will tell?.

Bow to you from me, the mother, and to sisters

the son Loving you, Nikolenka. Pisano`s

this 25 svetlyar of month 1829.